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Please stop justifying yourself.

Yeah. I know. Look at me, I'm an idiot. That's crazy talk. Stop having reasons to play Spirit, to play Nurse, to run DS/UB or OoO with my friends? What's this guy on about.

But please: It's okay to run strong things.

That's it. There doesn't need to be a reason, an excuse. You might well have one, but you don't need to. At all. In any way. Your reason is totally fine being "I want to win." There's nothing wrong with that in the slightest. All the rest, all the victimisation and the blaming of the other side, it's just causing this community to divide and rot. It's not the survivors fault you're playing Pyramid Head. It's not the killers fault you're running DS/UB. It's yours. You wanted to. You wanted to be powerful, to bring in the good stuff, and that's okay.

But this insane, constant need to justify ourselves, it's just alienating everyone. Not every killer tunnels. Not every survivor runs UB with their DS. And trying to claim that they do? Trying to tell them that it's their fault? That they are the ones ruining your day, despite you having never played them in your lives? That's hurting everyone.

It's okay to run strong stuff. You don't need any other reason than that. You don't need to justify yourself. Just do it because you want to.

And side note, please stop making me constantly remember to mention a problem from each side of equal magnitude. I'm very tired and it hurts my brain. Sometimes I talk about survivor, sometimes I talk about killer, and not remembering to do both all the time every day doesn't mean I've completely forgotten the other.



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