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Hex: Undying shouldn't reveal auras on unlit totems

Hex: Undying does so much but for it to also reveal survivors for doing unlit totems, which is supposed to be a means to counterplay this very powerful hex, is a step too far. What are we meant to do against this is we are being punished no matter what measures we take?


  • GorgonDorgonGorgonDorgon Member Posts: 94

    I was just thinking this! I wouldn’t mind as much if it was hex totems cause at least if you were to cleanse dull ones it would be somewhat counter play to undying cause then there’d be less spots for it to transfer to. Just feels like a bunch of free info if you wanna be preemptive and cleanse dull totems first.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    I like to keep it as it is since sometimes I just only use Hex undying and no other hexes so I can monitor totems since survivors like to take them down for extra BP and its always funny when they act scared thinking I have Devour Hope or something.

  • HEX_MalusGreyHEX_MalusGrey Member Posts: 231
    edited October 2020

    Play with OOO. Then you will see that the killer is very busy and doesn't have time to look around all the time if someone is near a totem. Just do it like you would with Thrill of the Hunt and wait til the killer is in a chase with someone. Very easy and you have at least a 50% chance to cleanse undying. What's the matter?

    Dull totems are important to keep undying alive. Why shouldn't they be protected? They are not just there so you can grind BP. It's a killer mechanic and not meant to be free BP for survivors.

    Seriously, i never understood why Hex totems have to be glowing in the first place. For years you had a big sign floating over Hex totems that say "Cleanse me". It is only fair and long overdue that Hex becomes a proper defense perk that works by it's own without having to waste 2 perk slots just to make it sometimes work.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,046

    Do totems when the killer is a distance away from you. The aura readings don't matter when they can't cross the map in time, even when they see you. If you're doing a totem right under a killer's nose, you're asking to get smacked, Undying or no.

    Do totems when the killer is involved in a chase and otherwise occupied, and do it obviously when they're not right on top of you (especially against higher mobility killers). Nearly no killer will peel off of a chase -- especially if someone is injured they're chasing -- to go after you. Bond and Empathy (commonly run perks) -- or simply paying attention to the survivor icons on your screen -- are going to let you know when that's the case.

    Do totems when the killer isn't looking towards you. How will you know when that is? Considering it's more likely than not rhat the killer isn't looking at you (the maps are big and there's any number of ways they could be looking instead) -- and if you're running a common perk like Spine Chill, you'll definitely know if that's the case -- then your aura won't even be seen.

    That's three pretty simple ways to do a totem easily without an issue. As survivor, it's what I do if I suspect or know Undying is up. As a killer, I suspect it's how totems are still broken in under a minute regularly even if I'm running Undying.

  • ChechiaChechia Member Posts: 234

    As a killer main I have to agree. It is very strong, especially at good loops. Undying was a very needed perk for the Killer playerbase but it basically gives you an extra Thrill of the Hunt (only much stronger) on top of that.

    There are definetly ways to play around it but I don't think that the aura reading is necessary.

  • HEX_MalusGreyHEX_MalusGrey Member Posts: 231

    I think most people who complain about the aura are Blendettes who are confused why their camo doesn't work while sitting next to a totem. I also love it when i run across the map and hear bones rattle. It happens all the time. Some people are just careless in their attempt to get a few extra BP and deserve the headache that follows.

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,138

    Unlike many tracking perks that killers have Undying doesn't give an audio notification and a big bubble saying "Hey! Look over here!" So killers actually have to be attentive and looking for the Auras. The only time I've used undying has been while adepting Blight and it really only helped when the last two survivors decided to go super immersed, otherwise I got absolutely zero value from the aura reading aspect.

  • ZeusZeus Member Posts: 2,112

    Now imagine if the totem was at a mindgameable loop. That's free info.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,046

    If you're trying to loop someone around a where you know there's a totem and you know the killer has Undying, that wouldn't be really optimal strategy, would it? I think I'd be looking for a better place to loop at, but that's just me.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,105

    because you know, you start the game with a list of the killers perks, and every totem is revealed 100% of the time.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,046

    The killer might be running I'm All Ears. That will give them free info too, if you're taking a vault at that loop. Or your killer might be the Blight and be running Compound 21. Or the killer might be a Wraith running All-Seeing Blood, or a Pig running Amanda's Letter, or a Shape running Scratched Mirror. You're not going to know any of those either right at the start of the game -- though the first time a mindgame you try doesn't work, you might start wondering why and alter what you do to counter it.

    Are there totems that you might inadvertanly run by and not realize it? Sure -- but they're way outnumbered by obvious totem spawns that even people with my terrible eyesight can see. If and when totem spawns actually get fixed on future map reworks to actually make them harder to see most of the time, then, yes, that would be a point to consider, but with the older maps largely having totem spawns in the clear open more often than not, it's not nearly as much of an issue.

    As has been pointed out, there's any number of ways to combat Undying in its current form. Those ways take more situational awareness, maybe, but those ways do exist.

  • CoderCoder Member Posts: 699

    To be fair, that is the least of Undying's problems. I'm just 4king every match non-stop with Doctor. It's insane. Even if they nerf that, the aura reading on the lit totems is what you only need to care about. I'm feeling with Doctor what I think Nurse mains should feel, I'm just destroying them, even good SWFs with good loopers. A team of randoms have 0 chance.

    Also, I'm solo player, going against it is just insufferable, it's just a lost game most of the time, unless you and your team focus on gens and forget completely about the totems and the killer is somehow not that good.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 8,074

    All the perks have at least some use on their own, even if you only ran them by themselves. Thrill of the Hunt for example gives noise alerts and bonus bloodpoints and slows cleansing without needing to run it with anything else. If you removed the aura ability from Hex Undying, though, then it would do literally nothing on its own,

    Right now Hex Undying is great with Ruin ... and that seems to be pretty much it. It’s ok with other perks but Ruin is clearly the most popular choice. If that combo is too powerful then, instead of just nerfing Undying, a more surgical approach would be change how specifically Undying and Ruin interact with each other to weaken the combo without weakening the individual perks.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    Well part of the point of the perk is that the killer can choose to defend dull totems so that there are some still standing for hex transfer.

  • ZeusZeus Member Posts: 2,112
    edited October 2020
    1. You can never know for sure whether a killer has undying or not early on. The totem that you broke could have been a devour hope.
    2. As a survivor you won't know that there's a totem at a loop until you actually get there and at that point its too late.
    3. You don't get to choose which loop you want to use to loop the killer all the time. It depends on which direction the killer pushes you.
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