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A few suggestion Part 2

The MM system is simple to solve but might be hard to code:

1) Expand the ranks- more players means there should be a more accurate way to get everyone into a fair rank ( also would make ranks justifiable: insert witty comment about ranks here)

2) Separate the ranks- 20-1 with different colors was outdated 2 years ago so make it 10-1 in each color ( also could look into 20-1 for brown and yellow maybe green but that might be pushing it a bit too far)

3) Bring back the Rank based MM- cause for the love of the entity that system looks so much better then whatever the devs have planned and along with the expansion of ranks ( see number 1) it wouldn't be as bad now as it was then= and if players really do want to "git gud" then being a Red 10 rank and facing other Red ranks shouldn't bother those players (see number 2)

4) Adjust PIPs and scoring across the board- either

Side note KYF would remain the same ( cause ranks don't matter for that mode)

5) Make an unranked mode using the current ranking system- For those players whom want a good time (or just want to play "for fun") also see number 1 for my reason

The Grind is another thing brought up by the community so here are some of my suggestions

1) Base perks are free- all players get those perks for free without the bloodweb... But teachables will have to remain on but unlocking them on the web takes out the tiers and places them into a different screen showing all perks unlocked and available to upgrade with BP... addon and offerings would be the only things on bloodwebs

2) Rewarding players- Shards for ranking up along with exceeding 1 million BP cap ( even if the raise the cap) lessening the gap between starting and having enough to use the Shrine or buying killers/survivors

Now onto Miscellaneous QOL things:

1) A market- To exchange things the player don't want for what they do:

BP into Shards and Shards into BP

Unused addons/ offerings into BP

Converting weaker offering into stronger ones- mainly BP offerings but feel free to say what you want

2) KYF should have everything available to use... Killers/ Survivors/ Perks/ Addons/ and what offerings that make sense ( to try before you buy)

3) A SWF indicator- I do believe this would show that most matches are played by solos (for the most part) with duos and trios being more played then 4 man

4) A Totem counter next to the number of gens left for both sides (not just survivors)

5) Map offerings being used by survivors are weaker then one used by the killer.... plus if the survivors do want to play on a map then all 4 have to bring the same map offering

6) Number 5 but with the Oak offerings

7) Not going to say anything on keys or mories... those are to obvious and have been brought up enough

8) A free camera for spectators in KYF matches- Good for players who want to see more then one perspective at time

9) Replays? rather then trying to remember or record everything players can watch the replay of recent matches


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