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We have deployed a fix for an issue that was causing players to lose pips when a match was cancelled.
No update is required, but this may take a few hours to be applied across our servers to all players. Thank you for your patience!

Remove DC Penalty

first of all, the DC penalty should not even be in the game if you can’t fix the crashes that force people to quit. There have been a lot of games recently where, upon spawning in as a survivor the game freezes and the audio gets thrown into a loop. Moments later you return to the Xbox dashboard. Once you get back to the character selection screen the ban notice is there because you supposedly left the game. You ABSOLUTELY cannot have a DC penalty in effect until this is fixed. I would have thought that is common sense. What the heck is going on with this game? Where are the devs heads at? Fix the game first don’t worry about a damn DC penalty when your game isn’t even running properly.

*side note: there are also Moments where after using a vault as a survivor your screen will freeze momentarily allowing the killer to simply walk around and get a free hit on you. how is this not making people upset enough to leave the game? And then you get to deal with tunneling and camping after that. That’s so frustrating you have so little to defend yourself with in this game. Generator and hook simulator is what I think about this game. It’s atrocious how bad my experience is playing survivor game after game. Killer is so much more fun. Just my opinion. But fix that vault glitch seriously!

second of all, the DC penalty should not even be in the game unless you can establish a system that works. By this I mean players should be able to reconnect to the game to avoid the penalty which is very similar to how other games are that incorporate a DC penalty which is typically useful for ranked play. However, a smaller penalty will be administered once rejoining that will allow you to play once certain conditions are met or depending on what you were doing when you left the game.



  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    I played Spirit earlier and one baby survivor killed themself on 1st hook shortly into the game.

    I can’t help but feel like even with the penalties on these kinds of people get what they want anyway - an early end to the game, but it’s everyone else that has to suffer. I try to play nice but I know most survivors would rather opt out when one has rage quit within the first 90 seconds of the game.

    So who really suffered the most with these dc penalties? The Survivor that had to wait an extra 10-15 seconds to be picked up, hooked, and then forced sacrificed? Or the team left behind who were down to 3 vs 1 at 5 gens?

  • carnage4ucarnage4u Member Posts: 338

    This game rarely crashes. If crashing was a common problem, then the DC penalty shouldn't exsist. Quiters are the bane of games like this, and things need to be put in place to help limit. Sadly, many of these quiters will still auto kill themselves on the first hook, but at least they have to be caught and hooked

    before the penalty, I'd see too many people DC even if the killer was near them in the first 2 minutes. why they play a game like this I will never understand.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,159

    Well, you have a point. I had zero DC's when the penalty was off. There's something wrong with certain playstyles but certain people won't call it unfair because they use and abuse it, since "I am not breaking the rules".

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 892

    DC Penalty should always be on. It's not harsh for the first one but console optimization isn't good so you've gotta deal with it till they fix it or till you get the new Xbox and assuming the optimization is better there.

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,130

    DC penalty just means both sides playing scummy in attempt to make the other's life hell all the while they revel in the fact they can't opt to leave the game.

    It doesn't fix the issues that cause DCing and in fact exacerbates a lot of it; we all know it, but it doesn't matter because a certain loud minority overshadow the rest of us.

  • KasumiFoxKasumiFox Member Posts: 85

    As killer, I've DC a few times due to household emergencies suddenly arising (my brother falling into glass, my puppy chewing on electrical coards, etc.)

    It would be nice if there was some kind of option to say there was some sort of emergency or there were some odd things going on with the game. Although I don't see too many people DC due to bugs. Of course, there would have to be a limit to that. Weird idea though.

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 993

    I did get most POG game crash ever when I took the hit from freddy. He smashed my entire game with a single swing. So while Freddy OP I also perfectly accept that game crashed once or twice in the last 100 hours I played in it.

    Survivors that still DC after certain action occurs like they get downed or hooked or they miss their DS should get flagged.

    If it happens consistently they should get bans in days instead of minutes and penatly reset should never occur for them. Sure, your game can crash sometimes during random actions, but you can't tell me people game crashes every other game.

  • AkitoAkito Member Posts: 309
  • Kumnut768Kumnut768 Member Posts: 789

    theres this crazy new thing the kids are doing these days and it allows you to bypass the dc penalty, its called suiciding on hook

  • pandagamer1616pandagamer1616 Member Posts: 11

    There is only less DCs because people are forced to play against the most boring things possible.

  • pandagamer1616pandagamer1616 Member Posts: 11

    I agree 100%

    I agree 100% I feel we shouldn’t be forced to play in boring matches. Yes I do understand that sometimes DC’s will ruin games but like you gotta understand the POV of both sides if your just on 1 side all the time you most likely don’t know what your talking about, instead of trashing one side you should try to understand both sides.

  • jerakaljerakal Member Posts: 230

    This too. I can only imagine everyone whining about this change is just mad that they gave to wait to die on hook do they can ragequit and that extra 20 seconds is just ruining their day.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,617

    like ok dc are going way down but suicide on first hook are going up yea that better.

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