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PS4 Pro Overheating issues

NoUsernameIdeaNoUsernameIdea Member Posts: 2
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I started playing DBD recently on PS4 Pro and my console keeps shutting down with an error message mentioning that it is overheating, thus preventing me from playing the game.

This issue is always encountered during the screen in which the offerings are revealed before the start of a match.

After following the recommendations on this forum, I'm still encountering the same overheating issue after 1 or 2 games.

Please note that after scouting the internet a bit, I found various users posting about experiencing this issue on PS4 /Pro and Xbox One/XB1X.

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  • TwiztedMannixTwiztedMannix Member Posts: 23

    I have a PS4 pro : Play at 1080P/boost mode (for the lag/fps drops,) if the console is on it's side then you're suffocating it cuz the airflow on the ps4 needs left, right and back of console to breathe, cuz of this now I don't remember the last time it overheated.

    Test at 720p/Boost mode if you have to. Ya might need your ps4 fans cleaned.

  • NoUsernameIdeaNoUsernameIdea Member Posts: 2
    edited September 30

    I tried both 720p/1080p with and without boost mode activated. So far I'm still encountering the same result.

    As for the fan cleaning, I did clean the fan but not the heatsink. However, my PS4 is less than a year old and not located in a super dusty environment so I doubt the heatsink is full of dust.

    I'll try to place my ps4 horizontally and see if it still overheats. Currently, it's on its side but with an official vertical stand which put the console slightly above my desk; thus not blocking the airflow on any side.

  • EsterhauseEsterhause Member Posts: 3

    In 30 years of gaming this is the only game I've ever played that shuts down with overheating, the only game in my ps4 Pro library of 300+ games that makes my ps4 Pro sound like a jet engine.

    After the last shut down its the last time I'm playing this game until it gets fixed, hopefully

  • DeadlyDDeadlyD Member Posts: 11

    unfortunately this will never be fixed this overheat issue has been an issue for years, not everyone experiences it, but there are more than enough reports to look into it, the only thing that i ever heard was a mod say the response they got was "cant produce it locally" i know that makes it hard to fix but at the same time this is not a uncommon issue. people will always say "clean your fan" but no matter how many times you tell them my fans are clean, or this issue is only on dbd, they will always say "clean your fan" i gave up on the game bc im not supporting a dev company that refuses to fix a serious issue. i just came to the forums to check if its still an issue an i only had to go to page 2 to see its still an issue so, this is the end of hope for me, even with backwards compatibility on ps5 i wont play it there either

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,126

    I hope they don't use "can't reproduce it locally" as an excuse not to fix it. I'm sure they can hear how loud that fans spin up at a time when the console should not be struggling at all. The game isn't running at 4K, it isn't running at 60fps. I've seen PC streamers with their frame rates displayed in the corner and the frame rate shoots up to 100s of fps when at the offering screen, the PS4 Pro is clearly doing the same.

    Simple fix 1: Lock the frame rate

    Simple fix 2: Simplify the offerings screen

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