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The Time Has Finally Come

RizeAkiRizeAki Member Posts: 1,209

While I know a lot of people may not care I still want to put out my feelings and opinions on something. After months of stressful and boring gameplay I am officially leaving the game and possibly the forums until some change happens, if it ever does. On the killer side I find games too stressful to try and even play for fun I have to sweat constantly a lot. On survivor I find it too boring with it being a loading screen simulator. If they fix the major issues at some point I will possibly come back, but with how the developers seem to work I don’t see that happening. So after two years this is my goodbye to all of y’all and may things get better for those that remain to play before it becomes too late. Goodbye 🥺🥺



  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,393

    You'll be back... They always find their way back home.

    After playing through all the BS this game had when it first started I think I'm in for the long haul

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 5,069

    Dude feelsbad. I feel also the same about the current state of the game. Hope you're gonna come back to this game <3

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241

    See you October 21 on halloween event. You're not gonna miss this, cut the bs.

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,811

    Hopefully DBD will be in a better place if and when you make a return. So long.

  • GoodLookinCookinGoodLookinCookin Member Posts: 341

    Give it a year or two, maybe it will be an okay game then.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972
  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,973
    edited October 2020

    Just imagine for a minute thinking killer is still stressful after being handed a fast mobile killer with virtually no cooldown and the most broken perk build AND a wall hack add-on for sweet icing on top. The devs can nerf survivors so they can't run and killers will still complain and threaten to quit.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,400

    Take care of yourself

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    Killer is really not that bad. Maybe 1 in 10 games are actually somewhat of a challenge. It's never been easier to play killer. That's probably not the reason for op quitting but still, killer and survivor are of very similar difficulty now and there's no denying that. Especially with ruin+undying

  • PawcelotPawcelot Member Posts: 985

    When people stop buying Rifts, Rift tiers, skins and Macrotransactions.. they'll have no choice but to improve the game. Too many people playing the game sadly won't stop.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581

    Sucks you feel that way.

    I'm content with how things are now, but no one would deny improvements.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    I'm making it an us Vs them just because I'm not agreeing with the majority on the forum? I have played killer at red ranks so I'll talk: killer is quite easy even at red ranks. This entire game is easy to play, it's as simple as it gets: kill survivors or survive against a killer. Nothing in this game is particularly complex or complicated, it was literally designed that way. Sorry that it's not aligning with your agenda but that's just how it is. I'm not biased because I find a role easy, ######### is it with you people? If someone doesn't agree with you they're not allowed to have an opinion?

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 1,045

    Release our new 3 skins and one being a legendary skin to avoid this theme!

  • RizeAkiRizeAki Member Posts: 1,209

    Map changes, pallet and loop rng, and broken combos left alone for the sole purpose they belong to licensed characters

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 882

    I haven’t been able to even force myself to play for a month, but I’m coming back tomorrow for the event. Not looking forward to it but oh well. Need to complete the next tome anyways

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    I agree. A lot about the game has been bugging me lately. It runs like crap even though my PC is well beyond what the game needs, even on lowest settings I can get stutter at times. Theres bugs, bugs and more bugs, all the sound issues make the game frustrating.

    Then they nerf a viable killer just because survivors cried but with no compensation.

    The reason it bugs me so much is how it was done. We all knew what they put out on the ptb wouldnt be the final product, we all knew he was getting nerfed harder....so why both with putting that version on the ptb in the first place?

    Secondly its the spineless attitude they have. “Its not intended as a nerf”, umm everyone and their mothers can see its fully intended as a nerf. Why not just grow a backbone and say “yeah we’re nerfing him”. You say to address feedback from both sides but cleary this was all about survivors complaints.

    No serum this year either. They aren’t even pretending to be in this for the love anymore its all about the money. People say they were worse under Starbreeze but remember under Starbreeze they even had free dlc and were much less predatory when it comes to taking your money than they are now.

    Basically a cash grab company with no respect for the fans trying to milk a game for every penny they can before its dried up. Along with a development team who have such little respect for the players they can’t ever be honest or truthful with them.

    I’m out too.

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