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Disconnecting Penalties still aren't doing anything



  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,127

    I'd rather have longer queue times and they not get to play the game what so ever. If they were in my match they dc and go off from playing today then others won't have to deal with their dcing nature and I won't see them again. if they dc'd before and I never see them they won't dc what so ever in my match. is it perfect? nope but it works in my favor in the long run.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,329

    so... you took offense in me saying that hook suicides would remain as they were not punished, which has nothing to do with my opinion on it in any way, as i was merely stating a fact there?

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,127

    there is no punishment needed for them, the functionality is within the match and there is no rules broken by doing that. only your little (and other's) personal rule thou shalt not do anything I don't want you to do. First you decry the DC because it causes issues, then you decry using in match functionality as a choice. does it cause issues? sometimes. I have been left on hook where i paitiently waited 2 minutes to be rescued and no one rescued me. I then waited through the rest of the game and asked why i wasn't rescued, want to know what they said? oh the killer was camping you. That was news to me because the killer found another and hooked them, they rescued that person immedaitely. the killer jumped in and said he didn't and they changed their tune to "because we didn't want to risk that he was camping you and end up on the hook" so if i can't try to get off you doom me and everyone else to wait 2 minutes to find out if the team is going to save us or not and we HAVE to wait for that whole time? stop being a hypocrite and argue against dc's as it is a violation of the game rules, eula and ToS where killing self on hook is not even against the rules and the match functionality offers you the chance and choices.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,329

    i never said anything about adding a punishment to it.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 2,917

    I mean I don’t think it’s a perfect system but it is better than not having it in place.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,127

    but why bring it up if there is nothing you want to do about it?

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,329

    because OP mentioned both.

    so i told him that DCs would stop, as they were now punished, but hook suicides wouldnt, as there was no punishment.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,127

    thus indicating you think there should be a punishment and why i responded as such.

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 1,604
    edited October 15
    • it stops players who are already frustrated at the game that dc'd from going into another match where they might dc from something they didn't like.
    • It makes dc'ing from getting a map or killer you don't like to go against way less common.
    • It makes swf who dc to give their friend hatch less common and it prevents them from going into a game right away from doing that.
    • It decreases the overall frequency of players leaving the match by any means compared to when there are no dc penalties and players could just dc from menu.
    • It makes leaving the game as survivor to keep your item not as appealing.
    • It frees up the que from players who dc a lot by making them both wait out the dc timer and encouraging them to play a different game since they were frustrated with dbd.
    • lastly it discourages players from disconnecting in the heat of the moment, after getting picked up and hooked they are less likely to suicide then dc since they have had a chance to calm down.

    doesn't do anything, suuuure. its a deterrent from dc'ing and while players can suicide as said its less likely then them dc'ing without penalty's active.

  • EqMonkVeeshanEqMonkVeeshan Member Posts: 356

    I have no problem killing myself on hook I just wish we could prevent others from saving us while hooked. god knows I just want out of the match. I dont want to reward some killer an extra hook because they decided to play a killer that is miserable and not even remotely fun to go against.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,329

    i never said, or indicated for that matter, anything like that.

    i merely stated a fact. there were no personal thoughts in that whatsoever.

    please stop putting words in my mouth i never said.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,127

    and I explained how and why I replied the way I did. I just stated facts and the conclusion that is drawn all over the place here on the forums when what you stated is said. you have since said you did not mean that but when you leave things be you might have people draw conclusions because you did not completely speak your thought totally.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 424

    That's the same thing Feiday 13th did for cheaters or hackers. It worked as well, so if they implimented this it has a decent shot at working.

  • Kumnut768Kumnut768 Member Posts: 789

    ohh yeaahhh even after i tried to say that they should be completely abolished because they were useless and there back hell yeahh now survivors begin to suicide on hook😎

  • ScornfulEpexScornfulEpex Member Posts: 595

    Yeah but the people who actually have legitimate connection issues should be punished to be in a queue with intentional DC'rs?

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 17,014

    Absolutely, yes. If you play an online game like DbD, where you're screwing over every other player who's playing with/against you if DC, despite knowing you have a bad connection that can and will cause you to DC constantly, you should be prevented from ruining other people's trials.

    A stable internet connection is as much of a requirement for online gaming as any piece of hardware.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 17,014

    One of the reasons survivors DC is because they get found and downed first. Tell me how you prevent every survivor from being found and downed first.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,127

    Yes they can tell when someone clicks "LEAVE MATCH" that is a metric they have access to, what they can't tell is if someone pulls their ethernet cable or turns off their router or does something on their computer to disconnect intentionally. that is why they are not letting any dc's slide since it was so rampant, just like you said, you're going to DC anytime you feel like you don't like how someone else plays. why play this game then? just play a different game if that's your outlook. the "hill bug" you talk about was fixed two months ago maybe three and hasn't had an issue since. You claim the game is written as spaghetti code.... do you even have proof of this or do you just claim it is so thinking people will agree with you? Do you even have the programming background to recognize it if you even saw the actual coding of the game.... Please let me know where you got the actual programming code for this game I'm sure the devs want to know this as well. This isn't a ranked game, so why play it if others are hellbent on making it unfun for you and making you DC? I'm hell bent on maintaining the rules. if i'm playing with others I follow the rules, you should too. If you break the rules you should be penalized. this is not a different concept than playing a role playing game where you go in and get the party killed intenetionally, the party will just tell you not come to the next session because you made the game unfun for them (breaking the rules of the group which you agreed to abide by when you agreed to play).

  • Slendy4321Slendy4321 Member Posts: 267

    First of all how does every survivor get on the ground? Are you around the killer when he downs someone? If you get slugged frequently (You make it seem like you do) just bring unbreakable. There's easy ways to counter these slugging killers. Yeah I get it you won't be able to use it 90% of the time but it's just a second chance perk meant for these types of situations

  • Slendy4321Slendy4321 Member Posts: 267

    Less likely to suicide? Yeah because every player is going to not kill themselves if the match isn't going right for them. Just because there's penalties won't stop the DCs whether it be by suicide or by leaving the game via the menu. You're lucky not getting much of the suicides that I get. 50% of my matches a survivor gets found and downed within 10 seconds. Then starts killing himself on the hook and that makes the other players rush in to do a quick save before he gets to struggle and 90% the killer is still by the hook so that ends up with a second person down and they DC because of the person that made them get caught trying to rescue them

  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 708

    I'm always play fair as killer. Does it stop people like you from suicide? No. Because you are never happy. Immersive teammates - suicide. Bad map - suicide. No gen pop in first 60 seconds - suicide. Why are you playing if you don't want to play? You think you saving your time, but actualy you wasting more time looking for easier games.

  • goatslingergoatslinger Member Posts: 462

    Care to offer a suggestion? In my experience a lot of DCs happen because a survivor is the first one found and downed. How should bhvr go about making it that no survivor is the first one found?

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 1,793

    I've just read so many self-serving BS posts. In my experience, the timing of a disconnect is always very telling. I see them when a person gets first downed, when they first enter the game and learn the Killer, when they get the first hook, etc. Isn't it strange how they always seem to coincide perfectly with an in-game event? What a coincidence that now, all the sudden, we have so many people claiming their systems are crashing. What catastrophic timing; what would the odds be on something like that. It is downright miraculous right?

    People disconnect because they are poor sports and/or they simply do not know it is against the rules. It is part of the reporting system. The only reasonable excuse for a disconnect is your internet crashes or their is a genuine RL emergency. Neither of those things should be happening so regularly that it shows a PATTERN which causes you to get a ban. If you start a match, you finish a match. If you can't do that, find another game. If real life internet issues or emergencies are so common for you right now that you can't not disconnect, hold off playing until you have your problems sorted. Trying to play if you can't keep a stable connection for some reason is inconsiderate to other players.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Not only this, but if you crash during a game, you will get punished for it. It is extremely annoying since console optimization is garbage...

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 671

    Yeah but unbreakable is single use... No Mither is for memes. i would post game examples but i dont edit my footage so it would just get taken down by mods bc i dont censor names.

    Its not the frequent slugging. Its the toxic slugging, where the entire purpose is to troll and let all 4 players bleed out. Even happening once a month is too often. Because then survivors have to deal with so many other gamebreaking bugs that actually are in favor of the killer. The only thing the killer can really cry about is SWF, which is actually a fair complaint when its a competent 4man.

    Its the dev not punishing the actual abusers. huehue i got camped. Don't care. Don't even care if i get tunneled. Its the unavoidable glitches in the game, sandbagging teammates etc. People have a habit of DCing outside of wildly toxic/broken game situations because they're extremely pessimistic and if they aren't earning something for their time, they're going to leave the game by their own terms.

    Don't take any of this the wrong way, because i can tell youre a fan of DBD. I am too. I have over 2k hours as a casual player. So, lets get started.

    If they could tell when you clicked leave match, versus the game crashing then you wouldn't get an escalating penalty. Stop believing everything BHVR says about transparency. Look at their MMR. DCing isn't always what happens when someone disconnects. Hell, even if i have no security software running, the EAC will randomly crash, crashing the game(more so if i have my firewall running. It tends to conflict so i disable it). None of it is trackable atm by the dev. If it was, I wouldn't get a ban for an EAC Security Violation, Steam having a hiccup and having to reboot their servers, or general game crashes(esp since i -always- send a report when i'm given the option).

    What are you going on about people breaking the rules? I'm pissed people are so toxic and can't just play the game. I cannot tell if youre being a sarcastic ass or youre confused. I DC when people start 4man slugging, teleporting/warping, have a 10m hitbox, I lag so hard i get stuck in place and the killer can still move, or they start hacking(again, like above, i dont post video proof on the forums bc i dont doctor my footage to edit names. screw that, abusers should be shamed but its not my forum).

    Me? A programmer? Not currently. What does that have to do with anything? You don't even understand code in the first place. "where'd you get their code" lel.... Dude i'm probably 2-3x your age. In 2002 i tried to clone and remake Seventh Cross on my old ass Packard Bell PC with an experimental dreamcast emulator my brother made(who has since worked for places like Shutterfly, etc). I actually did a fairly decent job but i never could finish the game because it was difficult to test. And I was just one teenager doing that. They have a whole team. Everyone and their mother technically already has the code.. Seriously? lol..... I don't need BHVR's code to know its spaghetti code. I don't need to read reddit posts. I don't need to come here to have a look see. I've been playing this game since late 2016. There is [BAD WORD] wrong and BHVR is in denial when they say "pretty good job so far". Thats a meme for a reason.

    While the game is actually in a fairly decent spot, they honestly need to have an entire chapter dedicated to game fixes and QOL improvements that isn't nerfing something the killer or survivors find fun. Some examples:

    Better EAC: I find games with people using cheats. Why am i staying in these games besides catching some footage, DCing then reporting? I don't really want to run the risk of staying in the game and getting banned because we were on the same team. I've had more stupid crap happen playing an online MP game that wasn't technically an Indie dev. Hell, ive seen games with less bugs when I played Mechwarrior on Mplayer in the mid 90s.

    Map Revamp: Go through every map and iron the code layout to fix broken parts of the map that cause people to get infinitely stuck in place(this has been an issue for me since 2018), remove double pallet spawns(its happening, again), and force the spawn of the hatch and gates to not be 3 freaking feet away from each other in 90% of games.

    Better Reporting: Currently we have to have video(not screen capture) proof of all reports that are... how the dev says "bad enough to warrant reporting"... but its an extremely annoying process. Because you have to upload it to youtube, and send the link. If you don't have good internet, and the video is more than 30 seconds long.. you're gonna be there a while. So this interrupts playing the game in general.

    Actual Beta Testing: This slays the [BAD WORD] out of me that they release the PTB, but most games are just people memeing, harder than on live servers. So i don't feel like the dev gets much actual feedback. They have more than enough testing players and Fog Whisperers that they could have a pre-PTB. Give an extra week for the first team, then give the PTB to the public and let them break it. Having multiple testing phases on a game that you have to ADD CODE TO(you see what i did there? Because you dont understand how DLC works, sir) would help them identify what theyre adding to the game thats breaking other stuff.

    In closing: Games with mass amounts of DLC tends to be ..... spaghetti code... Just some spaghetti tastes and looks so much better than others.

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    Well it's not my fault if the killer chooses to play a killer I absolutely despise. I'll much rather wait 24 hours than play a game against them and come back tomorrow to see if the game is more fun then.

  • FrekiFreki Member Posts: 1,127

    First of all great assumption. I've programmed in machine code, assembly code, basic, cobol, fortran, C, C+, C++, Python, Java I've used CLI, I've used DOS 3.0, 3.3, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1 batch file command structures. I've programmed BBS's before the internet was more than ARPANET. You assume much my young padiwan. My first computer was connected to a TV set on a Channel 3 or 4 switch like the old Atari 2600 and 5200 along with the original Nintendo were with a TAPE DRIVE data storage. So the rest of your argument just flew out the window. I know what "Spaghetti Code" is I also know that the DBD code is encrypted and you'd have to have obtained it via a pirate site if you were to get this code. You obviously don't know what Spaghetti Code really is otherwise you'd know that it would not work well at all yet how can my computer that I, my self, built, loaded, programmed and installed everything have DBD crash maybe once every 3 or 6 months and then looking at the crash log I find out it's tied to an error that is in the windows logs for an event that caused the video drivers to stop working? I have built enterprise networks, I have programed professional CISCO routers VIA CLI and remote CLI to create a network properly. Now that my resume is PARTIALLY out there do you wish to retract your statements?

    NO? fine here you are: First: if you have no proof that the game is written in a "SPAGHETTI CODE" style you are talking out your ass. stop making claims that your brain can't even cash properly.

    Second: The game can tell when someone presses the functionality button "leave match" and differentiate that with a network or other crash. used to be there were "silent" dc's and "audible" DC's. my theory is that audible was a click leave match backed up by empirical testing with a SWF. I never talked about EAC crashing, I never talked about anything but the fact if you CLICK a functionality button in a program, it KNOWS what that button does and transmits that information to the server, THUS they can know if you clicked the button

    Third: you tried to make things look all up and up but since i've destroyed your argument about dc's and my age oh yes i've got almost 3K hours since starting play in 2018. I will stop right there as I have to go do something, if you wish me to continue please do reply I will be back.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 1,793

    Judging by my personal experience, they are doing something. I've played a LOT of matches in the last couple of days and the disconnects I see are down to just 1-2 a day. I was seeing one every other match prior to the penalty coming back online.

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