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Standing at the gate

ArasthmasArasthmas Member Posts: 10

Why do survivors feel it necessary to stand at the exit gate? It's really annoying that they don't just dip when I, as the killer just walk away from the exit and don't want to deal with it... Any opinions?


  • WTBaconWTBacon Member Posts: 338

    They need you to know that they won.

  • voorheesgtvoorheesgt Member Posts: 358

    Deathslinger+NOED+Blood Warden+ Rancor.

    Very situational but when 4 are tbagging and you hook 1, 2 will scatter for totem and the last will hang at the exit gate... Til you go after them and they realize Blood warden's wall is there... Another free hook. When they return after finding NOED totem, find obsession and mori them with Rancor.

    They will think twice next time they hang at the gate.

    Note* if all Survivors come to save the one you shot, slug him and pretend to get side tracked in chases to kill time but stay close enough to the slugged so they do not get up. As soon as EGC collapse gets to about 30% remaining grab n hook him. Blood warden does the rest😈

  • Zariva83Zariva83 Member Posts: 11

    Maybe they just want to give you one last chance to make a few points by spotting and chasing them? I do it, too, never realized some killers might find it inconvenient/rude... 0_0

    When I play as a killer and they got that far, I often have a bit of fun by coming up to the gate and watching them run in circles. It gets us both more points and the collapse is what, a few minutes? 5 maybe? What's the problem? (Unless you're so sore that you lost that you just want things to end as soon as possible?)

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 1,853

    My personal preference is to just run the Tombstone Piece, not use it all game, and when they are doing the Tea-Bagging thing at the gate I run up like I'm going to hit one out and suddenly they are stuck in my Mori-On-The-Run. They just thought I would hit them and they would fall into safety. It is always worth a laugh. It has also made the difference between getting and not getting a Pip once or twice.

  • ArasthmasArasthmas Member Posts: 10

    This is probably one of the funniest things I've read in a while, I love it!

  • ArasthmasArasthmas Member Posts: 10

    It's not that I'm a sore loser or anything, I would just rather them leave so I can love on to the next game... Over the course of like 10 games... That small amount of time adds up quick.

  • BrequeBreque Member Posts: 256

    When i stay at gate its more becasue i want some points or too have i sure that any of my teammates will die

    But if the guy its there just T-bagging doing nothing he just want to be toxic

  • Zariva83Zariva83 Member Posts: 11

    Hm, I'll keep it in mind, the next time I'm at the gate and can see all my teammates are safe. I honestly only ever saw the fact that both, killer and surviver, get a few more points if they spot each other one last time.

  • ArasthmasArasthmas Member Posts: 10

    This can be true... But the amount of bp you can get by just finishing and moving on to the next game will outweigh the small amount of points you will get at the end during the collapse

  • wildfirelogi1wildfirelogi1 Member Posts: 4

    Try winning so they don't open exit gate

  • ArasthmasArasthmas Member Posts: 10

    Try not being a jerk when we are having a conversation. I'm just expressing frustration and having a discussion with people. No need for comments like this bud.

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    I totally get that. Really funny when the red rank swf with their 3 new players is teabagging at the gate like master comedian he is wow good job you totally trolled me awesome!

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 1,866

    There are many very valid reasons to stand at the gate. Free points for both sides, WGLF stacks for protection hits, making the killer waste time so that their squad mates have more time to escape, waiting around to body block for survivors coming to the gate / in case you'll need to go for a late save, etc. Some people will just stand around teabagging and run away the second you get close without even giving you the hit on the way out, but most people don't do that in my experience.

  • ArasthmasArasthmas Member Posts: 10

    I totally get assisting other survivors via distractions/body blocks/etc. I am talking about the ones who stand there even when the killer just backs off, as I tend to do. If the doors are open and I know there is no chance for me to get another hook/sacrifice, I go sit in the basement or walk around breaking pallets away from the doors. I would rather get into a new game which will net me way more points for my time rather than just sitting at the exit gate.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 1,866

    Well, if you want the game to end, I'd recommend chasing them out :) they could just be waiting for you to come hit them on the way out for the points, or maybe there's another teammate they're waiting for.

  • ArasthmasArasthmas Member Posts: 10

    I am not asking for handouts, and I do not care for those that do. If you believe that my wanting the remaining survivors to just leave so we can get on to the next game is me asking for a handout then you may have more issues than just having a poor attitude toward your opponent.

  • voorheesgtvoorheesgt Member Posts: 358

    It's probably not players like you they are referring to. There are the types like you; usually emote to come near you, let's killer get a hit etc.

    There are the other type; where they 4 man outplay a killer, open the farther gate, if you're not there in 10 seconds they drop a nearby pallet and fast vault it til you go clear over there. Then you see them all tbagging and exit as soon as they KNOW you saw them tbagging...

    Totally different then a Survivor sitting on the line and letting killer hit them.

    General rule I follow: if you guys totally mopped the floor with him, just escape asap. No killer wants a pity hit.

    If it was a close game then if he doesn't approach the gate within 10 seconds and everybody is out/safe just leave.

  • wildfirelogi1wildfirelogi1 Member Posts: 4
  • ChechiaChechia Member Posts: 166

    Just grab some tea next time while they are wasting their time and don't want to leave. I also don't go to the gates anymore if they are all completely safe and it's just amusing how many people try to get your atttention.

    You can also use that time and search for some left over pallets to break or try to find the hatch. Point wise this is more worth than getting a few extra hits that you probably already had enough in your game.

    But honestly...the most funniest thing is when they get cocky, come back to you and you down and kill them. Karma is really a bitch in this game and I love it.

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