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  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    For a survivor who is a pyromaniac:

    Lost Rites: When a survivor dies, you are able to set a 5/6/7 meter radius on fire in the area in which they died. You and all other survivors are immune to the flames, but if a killer walks through it, they are blinded and hindered (5%). The effect will persist an additional 3 seconds after leaving its range. The fire lasts until the killer hooks another survivor or you are put into the dying health state.

    Burned Bridges: You are able spend 10 seconds to set breakable walls and thrown pallets on fire. This action, when completed, will continually alert the killer. If the killer gets within a 5 meter radius of the burning object and stares at it, they are blinded. The object will burn for 30/45/60 seconds before breaking and can still be broken by the killer (it will however blind them).

    Pyrotechnics: You are guaranteed to obtain a flashlight or a fire cracker during your first search through a chest. Increases flashlight and fire cracker efficiency and blindness duration by 30/35/40%.

  • SeeAndWaitSeeAndWait Member Posts: 82

    Informed Hunter

    Information gathering can help you in the long run.

    when survivors escape a chase, a random single perk that has been used during a chase, will appear on the survivor when looking at them. they will also appear during a chase.

    when you looking directly at a totem in 16 meters range, that totem will show the perk that is associated with totem to you. that perk label will be shown to you as long as the totem or the perk is active.

    any gates shown to you, their auras will be shown to you during the match.

    slightly increases the chance that a totem will spawn further from the gates.

  • The perk is called cockroach: 

    You become obsessed with one survivor, every time that your obsession blinds or stuns you, you earn a token that reduces that effect. (the things that grant you a token are pallets dropped on you, head on,flashlights and fireworks)( if you're using nemesis and you get stun or blind, it will still count as a token for cockroaches but decisive will not count)  the max tokens are four. 1 token 20% 2 tokens 40% 3 tokens 60% 4 tokens 80%. If your obsession is scrafirsed or killed the perk deactivates. (At Cockroach, perk level one you can get up to two tokens) 

  • SurpriseSurpriseSurpriseSurprise Member Posts: 1,145

    Survivor: Preyed Instinct

    When The Killer becomes Undetectable, you see the Aura of all other Survivors for 3/4/5s, and an Audio/Visual cue is played. This has a cooldown of 60s.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    Theme: European Plague Doctor

    •Blood Letting: When healing a survivor, you are able to press the active ability button to activate the effect of this perk. When pressed, the survivor being healed by you will scream (revealing their location for 5 seconds). They will no longer be able to be healed and receive the hemorrhage status effect for 45/35/25 seconds. When the duration is over, the survivor under the effect of Blood Letting will be healed by one health state. Any attack that would put the survivor into the dying health state will instead inflicted the deep wound status effect for 60 seconds and they will not be healed after the duration of hemorrhage has expired. This perk has a 45 second cool down.

    •Fragrant Herb Recipes: Your aura will now be slightly/moderately/considerably (1/3/5 meters) detached from your body. When you are injured, your aura is hidden from all players.

    •Impending Doom: After being put into the dying health state, this perk activates. The next time you are in a chase and the killer attacks you; instead the damage from the attack is ignored, your running movement speed is increased to 150% for 7 seconds, and the aura of all survivors are revealed to you for the rest of the trial. This perk permanently deactivates after use.

  • SheriffJake777SheriffJake777 Member Posts: 2

    Perk: CHARGE

    When hope is lost there is only will, THE WILL TO FIGHT!

    While using this perk if you sprint from 15m away or more toward the killer, then you are able to stun for just as long as a pallet drop or head on. The exaustion status can last from 30 sec to 180 sec depending on what level the perk is.

    This perk is great at countering the killers speed and fixation on either an individual hurt survivor or obsession. This perk is also able to be countered by most killers with ease.

    Rhino for perk icon

  • orangegoblinorangegoblin Member Posts: 91
    edited October 18

    HEX: BEWARE THE DOOT!: A Hex rooting its power in spook! Anytime a generator is completed, all survivors hear an *UNHOLY DOOT* shortly before 3 little skeletons rise from the ground at the completed generator to attack them for 1 health state, survivors must try to run run for their lives during this time. The skeletons last for 10 seconds before being called back to the fog by the entities own DOOT. When a survivor vaults a window, the skeletons collide with the window, exploding! Skeletons will try to crawl over and under pallets, to continue chase! Survivors unlucky enough to be hit by the bones, suffer from hemorrhage and mangled status effects. Hex effect remain active until the related totem is destroyed.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    This of a jump scare killer:

    •Silent Shroud: Hex= All survivors are deafened and are considerably harder to hear anything. When you are out of a chase, you terror radius is hidden and your red stain is slightly/moderately/considerably harder to see. This effect persists as long as the associated hex totem remains.

    •Foggy Fields: Any survivor in your terror radius is surrounded by a white fog that makes it harder for them to see at further distances. This effect persists for an additional 10/15/20 seconds after they leave your terror radius.

    •Heart Attack: When injuring a healthy survivor with your melee attack, they are given the deep wound status effect. In which, they have 60 seconds to mend. If they receive damage while in the deep wound status effect or the timer runs out, they are immediately put into the dying health state. This perk has a 60/50/40 second cool down.

  • DeadAtlasDeadAtlas Member Posts: 24

    More Scratch Mark Perks



    Unlocks potential in one's Aura reading abilities. Scratch Marks persist for one second longer.

    Additionally, After Recovering from being blinded or stunned by a survivor, (Including killer grasp escape), The aura of their Scratch Marks will be revealed in white within 8/16/24 meters for 6 seconds.



    Discerning Eye:

    Unlocks potential in one's Aura reading abilities. You can see the Auras of Scratch Marks left behind by Survivors (Including yourself) within 8/16/24 Meters. Reveal the Aura of the Scratch Marks made by survivors other than yourself in Blue. If the Killer has an Obsession, reveal the Aura of their Scratch Marks in Yellow.

    Reduces your Chances of being the Obsession. Does not count as an Obsession Perk.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    Theme: Escape Artist

    •Daring Escape: While you or another survivor is hooked, all survivors no longer leave scratch marks. If you are in a chase, your scratch marks disappear 1/2/3 seconds faster.

    •Shocking Exit: When the active ability button is pressed, you will drop a smoke bomb. The bomb will deafen the killer for 10 seconds if they are at most 5 meters away. In a 5/7/9 meter radius, the vision of the killer is considerably obscured and survivor vision is only slightly obscured. This perk has a 50 second cool down.

    •Chained: Your max movement speed is decreased to 95% or 3.8 m/s. You can now take three hits without any additional effects or perks before you are put into the dying health state. When you unhook a survivor while injured, the survivor rescued is given a 5/6/7% speed increase for the remainder of the trial; this effect does not stack.

  • EndivhEndivh Member Posts: 3
    edited October 18

    Here is a survivor perk kit idea I had for a male nurse character.

  • hex_aw_beanshex_aw_beans Member Posts: 12
    edited October 18

    Safety Check

    When another survivor performs a safe hook rescue, gain a 50/75/100% speed boost to repairing generators.

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    Hawk eye, survivor perk that lets them see killer footprints. Can be useful for certain ones or loops. Simple. Different levels change how long they are visible.

  • MellodethMellodeth Member Posts: 1

    Survivor : Leave no scratch marks after taking a protection hit or unhooking 3/5/7 seconds

    Killer gets notified and can listen for pained grunts so I think this perk would be helpful a fair amount of time to where killer may or may not find survivors

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    Weak Boarding, survivor can choose one breakable wall to push off it's place and open due to frail construction work.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    Theme: Show girl (80s?)

    •On Display: When you are in a chase, you do leave scratch marks and your aura is hidden if the killer is within a 11/22/33 meter radius of you.

    •A Little Tease: After stunning or blinding the killer, you leave no scratch marks and instead, they will be left 5/6/7 meters in another direction from your location.

    •Femme Fatale: If you have reached the second stage of sacrifice and you picked up by the killer again, you are given a difficult skill check. If you succeed, you are freed and the killer stunned for 5 seconds. If you fail, the killer gains a notification and the perk remains active for the next time you are picked up.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    •Knuckle Cracker: After hitting a survivor, the survivor will be unable to use items for 60/80/100 seconds. If they drop or are not holding an item, they are are unable to pick one up. This effect is immediately removed after being put into the dying health state or being hooked.

    •Green Thumb: Unlocks your aura reading abilities. Any survivor in or touching foliage at least 7/9/11 meters away, are revealed to you.

    •Ultimatum: When the exit gates are powered, the aura of any survivor within a 15 meter radius of a gate switch are revealed to you. When a gate is opened, the other gate is permanently locked. If a survivor were to attempt to open it, the other gate will be closed for 30/45/60 seconds.

  • shazamm28shazamm28 Member Posts: 2

    KILLER PERK: Body Carrier When holding a survivor you move 15/20/30% faster, and your hits have 25% less cooldown.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    Theme: Undertaker (survivor and killer)


    •Mortician: For each survivor killed, gain a 3% movement speed and 5% vaulting speed increase. After killing a survivor, gain a 30% increase to breaking or damaging for 20/30/40 seconds; If they were killed by a mori, gain an additional 15% increase to recovery speed from missed attacks for that duration.

    •Botched Autopsy: When a survivor is put into the dying health state by your melee attack, they are broken for 90/120/150 seconds and when put on the hook, while still broken, are left broken until they unhook another survivor.

    •Dire Circumstances: Unlocks your aura reading abilities. When 5/4/3 generators are completed, you are able to see the auras of all healthy survivors and you gain the undetectable status effect until the exit gates are opened.


    •Morbid Curiosity: When a survivor is dying, hooked, or dead, you can see the killer’s aura within a 33/44/55 meter radius. If you are the last survivor remaining, you are undetectable and your sounds are decreased by 100%.

    •Surgical Precision: When healing a dying survivor, all skill checks will count as great skill checks. Failing a healing skill check has a 100% chance of not alerting the killer, instead lose an additional 3/2/1% progress.

    •Preserve: When effected by the deep wound status effect, you no longer need to mend. Instead, after entering and remaining in a locker for at least 5 seconds, you instantly put into the injured health state. Healing progress is not lost when being injured, 80/90/100% is transferred after being damaged. (i.e. If you are injured and beal yourself to 80%, When you are downed, your recovery progress is set at 80% or when your are inflicted with the deep wound status effect, the mending progress is set to 80%).

  • PaintingexpressPaintingexpress Member Posts: 5

    So I’ve designed a lot of perks to go with fan made chapters and then just more random perks to throw into the base game. Here they are.

    -Killer perks:

    Autophobia: Your sinister aura frightens all those who have an empathetic heart. When in a chase with a survivor, all other survivors not being chased will suffer a 10/15/20% slower repairing speed.

    Hex: Haunting Images. Your insatiable desire for blood causes you to become reckless and unpredictable, instilling fear in those close to your presence. After a survivor is in your terror radius for 20/17.5/15 seconds, that survivor will scream and reveal their position. Any survivor who hides in a locker for longer than 10 seconds will be immediately pushed out from the locker and unable to enter the locker for 10 seconds.

    Maniacal Arrogance: Your persistence and arrogance through continual loss strains you to reap your rewards. After chasing a survivor for 20 seconds, that survivor becomes your obsession. The obsession will become exposed for 15 seconds when a generator is finished.

    Survivor Perks:

    Groundhog’s Shadow: The slightest chance to see the next day fills you with hope, and if you fail, you’ll try again. Once per match, after fully healing a survivor, you are able to instantly heal yourself from the dying state by pressing the active ability button while recovering. After the use of this ability, you remain broken until entering the dying state again.

    Party Animal: Your natural aggressiveness makes you harder to catch. Whenever you stun a killer with a pallet, the killer is affected by the stun an extra 25/30/35% worth of time of their stun duration.

    Soft Steps: In an area where anything could be heard, you have taken precautions to reduce your noise. Every 30/25/20 seconds, while sprinting, all noise you emit will be muted for 6 seconds. The timer restarts after the 6 seconds are exhausted.

    Find Her: Even in pressing times, you are able to work through your pain and continue. After taking a protection hit, the perk activates. The next time you are injured from being healthy will cause to leave no blood trail, make no scream, cause no grunts of pain, and lose scratch marks for 6/7/8 seconds. Taking a protection hit causes you to become the obsession.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    Theme: Ballerina

    •1st Position: This perk has 15/20/25 charges. When you start running, at the cost of one charge per second, your movement speed is increased by 10%. Charges can only be refilled by standing still (1 charge per 7 seconds without moving), with no charges your running movement speed is decreased by 5% and your breathing is 25% louder.

    •Prima Donna: While rush vaulting or falling, you have a short period of invincibility, and 60 seconds of a 7% haste effect. After, you are exhausted for 60/50/40 seconds. You do not receive a haste effect while exhausted.

    •Pirouette: When the killer near misses you with their attack, this perk gains a token (to a maximum of 5 tokens). When 5 tokens are reached, you can press the active ability button and stun the killer if they are within a 3/4/5 meter radius of you. This perk loses all its tokens if you are hooked, if it has not reached its maximum yet. (i.e. If you have less than 5 stacks when hooked, you lose it all.)

  • NightsinNightsin Member Posts: 6


    Constructor: One time during the trial, the surviver can change a breakable wall into a vault (window or pallet, idk :)) in ?/?/? seconds.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    Theme: Dissociative Identity Disorder


    Remorse: Every 20/15/10 seconds spent of out of chase, this perk gains a token up to a maximum of 6 tokens. For each token gain a 10% movement speed increase. When entering a chase, lose all tokens. If a survivor is sacrificed, this perk goes into a cool down period of 25 seconds; in which, tokens cannot be gathered and movement speed is reset to normal.

    Aggression: For each survivor still alive, gain a 25% decrease to the cool down of missed attacks. When entering a chase, the aura of all other survivors outside a 45/30/25 meter radius are revealed to you.

    Relish: When a survivor takes a protection hit for another survivor, your attack cool down is removed for an additional attack. Gain 15/20/25% more blood points for the brutality category.


    Attached: When there is an obsession that is not you, this perk activates. As long as the obsession is alive, gain a 8% movement speed increase. If the obsession is in a chase, you are able to see the aura of the killer. This effect will persist for 3/4/5 seconds after the chase has ended.

    Confrontational: After lasting in a chase for 50/40/30 seconds, this perk activates. When you are picked up start with wiggle progress set to 50%. If you are pulled off an action, you automatically begin wiggling at 33% progress.

    Excited: For each generator completed, increase the size of success zones by 10% and great zones by 20%. After a generator is completed, receive a 25% action speed increase towards repairing, healing, sabotaging, unhooking, searching, unlocking, and opening exit gates for 6/8/10 seconds.

  • ArqueusArqueus Member Posts: 29

    New Killer Perk: Hex: Hypothermia

    A hex that takes a toll on those who settle their labor in one place.

    Whenever a survivor starts repairing a generator, they next time they stop touching it The Entity will be summoned to hold their hands on the generator for 3/4/5 seconds; this will cause the survivor to remain unable to move and scream revealing their location to the killer (Like the screaming bubbles of The Doctor), and the killer will be able to hit the survivor while they are stuck in position. Once the effect fades, the survivor will be able to move freely

  • SurpriseSurpriseSurpriseSurprise Member Posts: 1,145
    edited October 22

    Survivor: One for the Road

    Press and hold the Active Ability Button for 4s while standing next to a Searched Chest to pick it up. You drop any Item that you are holding. While holding the Chest you are hindered, cannot sprint, and if damaged will drop the Chest, breaking it.

    You can place the chest in a valid gap by pressing the Active Ability Button when prompted to create a Vault. Or press the Active Ability Button elsewhere to immediately drop it, breaking it.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 452
    edited October 22

    Killer perk:

    Mortal Wound:

    You become Obsessed with one survivor

    Every time a non-obsession heals from injured to healthy, earn one token.

    Each token reduces the survivor's sprint burst by 0.25 seconds(12.5%) up to 2/3/4 tokens upon successfully hitting an healthy survivor with a basic attack.

    Every time the Obsesssion is healed, Lose 2 tokens. You can no longer gain Tokens If your Obsesssion is sacrficed or killed.

    You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

    Survivor perk:


    Grants 20/30/40% increased totem cleansing speed. Every time a totem is cleansed, gain 1 token.

    Each token Increases Skill Check odds by 3% and 0.5% great skillcheck progression for the remainder of the trial.

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  • ACube7ACube7 Member Posts: 13

    murderous design

    you have your ways to make machinery induce pain

    when you down a survivor the next time you damage a generator a survivor attempting to repair that generator must make a difficult skill check failing will make them injured or downed if they were already injured

    this effect will stay on the generator for 45/60/75 seconds.

  • ShaunShaun Member Posts: 20

    Sealed Fate: Once you reach bloodlust tier one, you gain the ability to see any survivor auras in lockers when within 16, 24, 32 metres

    "My job is to put people in the grave, to keep them there, and I'll be DAMNED if you take that from me!" - The Harvester

    Hocus Pocus: When you hit a survivor with a basic attack, apply a status effect chosen at random for 15 seconds. When you hook a survivor, each healthy survivor will receive a status effect chosen at random for 40, 50, 60 seconds.

    "Hocus Pocus! Deadly focus! Magic bat! Dragon's eye! Cast your chants; roll the die!" - The Magician

    Released Insanity: Every 1 20, 100, 80 seconds, when there are at least two survivors in the trial, the furthest survivor will scream, revealing their location for 3 seconds.

    "I found you..." - The Crypt Keeper

    Recurring Depression: If the killer opens the exit gates, Recurring Depression activates. The two generators farthest from each other instantly go to 90%, 85%, 80% completion. These generators can't regress pass these points. Both exit gates will open and be blocked by the entity until one of these generators are completed. The generators are highlighted for all players. The end game timer is paused until a generator is completed.I

    "Somehow, someway, this thing will see to it that everything we know, what we have come to expect... Will be turned on it's head." - Research log 17 on 'The Shadow'

    Hit and Run: Start the trial with three tokens. Each time you stun the killer with a pallet, consume a token. Each time a token is consumed, gain 150% haste status effect for three seconds, leave no scratch marks for 3 seconds, and gain the exhaustion status effect for 60, 50, 40 seconds. Hit and Run cannot be used while exhausted.

    "You learn in life that you can either take the punishment, or avoid it. There is only one real option for me." - Metias Brayden, ' The Thief'

    Overcome: Whenever you miss a skill check, overcome activates for 8, 9, 10 seconds. During this time, you perform all channeled actions at 100% speed. Overcome has an 80 second cooldown.

    "I take my [BAD WORD]-ups and make the most out of them. It got me this far in life." - Gloden Blazenben, 'The Prosthetist'

    Close Call: Encountering horrors has prepared you for close encounters. For you, the kiiller's red stain is 30%, 40%, 50% longer. You hear the killer's terror radius at an additional 8 metres.

    "I'm planning on living today, thank-you very much!" Mariah Brayden, ' The Reporter'

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 221

    Puzzler: When running, your scratch marks are moderately/considerably/dramatically (30/40/50%) more spread out. Your scratch marks and blood trail is moderately (75%) less noticeable.

    Battle-Broken: After escaping a chase while injured, you are broken for 60/45/30 seconds. However, for 120 seconds, you are undetectable and produce no sound. While healthy, you breathe 25% louder.

    In Distress: When you or another survivor is hooked, all survivors receive a 15/20/25% increase to healing and the unhooking speeds. You gain an additional 25% increase to healing speed when another survivor is hooked. The effect of In Distress does not stack.

  • HamburgerlarHamburgerlar Member Posts: 45
    edited October 23

    I call it one and done. This will take the place of a mori. It's a perk that allows you to kill the first survivor that you hook. This would eliminate the add-on and just change it to a perk

    I was going to say if there was a disconnect then it resets. If that first person quits.

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