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So I've heard the red progress bar is supposed to discourage survivors since it means "slow" but...

Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,117

In my experience, it's been the opposite, since the majority of my experience with red bars is when a second person hops on a gen and it goes faster, and has the little fast forward icon.

A bit of a random post, as it's not like I'm brand new or anything, but I occasionally see a post on this or a streamer comment, and if the red bar is actually supposed to warn you that your progress is being slowed... shouldn't it be a little more obvious for newer players? A new player is gonna have no idea that 2 survivors working on a gen isn't twice as fast as one, for example. They're gonna see a red bar, fast forward arrows, and the gen being done faster. Immediately they'll associate "red' with "super turbo, like a sports car." Probably.


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