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  • madamrettomadamretto Member Posts: 324

    At Q&A stream they said they are going to fix fps drops by Tuesday.

  • LexpearthaLexpeartha Member Posts: 6

    @madamretto Is there any recorded video of that QnA?

    I just want to see it by myself

  • madamrettomadamretto Member Posts: 324
  • AsuraAsura Member Posts: 18

    They mentioned 4k and 2k resolutions. I'm running on 1440p :/

  • AngryBaldManAngryBaldMan Member Posts: 4

    Im happy my pc can open it on 45 fps hahahahaha.Im sad that i could play this game on 100 resulotion and medium 5-6 months ago i could play on 60 fps stable i want those days....

  • MrFoxyMrFoxy Member Posts: 3

    I play on pc and my movement its so lagging now, i cant do moonwalks and in the chases, my fps drops for 25 in the new maps

  • heofthevoidheofthevoid Member Posts: 11

    The patch did absolutely nothing, my game still runs like [BAD WORD]. I want my damn money back at this point, I can't play it.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,014

    After the new update there are slight improvements, but there are still MAJOR FPS dips on indoor maps, when gens are completed, at the center of maps etc. All this update did was gain like 5 more FPS, plus the V-sync problems are STILL THERE! This still needs fixing really badly, cannot believe that this is an issue after 4 years.

  • EarelandEareland Member Posts: 86

    When you say V-sync issue, are you referring to the screen tearing or what?

    I have screen tearing on my main monitor BUT I tested DBD on my 60hz television and it has no screen tearing, which is very weird, since monitor is 60hz as well. Television is as old as monitor, I think.

  • EarelandEareland Member Posts: 86

    Okay, I hope they fix this if it's problem with the game itself or maybe our monitors are outdated, who knows.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,014

    How can they be outdated if I can play RE3:Remake completely fine at 60 FPS without screen tearing?

  • VaurokVaurok Member Posts: 11

    It is mind-boggling to me that my rig can run Doom Eternal on Ultra Nightmare and Warzone on Ultra like a champ but drop to 45fps on Ultra on Ormond.

    So basically my rig can handle me tearing through hundreds of demons with explosions going off all around me and a giant demon walking in the background as the Earth burns but it can't handle a little room with a fireplace at a ski lodge. It is absolutely absurd.

  • Red_BeardRed_Beard Member Posts: 110

    Lots of fps dips for me on PC as well.

    Flickering lights in indoor maps, especially Lery's and Hawkins. The worst is the observation room in Lery's with the flicks that turn your whole screen white. Some of these lights seem like they could be seizure inducing.

    Kicking a generator, pallet, door. Why do the pallets and doors have to break down into so many little pieces that immediately disappear that I am sure cause issues rendering. When I break them with Bubba's chainsaw my screen almost freezes.

    Blowing up a generator.

    Letting go of a generator that has ruin.

    Breaking a totem, though not all the time.

    Yamaoka, Lery's and Preschool are definitely the worst maps for me for fps drops. Hawkins and Dead Dog I have some issues too.

    Sloppy butcher bleed effect on both killer and survivor.

    I'm sure many others I'm not remembering right now.

  • heofthevoidheofthevoid Member Posts: 11

    SAME. Yet every time I talk about this I invariably get the witty retort "gEt A bEtTeR pC." Yeah how about you stump up the cash to buy me one there sport.

  • ChiquitoChiquito Member Posts: 20

    I'm so tired of those teleports every single second and my fps drops so many times wtf

    that update has been the worst one ever

  • WasabiWasabi Member Posts: 11

    I need your help to see if I solved it: you have to open the famous GameUserSettings.ini file and delete the strings on the bottom:


    LastOpened = DeadByDaylight

    Now open the game and try.

  • heofthevoidheofthevoid Member Posts: 11

    Didn't work for me FML

  • LexpearthaLexpeartha Member Posts: 6

    I mean, it's like 10% more "stable" after this hotfix, but I still get teleported around, and my fps dies for 2 seconds whenever I look back during chase, or fall from heights...

    I am probably leaving Dbd until they actually sort this out

  • RatQueenRatQueen Member Posts: 14

    I'm also still having major FPS issues since the newest update, as well as issues where the game doesn't seem to be able to read my position so ends up either shunting me forwards or backwards; isn't really helpful in chases as it ends up with me hooked or dead because I shunt into walls alongside the lag which means I can't respond how I would.

    Please sort this BHVR. :(

  • HydreNHydreN Member Posts: 3
    edited September 23

    I have the same problems here.

    It is impossible to play at ease after this update.

    The FPS drop is impressive.

    Ryzen 5 3600

    RTX 2060

    16gb ram 3200hz

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  • RuaffyyRuaffyy Member Posts: 1

    I get Micro stuttering on 2 K monitor .. even with a good setup ...

    i7 8700 3,70 GHZ

    16 GB RAM

    RTX 2070 MSI AMOR .

    i cant help ..mh

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,014

    Still having issues after hotfix 2, but now the game is weirdly blurry, almost like someone smudged all the textures in the game.

  • VaurokVaurok Member Posts: 11

    Are you playing on Medium? I noticed that Medium lowers my resolution to 67% with this latest patch (the 24th Sept patch). It didn't used to do that before even though I think it was supposed to but yeah, it's a lot blurrier on medium preset now. What I wouldn't give for an actual graphics settings menu.

    I've been playing games pretty obsessively for the majority of my life. I'm 31. I've never seen anything like this before. I don't even know how they do it. What changed in the hotfix on the 24th that crushed my PC out of no where for no apparent reason??? I don't understand lol

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,014

    I'm on low with max rez, can't stand how the game looks on higher settings, it makes the hair look terrible on every character.

  • NessanaNessana Member Posts: 4

    I disabled Vsync , then set heartrate to 120 in the engin.ini and all is good now :)

  • TietanasTietanas Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2

    Wow. All you guys playing on PC being able to modify your settings to somewhat lessen the effects is actually kinda cute and endearing. Imagine playing on console like me and not being able to do any of this and the game always tanks to 10 Frames per second whenever the killer and survivor come within 2 metres of each other, regardless of which side you are playing on and then you would realize how absolutely [BAD WORD] and unplayable this game actually is

  • ClawsOfHellClawsOfHell Member Posts: 56

    I used to play with 60FPS on low(Because is less darker than other settings) and now i can't barely get 20fps in any quality, don't matter if it's low or high the fps it's the same after the update they did [BAD WORD] to this game and are blamming people saying that is their computers... so i need a 3090 to run dbd? this game has mobile graphics but need a high end pc to run with 30fps what joke.

  • maaadinsomniacmaaadinsomniac Member Posts: 90
    edited November 23

    Specs: i7-7700, RTX 2060S, 16GB RAM, M.2 SSD, 144Hz FullHD

    Settings: Ultra, bUseVSync=True, FrameRateLimit=0.000000, I have stable 62fps with tearing

    Settings: Low, bUseVSync=False, FrameRateLimit=inf, I have stable 120fps without tearing

    Try to delete your folder with DeadByDaylight in your %localappdata%, Verify Integrity of the game, put this command "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES" as launch option and pray. Launch option is maybe just placebo or doesn't work at all, but you can try.

    I don't have any of your problems with fps dropping etc., so I must be happy person and I hope for you all they will fix it somehow.

    Anyway I never noticed problem with fps back then with my older GPU's and CPU's which are GTX1060, GTX480, HD6850 and i5-2320.

  • DuuuuhDuuuuh Member Posts: 1
    edited November 27

    I had gotten the game on sale via Steam. Tried as I might I couldn't get it to run at a steady 60FPS at 4k, even on the lowest settings. I have a 2080ti and a 10900k. I uninstalled and refunded. I have xbox game pass and decided to see if they had updated it. The xbox game pass version ran flawlessly at ultra with no frame dips, nothing. I was shocked. All my friends are on Steam. I decided to try and give it a go again on steam. Still same major performance issues and frame drops even with low settings on the Steam version. I am right now checking for any leftover config files to make sure it is an absolutely fresh start, but I'm not too hopeful. It's pretty terrible that one version can run so well and for whatever reason the Steam version gets massive frame drops and stuttering.

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