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Fix adept system requirements!

OutcastEricOutcastEric Member Posts: 477
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at least let us use the 4th perk. Adept plague was easier than adept blight

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  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 226

    Yeah maybe it the killer should need to only get 4-6 hooks to get adept since a 2k or some configuration of 6 hooks spread amongst 4 survivors is what a killer should get per match. If they were to make you go above that no more than 9 hooks. Ideally, a 3K and it is more conceivable than double pipping.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,857

    I would also say make it one pip for both sides. So survivors with a key dont just crouch until endgame doing nothing

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    I remember the old system.

    Was playing Wraith and two people dc'd after I ran them ragged. Trophy popped right up.

    Now you need a perfect game and hope that the survivors bless you with their prescence during the entire trial and the council decrees that you played fairly and never tunneled and let everyone out the exit gates.

    If I were to call anything blatantly survivor sided which this forum throws around a lot, it's the challenges ands cheevos.

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,865
    edited October 21

    Speaking of adept achievements:

    This game is fun. :) 5 times in a row I've gone against this stuff, when I'm trying to do the adept achievement of a killer I dont know lol. And the totem was in the killer shack next to a gen! :D

    Edit: I earned it from a bully squad trying to annoy me; it didn't work, I won and double pipped...and then I realised, I earned this achievement back in august...

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  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,865

    Yeah, I think it's 9 hooks for iridescent, but it might be 10. I know it's not 12, at least...but it's a tall ask when sometimes you just can't find some survivors.

  • cyniChriscyniChris Member Posts: 86

    Killers need at least 9 hooks, a 4K, plenty of hits, short chases, not letting survivors heal (which means less hits, btw), stopping survivors from finishing at least 2 gens, and praying that it's enough...

    Meanwhile, survivors don't even have to finish the gens to get their adepts.

    Fair and balanced game, of course.

  • OutcastEricOutcastEric Member Posts: 477

    Hahaha Man! That's the worst. Huntress is a hard one but I earned it back in the good ol days by just getting 4 kills. Nurse too. I play on console so they would be unattainable for me now

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