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Y1 Rift Stats: How to Paint a Bleak Picture

PyroGLPyroGL Member Posts: 201

With a new Rift opening today, I wanted to share some thoughts I had after looking over the stats that BHVR released for the first year of the Rift/Archives. To be frank, I can't understand why BHVR doesn't take an extremely hard look at the Rift and make heavy changes to the time investment required to complete them.

Here is some data:

  • Players Exploring the Archives = 2,664,000
    • I assume this means anyone who progressed on even 1 single Archive challenge, and counted once for EACH Rift. Therefore this roughly equals the total number of Rift participants for each Rift, added together.
  • Number of Rifts Completed = 433,266

Purely based on this, and assuming extremely few people completed the Rift without doing any Archive challenges, 433,266/2,664,000 = 16% of Rifts were actually completed. This is a staggeringly low number for something that was sold to the community as a "1 hour per day time investment".

  • Total Rift Fragments Earned = 923,678,046

Taking the total Rifts completed (433,266) and multiplying that by the number of fragments needed to complete the Rift (700), and subtracting that from the total, gives you 620,391,846 fragments earned that did not go towards completed Rifts. This is equal to 67% (roughly 2/3) of all fragments earned do not go towards completed Rifts.

Is there something I am missing here? Is this how battlepasses typically work with other games? Note that the number of Rifts completed stat did not include if the player bought tiers or completed them through gameplay. Given that, I imagine that the number of players who completed the Rift purely through gameplay is even lower. With a completion rate this low, I question if BHVR wants us finish the Rift at all.

As I have stated in a few other threads, I am very disappointed in the addition of the Rift to DBD. The short events that we had prior to the Rift's debut, while some had their flaws, were short duration and reasonable to complete. The time investment required to do Rifts is far, far greater, and is a huge turn off for me to participate any longer at this point. Despite completing all the Y1 Rifts myself, I can't see myself continuing the pattern that has burned me out on DBD 4 times this past year. I haven't investigated the new Rift as of yet, but without any official word on a dramatic decrease in the amount of time investment needed for them, I have little hope this pattern will change.


  • DabihwowDabihwow Member Posts: 1,461

    WoW, thats kinda surprising, 16% though, that is impressive. Also no this is not how other battle passes work in games, they don't take as long, but still require a good amount of effort but this is ridiculous. I like doing the rift because I enjoy learning more lore for the characters while I get rewarded for doing so. But if it has come down to that, then this is surely tiring, I stuggle to even keep up in school and I barely finished Tome 4. BHvr fix this [BAD WORD] now! Please for the sake of my sanity as well as others please make the rift as it was before.

  • XombieRockerXombieRocker Member Posts: 112

    I've honestly never gotten past the mid-30s on any of the rifts.

    The challenges are not very much fun and feel way too grindy.

    I always have one active, because I just view at as free blood points that might net me a few cosmetics as well. If I complete a challenge, great! Yay blood points.

    But yeah, no way am I gonna buy something that would make me hate the game in order to feel like I got my money's worth.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 1,866
    edited October 21

    It's not surprising that most people who play this game don't play an hour a day. Concurrent player counts have been in the 30-40k range and 2.7 million have made progress in the Archives. Plus, the only rewards from getting to the end are 1 Rift level and a charm. People who are in it for the BPs might not bother charging to the end and might instead just grab whichever challenges are easiest.

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    And when you decide to buy it, it feels like some important commitment like selling your soul, you need to use so much of your time to focus on some objectives each day and they get so frustrating at times, though they have gotten way easier than the first one was. The fact that I have to constantly remind me to play dbd every single day and do some amount of challenges makes me want to play it less because obviously I need to get to the very end eventually. Also it doesn't help if the matchmaking is still so bad that I'm just sucking ass every single game and constantly keep going against red rank killers and they don't feel fun at all. I guess you have to also be a good player to complete the rift without all the stress then.

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 949

    I agree with OP and interesting numbers to consider. On Fortnite, they do it better but also the rewards are exclusive so that provides a greater incentive to reach Tier 100. With DBD, there's ambiguity about what will return and what will remain exclusive.

  • StardustSpeedwayStardustSpeedway Member Posts: 586

    I've completed all of them so far, but the grind IS real. Some of the challenges also encourage you to play very selfish to complete them or require you to have very good luck with killer/survivor. I noticed that in this rift, they are bringing back the challenge from the very first rift which was to save someone from the hook once EGC starts. Granted, it's saving one survivor only, but remember, this is ONLY level 1 of the current tome. By level 4, that number would increase like all the other challenges...

    BHVR does need to re-evaluate the rift system. Put more rewards in the free track, rework some of these very grinding challenges, increase the XP you get per match, reward more rift fragments, etc. I get why they hesitate since you can earn your auric cells back, but who cares? If people can complete it and earn it back, they can spend it on something else or the next rift, which guarantees people coming back to play your game!

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 6,738

    Wasnt it said multiple times that you should not interprete the stats?

    First of all, from how it is worded, it seems to mean that when you did or started 1 Archive Challenge, you are already "exploring the Archives", meaning it is pretty easy to get into this number.

    Second, players can do the Archives even when the Rift is closed. Someone could do all the Challenges of Tome 1, but after the Rift for Tome 1 closed, meaning, even if they did all the challenges, they will never be able to complete the Rift, since it is closed.

  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 966

    I dont understand how you have to buy the pass to grind it? Surely buying it should make the grind less intense? Swap the Auric Cells for Shards and make the frags required 50% less when purchased and it wouldnt be half as hellish imho

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,129
    edited October 21

    Fortnite's battle passes were grindy as alllllllllllllll hell. However, even they gave you points to just buy some ranks along the way if you did. DbD is brutal, though. I won't buy it unless I know I can complete it, and well... I only made it to 49~ in the last one and the rewards I wanted were like 65 and 70. lol

    I was only a few challenges from completely filling out the archives, even, and the new one has a killer in it that I don't even own. :|

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,551

    dev love the grind because thye don't have to do it.

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 949

    Fortnite is faster and feels more incidental, you progress without trying by just playing but can accelerate with Challenges. Here challenges are pretty much required to make any meaningful progress and as you point out many are selfish or RNG/luck based. And not sure if it's still the case but Fortnite charges 950 V-Bucks and gives 1500 back if you reach Tier 100. So you make 550 V-Bucks and everything is exclusive to that Battle Pass. So there's a drive and motivator to grind it out because you know those sprays, emotes, skins, pick axes will never be made available again. DBD on the other hand wants to make it grindy, unfun, tedious and lots of ambiguity about what is a Rift Exclusive and how most items will return anyway. For me, exclusivity is a bigger incentive than getting something for "free" because I don't consider my time free and the bulk of the cosmetics have been mediocre and many recolors. And some others are nice but if I don't ever play that character, it's just a waste and not something I would buy anyway.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 865

    I forget, was the Rift actually marketed as a "1 hour per day investment"?

    Though I guess that could be misleading. I did the math at one point for Rift 4 and you do (with all Tome Challenges completed) need ~1 hour of pure Trial time per day to finish the Rift. Realistically that translates into something closer to 3 hours a day to finish the Rift when you add in matchmaking, loading, and between-trial downtime.

    It's probably not something that's reasonably doable for the average person, though it might be a little more feasible while we're still on Pandemic Time. Still, it's not the worst form of Battlepass that I've seen (World of Tanks easily takes that cake for asking you to treat it like a full-time job for weeks at a time to get rewards that were rarely worth the effort).

    But just because it's not the worst doesn't mean it couldn't be better.

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