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SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,841
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Whatever was done to matchmaking; whatever switch was flipped last week, before reset happened, please for the love of god flip it back.

As killer, games are against people with barely any experience, (and when it is against people with experience, it's squads that are literally trying to make the killer RQ by stacking BNP's together) making it too easy to the point where I get very little points, and also just plain unfun. I don't want to find survivors around the edge of the map; I want to try and outplay them.

Survivor is borderline unplayable.

In red rank games...2 games in a row, I got rank 20's in my game.

The first, the game began with an odd bug where it showed one player as on the hook and everyone in the match was incredibly confused.

The next game, we got shelter woods and a red rank killer. I was in chase and a Feng randomly dropped god pallet on my face, then proceeding to slow vault it so that I got downed, right next to the basement. (She didn't do this on purpose; it was obvious she was brand new to the game) And there was no obsession, so I got unhooked and downed before I could even physically move both times. Idk if this is just to make the game experience better for killer, or what...but it's frustrating and downright boring.

Please, it can't be that hard to make sure rank 20's don't get put into games with red ranks. It's not fair for the new player, or the unfortunate people who solo queue into it.


  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    I'm having absolutely horrendous matchmaking too. Killers are too good for me

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,841

    Like I said, it's putting rank 20 solo players into my games, vs red rank killers, so it's not surprising. It's an incredibly ridiculous state of affairs.

  • captainlongshlongcaptainlongshlong Member Posts: 73

    It's just getting boring now. I'm Rank 2 survivor at the moment and have just had game after game after game of mismatches tonight. Just turned the PC off after playing three games back to back against Rank 14+ killers and after getting matched with Rank 14+ survivors.

    Players who are new to the game are going to be discouraged from playing it if they keep going up against players who are considerably better than them. The fundamentals of the game should be near-flawless before you start pumping out DLC's, new maps and tons of other paid-for content. The game has been out for over 4 years and it's the same old issues time after time. Getting hit through pallets? Getting matched with red ranks after only playing the game for 3 hours? Getting hit through windows despite being 50 feet away? Audio bugs? Getting stuck in rocks? It doesn't matter because you can buy a Minotaur skin for the low, low price of $15!


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