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Slippery Meat+Up the Ante is reliable Deliverance

gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 1,283

That 4% luck buff to Slippery Meat made it combo really well with Up the Ante even outside of a coordinated SWF. I get kobes extremely reliably running the two perks together.

Is it overpowered? Not really because you're using two perk slots for something one perk slot can potentially do. But its really fun and if you're the first perk hooked it doesn't matter


  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 1,709

    well its a 8.96% chance with 6 attemps so around 53.76% chance to self unhook, not a bad build but up the ante only adds about 5% might as well use another perk at that point

  • AGMAGM Member Posts: 166

    Not sure what math the guy above me did, but it should be (1 - (1 - kobe rate as a decimal)^(Attempts)) x 100

    • (base) 4% kobe rate, 3 attempts: ~11.5% chance to kobe
    • (with Slippery Meat) 8% kobe rate, 6 attempts: ~39.4% chance to kobe
    • (with Slippery Meat and 1 Up the Ante): 17% kobe rate, 6 attempts: ~67.3% chance to kobe
    • (with Slippery Meat, 1 Up the Ante, and 1 Vigo's Jar): 20% kobe rate, 6 attempts: ~73.8% chance to kobe
    • (with Slippery Meat and 4 Up the Ante): 44% kobe rate, 6 attempts: ~96.9% chance to kobe
    • (with Slippery Meat, 4 Up the Ante, and 4 Vigo's Jars): 56% kobe rate, 6 attempts: ~99.2% chance to kobe

    Is this a new toxic SWF build I smell?

  • YffriiumYffriium Member Posts: 64

    Up the Ante only gives a 3% bonus to Kobe chance. Why did you bump it up from 8% to 17%? Shouldn't it be 11%?

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 2,019

    Thank you for the math!

    Toxic? I would gladly play against Up the Ante + Slippery Meat Survivors than DS + Unbreakable Survivors any day.

  • AGMAGM Member Posts: 166

    The perk says it grants 3% luck per other survivor (than you) alive to all survivors. 3% times 3 survivors is 9% luck to all survivors from a single instance of the perk.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 633

    It's 3% per a stack. So it can anywhere from 11% to 17% depending on how many stacks.

  • YffriiumYffriium Member Posts: 64

    Thanks guys, I don't have Ace's perks so I didn't realize it worked like this. In that case, this seems borderline busted haha.

  • thisisntmaxthisisntmax Member Posts: 93

    It’s fun if you want to meme and yeet yourself so you don’t go second stage due to the killer zoning your team or them just straight ditching you for gens in solo queue. Also for the sweet survival points.

  • Hazz1123Hazz1123 Member Posts: 42

    It's not busted because it's 2 perk slots from every survivor plus all their offerings. That's more than half of what survivors can bring to the game.

    If the whole team wants to spend half their load-out on saving time from unhooks then that's fine. Unless they all bring med-kits, they still have to run to someone to get healed.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,857

    I also would say "reliable" is the wrong word. throwing every second game by wasting one hook state is not really reliable. YSou need a bit more than that. I also tested that on the PTB, of course not enough games to say statistically relevant or precise, but with a 3% luck offering it was about 1 fail every third game. I would at least ask for someone else to bring luck or another ace perk

  • Trust_me_Im_a_DoctorTrust_me_Im_a_Doctor Member Posts: 21
    edited November 24

    Mine must be broken because adding an Ivory Chalk Pouch the last 3 games brings me up to 20% chance to get off, a fourth game with 16% chance to get off and I've had 24 consecutive failures! :D!!!

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