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What Happened to Talbot Grimes?

TapeKnotTapeKnot Member Posts: 90

I just finished the collection entry Doors Unknown, and I am...really confused. What happened to Talbot Grimes once he came into the realm of the Entity? Can he still think? Was his original Blight form ever real, or did he immediately become the True Blight? If anybody has any theories, I'd be glad to hear them.


  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 839

    That's what I'm curious about too, it seems to me he became the True Blight first, but its possible that it was only a temporary transformation, and then he stuck himself with the serum in Father Campbell's chapel, different clothes too btw, and became the Blight we have as default.

  • TapeKnotTapeKnot Member Posts: 90

    Another thing is in the entries it says Talbot tears his eyes out, but in the video his eyes are still intact. Just how much of what happened was a fever dream and how much was real?

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 839

    Most of this tome is a fever dream, the Entity was totally screwing with him.

  • BSNightflowBSNightflow Member Posts: 78

    Well I had been following the events since 2018. I had a few ideas when he first came out as a killer and made this post:

    Still, I agree all his logs are mainly his life of trauma and illusions experienced over and over again.

    Pretty much a character living up to one design concept.

  • GruoGruo Member Posts: 32

    The Archive cut scene is a mental thing and it shows what's going on as the serum is taking over his mind slowly but surely, turning him into a feral monster. Talbot lives through the pain he has brought, he suffers from his guilt, and the ruin brought by his ambition.

    The pit of corpses is Talbot trying to escape the Entity, the flower that made him fall is an allusion to the addiction he developed which make him fall.

    It represents how Talbot is trying to gain control over his mind and how he is trying to escape the monster that is the Blight, but he is deeply buried and need help if he have a chance to be pulled out from the Blight.

  • chieften333chieften333 Member Posts: 452

    My guess is that the true blight is another talbot grimes. The lore states that there is a multiverse, and who's to say the entity isn't playing favorites with talbot and making multiple blights?

  • GruoGruo Member Posts: 32

    Blight form change to True Blight because the Cankers blossom within him, the Cankers turn into Pustulas during the Entity yearly blight but it dies after the event is over. The serum in Blight veins reacts during the event and turn him into True Blight, but he goes back to being normal Blight after event end like how it is with Pustulas. The Entity deal with the same thing each year.

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    It would be weird for this to be non-canon or another Talbolt, given that has never happened before and all of the archives have been about his journey, so it wouldn’t make much sense.

    The inconsistency is that we saw the events in which Talbolt transforms into the normal Blight, and they must have happened before, so it wouldn’t make sense to have him just revert to normal Blight when he has to become the normal Blight yet. He could regress back into a human, but I don’t think that I like Talbolt being in the void, becoming a Killer as True Blight, going back to a human and to the Void and then becoming a Killer again. Just feel redundant.

    As mentioned above, I think this is a mental illusion that shows him subjugating to the power of the Flower and the Entity, maybe he eventually becomes True Blight physically later, as it said in the description, due to an overdose of serum, but this is him succumbing to the need of the flower to become a killer.

    And the Blight can still think and act, even if he is mostly a drug-addict in a never ending high moment, because we know that he is experimenting with survivors, that he uses the cane to fool people and even in the True Blight descriptions, he question if he is under control of the Pustula now.

  • GruoGruo Member Posts: 32

    I'm with you about the mental thing. Was explaining the physical changes because the Entity changes too during it is yearly blight and it make sense because the flower he is using is from the Entity.

    I see Talbot and Blight as different characters (other skins description point to Talbot real self being deeply buried in the Blight, which may explain what is happening in this tome). Talbot despite his faults, still had his humanity and still wanted to do good despite his obsession. Blight on the other hand show nothing of that, he is more of a crazed beast instead of a man and the way he behaves show that perfectly.

  • VolantConch1719VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 918

    My theory is that he became the True Blight first, but it was a limited thing.

    After the Entity's Blight ended, the pustula had no more control over Talbot, but his unstable mind wanted to retain that power, so he started injecting himself with the serum in the hopes that he could regain that power, to no avail.

    Most of what was going on in Doors Unknown was a fever dream while the Entity toyed with him, working him into the Killer it wanted. The dragon, the monks, the pile of corpses, the withering flowers... all of it was the Entity's manipulation.

    While there is a multiverse, the devs have also stated that there is only one of each character in the realms.

  • LegitLegendary0LegitLegendary0 Member Posts: 13

    Would I simp for the entity, yes, yes I would...

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,530

    So this is just my little theory so take it with a grain of salt

    But I think that all of Blight's skins are not Tablot, but another person that was injected with the serum

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,692

    As stated by other people the tearing his eyes out might just be an illusion or a fever dream however you also got to remember that The Entity can essentially respawn both survivors and Killers with all wounds and injuries they received removed.

    Hence why survivors could get killed and sacrificed in brutal ways and come back perfectly fine in one of the Dev streams they also stated then if by some miracle a killer were to be killed they would just respawn like a like a survivor would.

    This would also explain what happens to the blight mutations that Talbot inflicted on the other Killers The Entity could simply just respawn The Killers back to normal once its blight the cycle is over.

    The only killer retaining the mutations being blight as The Entity gives him a constant supply of serum

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