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Huge stuttering since the last 2 updates

MyLullabyyMyLullabyy Member Posts: 8
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Hi I'm playing DbD on a new PC, and for the first 2-3 months the expirience was really smooth, i had 120 frames capped and had no drops. Since the last 2 updates, when I play for more than 2 hours, I have huge stuttering with no frame drops, and I cant really play since the game is not smooth. I tried to record it but, while watching it, it appears normal. It happens everytime i turn the camera or when I'm doing an action, like breaking a pallet or doing a gen.

my PC specs

Intel Core i7 9700 @ 3.00GHz

32,0GB Dual-Channel @ 1330MHz

HP 8591 (U3E1)

2047MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

476GB Western Digital WDC PC SN720 SDAPNTW-512G-1006

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  • jaiboojaiboo Member Posts: 24

    same is happening to me. it's quite unplayable actually.

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