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Pyramid Head got buffed, but also feels sluggish now

So they reduced the cooldown on POTD and supposedly added a delay before you can M1 again after fully using POTD.

The reality is you can instantly M1 out of POTD with the correct timing and the cooldown reduction makes it just so you can spam the power even more. Why did they not even try to fix the bugs from the PTB? They literally didn't change anything from the PTB besides the short slowdown when you leave some trails while walking around the map. The feeling is just off.

This change is just so unnecessary, in summary it just made PH feel MUCH more sluggish.. He was perfectly fine before, not the worst and not the best killer by far.

I really hope they revert the slowdown, they can keep the window in which you can't attack after cancelling but they also should fix the bugs IMO


  • AdritsuAdritsu Member Posts: 9

    As a pyramid head main (actually paused the game for a bit now ,2 months maybe), and when I say main I mean I didn't play anything but him at the end, with maybe Demo, the problem wasn't that he was too strong or too weak, like you said he was in a good position but not at the level of a spirit or to the Nightmare.

    The problem with PH was that the options he gave to the survivors were a loose loose situation on chokepoints. Either the survivor locks himself in a window vault animation* or a palet drop animation and you just use your M2, or he doesn't, you stop, and you just basic attack him. Which actually lets the survivor no choice at all. A loose loose indeed.

    • (which are even more obvious with their items disappearing during the animation).

    His problem was exactly like Deathslinger, except Deathslinger has more range and can aim, but is also less precise, blablabla little differences but it doesn't matter.

    Demo is a bit like that for windows, but not at all on pallets since he can't go through, which makes him less annoying to survivors (and generally he has too much downsides on his soundclues to be frustrating anyway, he has a stealth aspect on his power that he wont ever be able to use in his current state).

    They wanted to make PH more like Huntress, if you don't take the window she can't instantly throw her hatchet at you and you can react accordingly. Same for pallets.

    Imo it would have been a better change not to slow him when he stops to put trenches as it is an aspect of his power, to forbid the survs to cross some areas of the map at a cost.

    But the change on his ability to swing just after he stops to use his POTD is a good choice imo, as long as it isn't bugged like it is right now.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,774
    edited October 2020

    Problem with Pyramid is he has exactly one viable playstyle. And its extremely boring. For both sides.

    Every loop, every window, EVERY CHASE plays the same because what else should he do? Risky predictions with the projectile will probably just screw you over long term.

    I feel nothing, no hype, excitement or feeling of "hah, outplayed" when that practically guaranteed torment trail hits/I pull out the sword and hit them. Because I know there was no other outcome. He might be my least favorite killer to play along with Slinger.

    Meanwhile Blights feels incredibly rewarding when you try something unpredictable and it works out, or it misses by a hair and you adapt for next time.

    Honestly they should go back to the drawing board with his projectile.

  • Grimmy_BluuesGrimmy_Bluues Member Posts: 350

    The changes completely missed the mark of what should be done.

    They added a delay before attacking which does effectively nothing, as you can just cancel the power last second without the penalty. He gets slowed immensely after cancelling when fully charged, which only serves to make his map control worse than it is, since trying to leave trails (even when out of chase) slows you down.

    The buff only enables you to spam your power a ton, making him seem braindead.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,349

    I can think of other things they are afraid to tamper with.

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