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Who watches the watchers?

csebalcsebal Member Posts: 31

Moderators, though they are usually picked for being solid, stable and respected members of the community or appropriately trained employees of the company are still humans. They can have a bad day, they can have grudges, they might make mistakes.

What if one such mistake hits you? How do you get it fixed? The expectation here seems to be, you take it up with the moderator who issued the warning or ban, but that seems to be sidestepping the issue..

Currently, reaching someone who can (and is willing) to deal with such complaints is nigh impossible or at least convoluted to the level, that after researching and trying various options for a few days, I gave up.

I would strongly urge BHVR to set up a direct channel, through which moderation action can be challenged and reported. This should be private and separate from the main line of moderation for two reasons:

  • Any sort of accusations should be handled privately, to prevent that from affecting the person in question, should they turn out to be false.
  • The nature of these complaints is such, that having it go through the same people who originally caused it puts the trustworthiness of the whole system into question and opens it up for those involved burying the case before it could hold water.

I would also advise setting up some extra guidelines for moderation, if you do not have them yet:

  • moderation should always abstain from making accusatory statements about the subject of the moderation in public. You obviously tell the moderated person, why their thread was closed, but in all fairness, there is a huge difference between closing a thread and telling its owner that it was closed because they were insulting others repeatedly, or posting that publicly. The second one belongs in the naming and shaming category and is bordering defamation, with the offended party having no way to even contest the accusation, as the thread is now closed.

Thank you for your consideration


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