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Share your wholesome DbD moments!



  • TransverseCasterTransverseCaster Member Posts: 522

    "I hear the huntress coming toward me, so I stand near a window and signal her to come over to me and just do the deed. Instead she shakes her head at me"

    What a complete sweetie.

  • SoylentPixieSoylentPixie Member Posts: 1,079
    edited October 2020

    Nice to see someone else who gives the killer that last hook in a farming situation. I've literally had stand offs with killers wanting me to escape while i stand firmly under a hook. Just feels wrong to me to escape when I've likely racked up enough points to keep me happy, and while on console it was a nice way of saying thanks without having to spend 5 minutes typing out a ps4 message.

  • UnchartedUncharted Member Posts: 136

    You worded it perfectly. It just feels wrong not to give something back in that situation.

  • WeWillFloatWeWillFloat Member Posts: 15

    That one survivor was so polite despite me taking advantage of them when they got unsafely uncaged.

    (The bar is on the damn floor.)

  • dirtsmelldirtsmell Member Posts: 46

    First story is super old - from back before matches cancelled when a survivor didn't load in. So, only three of us loaded in, the other two DCed pretty quickly and I was just left to little ol' me and Trapper. I don't like DCing so I sighed, sucked it up, and dropped the first pallet I came to and starting hopping over it to get his attention. He came along and, rather than just murdering me and moving on, he just broke the pallet. We stared at each other for a couple seconds, then started farming. We ran around dropping/breaking pallets, working/breaking gens, until the hatch opened (this was back when you had to do a certain number of gens before it would open) and I can't remember how it ended - whether he killed me or refused to, but I remember offering, and either way it was super sweet and he/she was a very good egg.

    Another trapper once (I swear they are the most chill) carried me around Lery's for probably 10 minutes when I was the last survivor trying to find the hatch for me. I eventually heard it and started to wiggle to let him know, and he immediately started the drop/pick up/drop until I was free and then followed me and watched me hop in.

    Last, and most recent one though it was also a while ago: was in a match with a Huntress, and when it came down to the two of us and she found me, rather than just killing me, she picked me up and dropped me until I wiggled. Now, to this point, I knew she was either pretty new/or just not very skilled yet with Huntress as the hatchets had been a little rough, so I figured - hey! I too wish I could be a good Huntress, maybe I can help this one! So I started just, walking back and forth, walking at first, then running, then ducking, then in circles, etc. And she just practiced. Going to reload when she needed, picking me up when I was downed so I could wiggle and we could go again. This went on for a while, then she picked me up and started walking so I thought "okay, death commeth" and was ready to just let it happen, even as she carried me into the basement, but then she dropped me again and we practiced some more as I ran around the hooks. Eventually she did kill me, and honestly, maybe she wasn't seeing it as nicely as I was - maybe she was just like "yeah! I get to toy with a survivor for a while longer, squeal piggy!" But I had fun and I hope I helped.

  • BullettimegodBullettimegod Member Posts: 992

    Game i just had. This feng ran me so well... like the best ive seen. And then decided to die to end game to give me a kill

  • TheOsSlothTheOsSloth Member Posts: 14

    This was during the 4th anniversery event. Tons of people were farming for points with the 4th anniversery cakes.

    Was playing as a survivor with a wraith on ormond. He was bing bonging and just farming with us making sure we're doing things.

    I go to get chest and get a 4th anniversery medkit.

    Wraith is happy with my discovery

    I drop it and point at him

    "It's for you, Wraith, happy birthday"

    *Happy Bongs*

    I hope that man is out there with his medkit still.

  • SassySolidSnakeSassySolidSnake Member Posts: 65

    I don't have an "in game moment" to share, but... I live in California, and I flew to the east coast a couple of years ago, traveled to 3 different states and met 4 of my best friends, that I met playing this game 💜 We range in ages, but we have developed a loving bond. It's something I'll always be appreciative for. Thank you DBD for helping form friendships in and out of this game.

  • ashieashie Member Posts: 5

    It was before the recent patch and i was on disturbed ward and i was playing bunny feng.

    at the start of the match, i was doing a totem and the killer who was a billy trapped me, and i just looked up at him and didnt bother wiggling because i needed to comprehend my stupidity. I kobed somehow and played the game until i was being chased again, but he wouldnt chase me at all and was overall really friendly.

    after the game sadly i couldnt thank them since i play on switch and im still waiting for them to accept my friend request :)

  • The most reason that comes to mind was with the hill bug a while back. The last survivor got stuck while I was chasing them. Happened right in front of me. So I "freed"them and gave them the hatch. This was despite them being a very... persistent survivor.

  • redsopine00redsopine00 Member Posts: 905

    Just now rough game against god their nurse I’m last hook slugged I’m crawling to the last guy to be res nurse kills him and closes hatch right in front of me sees me and she knows I have a key carry’s me to hatch as I’m nearly bleed out let’s me wiggle free and escape

  • 2LuvRias2LuvRias Member Posts: 352

    Mine is strange but definitely not forgetable

    I was new to the game and I was facing a piglet(I call her that bad habit) on Macmillon Estate. It was my first week on Dead By Daylight. Now being a Noob I was still scared of the Game, but new afew things for just a rank 16. But still the time I didn't spend on a Gen I usually spent hiding in lockers.

    Anyways five minutes pass and nobody even gets injured, so I gain the courage to work on a gen. But when I start working on it I see piggy crouched watching me, I run terrified and hide nearby at a loop, my Heart is pounding for real as I wait to hear that scary heartbeat, but it never came...i vault the window and I'm met by piggy on the otherside!

    Luckily I didn't scream but I did fast vault to the other side in a panic move, I begin running and I don't look back, but I run in to the wal, I turn around and piggy is gone..

    I catch my breath alittle and after another few minutes of crouch walking around I get the guts to go back on to a gen.

    Now here's were it gets strange. I didnt know why piggy let me go, but I tried to keep calm, and do gens. I get one to halfway when I see her again. She's watching me again but I don't get up and run. She's looking at me but dosent move, I'm getting more scared at what this Unpredictable killer would player would do. I try to run but she stays crouched, and stays on me.. I run around the entire map, yet she follows and stays crouched.

    Every pallet I drop dosent slow her, every vault I make she makes too, Every time I pathetically crouch behind something she gives out that cute rawr, sort of like a "Try again" now that I think about it. It felt like she was taunting me no matter what I do.

    After awhile I realised NOBODY had been hurt. So I get a nerve, I stop running and walk up to piggy. Instead of knocking me down there and then like any other killer she's gets ul, and runs away from me.

    I tried to follow her but since she was faster she got away and managed to crouch when I couldn't see her. I eventually quit and go back to my objective.

    After u give up our first gen pops, very close to where I am. And I reunite with 2 Claudette's. One was P3, The other had a store bought outfit. We danced for awhile before moving to a gen.

    I realised both had Flashlights and one tried to gift me there's, I politely declined and so did Piggy, she came out of nowhere and hit the Claudette.

    Before I bolted like a baby I seen the piggy givd the Claud a "No nod" quickly. I ran halfway away before turning around to see Class ud being chased. I didn't realise this originally as I was new to the G as md but Claud was flashlight clicking and tagging Piggy and stunning her. Curious I watched the chase while on a gen

    I had missed something else too. This pig knew how to handle herself. As not long(about 10 seconds) after the tbagging Claud was down.

    Piggy proceeded to nod "No" yet again after hitting Claud, she broke the pallet, looked down at Claud for afew seconds...then crouched and went away.

    Hoping to be somewhat useful I ran up to Claud to heal her. But just when I did I seen piggy coming back to us. I ran hoping to get away whilst pig hooked the Claud. Can you guess what happened after?

    Pig proceeded to completely ignore Claud and go back to doing what she did with our last "Chase" crawling after me doing little cute rawrs. But never attacking me. We arrived at a T loop and honestly? This is one one the scariest moments I've had in any video game.

    Piggy has stood up now and was constantly cutting me off, causing me to revault numerous times. Due to the heartbeat, red stain and creepy music I was scared out of my pants. And I didn't know if her NOT hurting me was good or not.

    I tried to look behind me as I ran. But all it caused was for me to bump in to walls. I made it to an L loop and instantly felt safer. I kid you not everytime I vaulted something so did piggy. She began crouching and rawring again as I vaulted whatever window was in sight.

    After awhile of what I thought was expert survivor plays Claus came to my rescue. She kept flashlight clicking at pig but piggy never bought it. She remained dead set on me.

    It wasn't until Claud got right behind me that piggy was forced to hit her. I guess she upset her enough to commit as afew seconds later...all was quiet again

    I actually had to put the controller down, I pondered quiting, I didn't want to play anymore after that.

    I was quickly forced put of my bubble as I heard the terror radius start up again. Not thinking I fast vaulted in to a locker. No suprise piggy opened the locker right up to find me, finally do ning me after what felt like forever

    But it didn't end here with me on the meathook. Piggy dropped me and proceeds to crouch and spam the rawr button, shaking her head in a spazzing manner. It was honestly pretty funny.

    I tried to crawl but she kept right up to me easily as I was down. My fellow survivor Jake tried to heal up his twin brother but piggy hit him when he tried to heal me, again nodding "No"

    I thought the piggy was an ass, they waer clearly targeting me because I was new. What a jerk. Everytime someone tried to pick me up piggy would block them and threaten them back with an attack

    After an agonising half a bleed out gauge I was got back up by the Claud, however piggy didn't knock me down immediately, instead they tried to crouch after me again. This TIME my team CHASED her.

    Piggy tried to get rid of the Claud at the shack, as Claud was bodyblocking me hard. And she nearly had her. After she tried to Ambush her at the window my dumbass ran RIGHT in to PIGGY, downing me again.

    PIGGY began spazzing like crazy yet again. But she kept hitting me when I was down, before standing up and hitting above me. I didn't know what it meant at the time but I didn't care, I just wanted the game over. After Claud picked me up I didn't move. I just waited to die. Piggy stayed crouched in front of me doing her rawrs

    Sorry for that long ass intro. But here's where the Wholesome bit starts:)

    I went afk but when I got back there was 1 gen left and piggy was still there. I got annoyed and waved at her in the (come here) gesture for "just kill me"

    She nodded no and rawred, Claud creeped in to the frame and proceeded to boop piggys snoot. Piggy rawred, I gave it a go, crouched and pointed at her, she spazzed out again and nodded "yes" quickly. Happy Piggy!

    For the rest of the natch (which wasn't long but still some time,) we sort of farmed I guess? Claud kept trying to signal at piggy to let her drop pallets on her. But piggy didn't move untill I pointed at Claud, then piggy obeyed and let claud drop a pallet on her. She came back to me and I booped her snoot again. She spaqqed yer again and rawred, before Ambushing and spinning in circles.

    We went around the map together and piggy followed me wherever I went. One of the best bits was when we W we nt back in the Killer shack, PIGGY "told" me to follow her and I did we went to the basement and she kept hitting the chest, Jake tried to take it, so did Claud but piggy didn't let them have it. I thought that was adorable. I pulled out a med kit and dropped it in front of piggy. A med kit as a gift! We started tbagging the down jake as a sort of dance party(he was Healed don't worry

    All good things come to an end though. As the last gen popped and we opened the gate PIGGY started spazzing out again. I tbagged at her and she started raring, she wanted me to follow her. But the entire group followed. Piggy nodded "no" at them and escorted them back to the gate. It took her opening it herself but eventually she got one of the Clauds and the Jake out.

    The other Claud however (store bought outfit) didn't budge, she insisted on getting the hatch. Piggy (understandably) had had enough of this Claud, they had one last chase, I think it's what the Claud wanted honestly.

    But careful what you wish for, it took some moonwalking and mind games but piggy won almost instantly, after Hooking the Claud pig rawred at me and escorted me to the hatch.

    However I had to be a hero. I ran back to the hook, Piggy hit me as a warning. But I was willing to die to get someone out. I awaited my new doom

    I only heard distant running and a Bong noise. Piggy just stood there as Claud got away. She then crouched and put herself against the wall, doing rawrs. I felt bad, but I had an idea. I crawled all the way up to the wall, she looked at me. I booped her snoot, she pulled out a bazooka and blew me to smithereens screaming in an australia accent "THATS WHAT YOU GET YOU F-"

    Ok that's not what happened..here's what actually happened.

    She looked at me, I booped her snoot and she made 3 cute rawrs. We Tbagged and made up, becoming best friends again haha

    We went back to the hatch, she hit on top of it and nodded, it was time to say goodbye, piggy backed up but as I walked on to the hatch I looked at her, took a step forward, dropped my med kit and went on my way.

    We talked a little after but I prefer not to talk about them after that match. But to put it loosely they were doing a "protect the president type of game." I just so happened to be the obsession. Still this remains the best dbd match I've ever played in and the most wholesome.

  • GuySmileyGuySmiley Member Posts: 33

    When ya send someone a gg message and they act like you're the nicest person in the world because most of the people who play this game are kind of mean or 12 years old.

  • ButtercakeButtercake Member Posts: 1,652

    When I met a nice person named @MandyTalk here. 🎃🍰

  • DCh4rlieDCh4rlie Member Posts: 62

    Back when the sabo meta existed, I mained Nurse and had a sabo trio in my lobby.

    Well, you can imagine what happened, all hooks got saboed, though I still managed to get 2 kills thanks to the basement and irongrasp (which was meta back then).

    I was still pretty pissed about the sabo round though decided to still write gg into the endgame chat. The trio thanked me for the round and asked me to join them in a KYF round since they loved playing against Nurses (back then Nurse was the least played killer).

    I joined them with some pessimism but turned out they were like the most wholsesome persons I've met on the internet. Even now after 4 years and them quitting DBD, I still play with them regularly.

  • ViciusaurusViciusaurus Member Posts: 234

    Had a game with Clown on MacMillan, and they played quite well. As the match progressed we got to a point where nearly everyone was on death hook, 2 gens left, and one player sacrificed. I was injured and trying to locate my team, when I see the both of them in the distance being chased. I'm next to a gen (located right next to a gate) and start working on it, when all of a sudden the EGC starts. Confused, I look and see that my party fled using a key and left me for dead. I start opening the exit gate, but the Clown was speedily on their way, when they down me and pick me. They stop and then start juggling me until I'm off. They allow me escape, and said they felt bad that I'd been abandoned, and that really made me feel all fuzzy inside.

  • WylesongWylesong Member Posts: 641

    I have a few I could share and a few funny moments.

    My first wholesome moment is when I was playing survivor and I could kind of tell I had a fellow new player with me and they could not do a gen for the life of them. I followed them around as best I could trying to guide them and keep them safe. When the gate was finally opened the poor little newb was on a hook but I quickly ran in unhooked and let the killer sacrifice me. I mean as a new player nothing gives more hope for a game then actually winning so I did not mind taking the loss.

    I also do this for killers though that are doing bad or just having a bad game like when a killer gets a map horribly designed for them and they can't get a kill or hook. I will let the killer hook me and most the time even sacrifice me. This has actually got me a few friend request from the killers. I think as a kind of thank you for being a nice person.

    I mean the game is only fun in my opinion if we all treat each other with respect and treat each other the way you would want to be treated. I know how cheesy that is but I love when a killer camps a poor survivor and says oooooh that is fair play. Then that killer tries survivor and gets camped and cries how toxic it is and how cheap it is. They quickly forget though 2 games ago they just did the exact thing to many people and loved it. This goes the same way with survivor but a little less. It is more about survivors who play with comms and abuse the killer with second chance perks. You would never want to deal with that as a killer so how is it fun doing it to another killer/player and really where is the challenge if you can literally abuse the killer and just keep tabs on them. We need to stop thinking about I and think about the game as WE.

    Now the funny moments in my gameplay. My first time learning to play Spirit and Nurse scared the poop out of me. I was hiding and boom they were in my face and I about fell off my couch from jumping. I sense then have played enough to not get scared but I still have my moments. The other day my husband was watching me play and I was quietly moving and I guess kind of zoned out from so many games. Well a survivor came running up and vaulted a window and the sound and just the instant alertness of waking me up and seeing someone in front of me. I yelped and my husband again laughed but the headphones made it even more scary. lol I love this game and the community. =)

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,969

    I had a dance off with a clearly nooby survivor group the other day as Ghostface. They were dropping pallets before I was even at the loop, slow vaulting everything, exploding gens left and right, stabbing eachother in the butt with failed healing checks, and so on. I made sure to scare the bejesus out of them. Took close to twenty minutes for them to finally pop all the gens, when I could have finished it in three at five gens.

    We had a dance off at the gate. The Dweet won when he busted out the head nodding mid crouch. I was so proud.

  • TheWarNungTheWarNung Member Posts: 726

    Just now I had a Blight match against purple-ranked solo survivors with about 100 hours experience apiece. I am a rank 1 killer with 2k hours experience. I was also using Blight's Iri Blight Tag (his insta-down addon) after maining Blight since his release.

    It would be sufficient to say that the match did not go well for them. I got at least 3 insta-downs and had such a blast that I happily gave the last survivor hatch. Then comes the post-game chat:

    "Gg <3", I said.

    "gg :(" one of them responds.

    "Sadface?" I asked incredulously.

    "You kinda f****d us," another quips.

    "I hope you at least enjoyed getting f****d" was all I could think to say. This launched a long, animated, and friendly conversation in which they ultimately vowed to gain more experience and return for a rematch. I'll be waiting for you, mates.

  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 2,471

    Use to heavily play PS4 and went against a P3 Bubba who started to immediately face camp a random (when there was no swivel hooks). I stood next to the hook as he revved it and pointed at him then moved left and right a few times before pointing at the hooked Feng. Bubba looked at me then the hooked then at me again while still revved and backed up. I got the unhook and the random ran away as Bubba walked up to my face, chainsaw ready to do its job. I waited to die and instead, he backed up and ran into a tree into a tantrum then slowly turned and looked at me before walking away.

    I leave and get on a gen, and we get all of them done and they start opening the gate. I walk inside the basement (this was Mothers' Dwelling) and loot the chest. I turn around to see Insidious Bubba staring at me with Insidious in the corner. I walk up and take screenshots with us together. I start to walk up and another survivor comes down and see's Bubba and starts to flashlight blind the guy so I step in the way to block the beam. The guy moves and tries again until Bubba revvs up and chases him then downs him. He takes him back into the basement and makes love to his face with the chainsaw, daring anyone to touch him. I nodded and walked out. After the game, I get a message from the Killer saying, "Thanks for being cool. I usually face camp but you had me laughing so I let the guy go just for him to come back later and try to be toxic". I told him it was all good and he'll only get better if he actually tries to kill.

    Since then, I've seen him a few more times but he plays as Nurse on PC and still one of the best to this day. He can snipe a fly in a dark room lol. Still doesn't face camp to this day. Great guy, honestly. Next time you see someone getting face camped, try to be nice and make the killer laugh. You might save someones' life.

  • G1ng3rBreadManG1ng3rBreadMan Member Posts: 27
    edited October 2020

    My Friend said I wasn't enough (it was all joking around) so I went to a corner to cry in the match and just stayed there all match, the killer did end up killing me but in end game chat he asked what was going on. So I told him what my friend said and he asked if there was anything he could do to make it better, I said just love me so he friended me and gifted me a game.

  • G1ng3rBreadManG1ng3rBreadMan Member Posts: 27

    Here's another one that happened recently, I was streaming and before the match the killer came into the stream and said he doesn't really play this killer much so will be just messing around. we got midwich and he was playing billy, my friend gave him a down in the beginning, but he came back to stream to say he's actually playing just not gonna do real good. So I played the match like an actual match, gave him some good runs and he was actually quite a decent killer just not too good with the chainsaw, anyways I'm running him about to go down when the last gen pops and my adrenaline goes off completely saving me and making him whiff, most clutch adrenaline I've ever seen. We got the gates opened and I was in the exit gate but I decided to let him kill me anyways

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,811

    I played against a Streamer and some of his friends tonight, using a Killer this particular Streamer mains. It was my first match of the day and I honestly didn´t do too hot. I only realised it was him after the match.

    I played another couple matches and went to watch ours. He made a couple very positive comments during the game, it really helped brighten my DBD day since I´ve been so upset ever since the last Dev stream. A shame he didn´t stick around long enoug to read my appreciation message though, but it felt great :) Needless to say these guys weren´t ######### to rub the L in, 1Ks aren´t that bad with such good sports!

  • ButtercakeButtercake Member Posts: 1,652

    Just now we lost a team mate at the very end (cause of noed).

    The Meg and I squatted down at the exit gate and hung our heads and lifted them slightly up and down, like we were crying. Then just hung them unmoving in sorrow. Its was sad and also heartwarming to mourn together. 🎃

  • jerakaljerakal Member Posts: 230

    Assuming the survivors were nice, I'll usually give the last guy hatch. Rules:

    -No clicking

    -No Teabagging

    And it's that simple. Just don't be a toxic freak, and you get a free carry to the hatch.

    Got to do this twice as Myers tonight, and it felt really great.

  • HittingOnHookHittingOnHook Member Posts: 486

    I facecamped from start to death on hook a Nea and she DC'ed on hook, then their other 3 SWF did it as well really fast pointing at her

    pretty satisfying for the good job done so far, they were not even toxic LMFAO

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