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Frames lowered by 40 FPS

Ke1pyKe1py Member Posts: 9

so the game use to run fine and I would play on low settings because I don’t care about graphics and care more about stable FPS, but I don’t know what happened to the game. I now get 70-80 FPS instead of the usual capped 120 FPS. It causes a lot of stutter issues and just makes the game look really bad when looking around. My computer is strong enough to run this game so it’s not my pc parts. I run Doom Eternal max settings with 220-260 FPS which is a lot more demanding and a visually better looking game.

specs for reference

Ryzen 7 2700x

16(8x2) 3000mhz DDR4

Rtx 2080 super

Msi Tomahawk b450 mabo

Super flower leadex 750W 80+ Gold

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  • maderrmaderr Member Posts: 251
    edited October 2020

    Devs have said they will release a hotfix next week on tuesday.

    Also, they will release other hotfix depending how it goes and players' feedbacks.

    Well, anyway, concerning optimization, this game went totally downhill for 2 years now. At every new update there is a framerate issue : lower fps, stuttering etc...

    It's a shame as in low settings, this game should easily run on a base [email protected]

    When i bought the game, i had an i7 920 @ 3.5 Ghz + GTX 1060 and i could run it in ultra with constant 60 fps on any maps in 1080p.

    Today, i'm still playing in 1080p, i have a R5 2600x + RTX 2060 and on some places in indoor maps i have 61 FPS... lol

    Will upgrade to a ryzen 5800x soon. Will see how it goes but i think something is leaking somewhere. The game doesn't use CPU/GPU properly.

  • Ke1pyKe1py Member Posts: 9

    Game definitely has started to go down hill in performance. Back when I started in 2017 the game was able to run on my old setup which wasn’t the best, but it still performed well without any type of stuttering. Had a gtx 1060 with a fx 8370 so not the best setup, but still gave me a balanced performance. Through the years I started upgrading my pc just for the game itself to degrade in performance. Every other game I have in steam runs amazing except this game. Hopefully they do fix the FPS Issue as I really enjoy the game, but all this stuttering makes it not as enjoyable. And I know 70-80FPS is still a lot but when you have a high refresh rate monitor it just doesn’t look good when there’s constant frame drops.

  • maderrmaderr Member Posts: 251

    Yup. And when you buy a 1500€+ PC, it's not to play at a locked 60 fps on a crappy 60hz monitor...

    I know how you feel =)

  • Ke1pyKe1py Member Posts: 9

    Exactly, so hopefully the Devs do a good job on the next hotfix and optimize it better for both Pc and Console as I’ve seen many complain how bad it is on console right now. The map reworks are amazing and I can’t wait to see character models updated in the future. So hopefully everything is fixed soon so everyone on both pc and console can have a great experience when playing. I believe in the devs and I’m sure they’ll try their best to optimize the game.

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