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seriously, this is our compensation? YOU CANT EVEN GET 1 COSMETIC WITH IT!(misunderstanding)

AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 3,104
edited October 2020 in General Discussions

edit: these are daily amounts, i originally thought we got it this for logging in between these days once. however it would have still been better if we had an actual event instead of this compensation.

OCT24-OCT30: 20000 BP and 500 shards

OCT30-NOV1: 100000 BP and 2750 shards

NOV1-NOV2: 50000 BP and 500 shards

total: 170000 BP and 3750 shards...

edit: actual amount you get is 470000 BP and 10k shards so we you can get 1 full outfit. would have been nice to know about the discounts BEFORE the event started so i didn't waste 14400 shards :/

We don't care about blood points or shards what we wanted was an actual reward for participating in this event not some knock off bp we can get with the code system that you provide every week or two. The shards are even worse as you only get a total of 3750 shards which is only half the amount we need for 1 piece of a 7200 cosmetic.


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