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Is it me or has the playerbase gotten scummier?

I don't play for long, started shortly before the 4th anniversary.

But since the last rank reset (not even since crossplay) I see such a massive drop in people's decency, especially on killer side.

camping, tunneling, noed and general scumminess are rampant, regardless of rank. Like, between the end of the anniversary and the latest rank reset it was maybe 1 in 6-9 killers that was just obnoxious.

now it's... every match. maybe 1 in 20-40 has a decent and fair-ish killer.

Worst bit? Something I loved before was when more than one person brings a BP boost for everyone (streamers or cake) many people silently agreed it's time to farm.

this time with the petals? Nothing. in fact, it seems a lot of killers see it as an invitation to play extra scummy, as if someone brought the petals to help them and only them to more bloodpoints.



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