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Dead by Daylight keeps stuttering and micro stuttering during gameplay, any fixes?

I've been playing Dead by Daylight on PC for a while now and whenever I get into a game as either the killer or a survivor the game micro stutters and even stutters for a good amount of time for me either to get hit by the killer or miss an M1 as the killer. I've looked online for any fixes thinking it was my driver, I uninstalled and reinstalled DBD, and done everything to mitigate or fix the stuttering but nothing helps. Dead by Daylight has been the only game to have this kind of stuttering. I don't know what else to do.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    Increase the size of your windows Virtual Memory. I had to do that, even with 32GB System RAM. Runs great now. :)

  • HighHorizenHighHorizen Member Posts: 4

    I tried it and it worked better than any other solution I could find. I still experience somewhat of micro stuttering but it isn't as detrimental to my gameplay as it was before. Thanks for the help!

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 863

    Similar problem plus I'm completely illiterate in everything pc-related. Am I supposed to increase the minimum size of the paging file? Up to how much?

  • HighHorizenHighHorizen Member Posts: 4

    Same, but I followed this https://tweaklibrary.com/how-to-increase-virtual-memory-on-windows-10/ and it helped. I didn't know how much to increase either so I set my C drive and my D drive to 9999. I'm sure what I did is probably wrong but it helped. I'd go more in depth and do some research about it.

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 863


    So far I've set both my min and max paging file to 3x my RAM, I'll see how it works later tonight and return with some feedback for further discussion.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    In case it helps anyone, these are my virtual memory settings.

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 863

    Would there be any significant difference between 5-15gb and 15-15gb intervals?

    Did you make the total max value equal your RAM on purpose? I've read that according to windows recommendations it should be 1.5 to 3 times your RAM, is there any actual difference?

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 863


    After increasing paging file to 3xRAM my game went completely flawless in the first 5 or 6 matches and then turned back to usual stuttering; apparently initial remission was a coincidence rather than a result of better PC performance, sadly.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    There's DEFINIETLY a memory leak in the game. I know that cos i've seen folks say that it does start stuttering after several matches. In that instance, the best thing to do is just reboot the game so it clears the RAM.

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 863
    edited October 2020

    I see, thanks, it never came to my mind that I need to do it.

    What about the paging file numbers (considering I have a lower RAM, 8GB) - is there any difference between setting it to 8GBmin/24GBmax and 24GBmin/24GBmax? What would you recommend?

    upd. - I've tried restarting the game every 3-4 matches, and jointly with paging file size increase it improved dbd performance on my pc DRASTICALLY; in fact it got so much better that right now for the first time in a year the game doesn't stutter at all for me.

    Can this piece of advice be added into FAQ, perhaps (Frame stuttering or lag issues section)?

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  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    I'll have a word to the folks who maintain the master fixes thread and see if they agree it's worth adding. :)

  • CrazyMiner26CrazyMiner26 Member Posts: 2

    Im getting a bunch of micro studders over the past few days, i’m on xbox and it just happens at random points like when i turn my camera, pop last gen or even when i’m doing gens it happens right before a skill check

  • NetherstormNetherstorm Member Posts: 34

    I am having this same issue. This game ran perfectly fine for YEARS and for the last 5 days, it is unplayable due to the stuttering. The only thing I could think of is that I installed an old game (Bionic Commando) and that somehow messed things up during the install. But I uninstalled the old game, then uninstalled and reinstalled DBD, but the issue remains! I am baffled.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,353

    I've heard that a recent Windows update has affected a lot of games, including DBD where it's causing stuttering issues. That could be the reason you're seeing that all of the sudden.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    ^ this. The last windows update has apparently caused issues in a LOT of games.

    I'm not sure what's going on with the xbox though. My guess (and I will freely admit this is a guess) is the graphical updates are just getting too much for the system.

  • NetherstormNetherstorm Member Posts: 34

    Ah, OK. I'll wait for the next Windows update (which seem very frequent lately) and try again.

    Thank you for letting me know!

  • MetzuMetzu Member Posts: 53

    Some of the things mentioned above have indeed made my game more fluid.

    • Nvidia Settings tweaks;
    • "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -dx12" launch options for Steam;
    • Changing virtual memory settings to the Microsoft recommended values (min=1.5x your RAM, max=3x your RAM);

    Not sure how useful each of those was, but they did help.

  • NetherstormNetherstorm Member Posts: 34

    Welp, I installed the new Windows update. DBD actually runs a little worse. Constant stuttering. Took me so long to actually load in to the game that a team mate had finished half a gen. :|

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    Do you have game mode on? I just had to turn that off on my laptop after a windows update because it was making games run like crap (it was lagging out my nvidia driver)

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