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How do you deal with toxic players?

NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

I know I know, this is such a old topic.

Just that I think I have a fragile heart when dealing with hostility.

850 hrs into this game, with prob 800 hrs on survivors and 50 hrs on killers, mostly only play killers for the tome quests. (I'm a rank 13 killer and rank 1 survivor, if that means anything)

I like playing survivors because I like the hide-and-seek experience(I solo q most of the time). After 200 hrs I gradually learned how to juke. I did get better at juking, but I juke only for buying my teammates time in hope we do escape in the end but not for bullying the killers.

Some other survivor players enjoy different aspect of being a survivor, which is bullying the killer. That's totally understandable. People have fun from different things, there's no way for me to judge other people's ways of having fun, however, I can't cope well with the toxicity I receive when certain people are having fun.

For example, the killer game that I just played 5 minutes ago, which is what triggered me to post this. I tried playing Piggy for the first time. I think I did alright for a first timer that didnt tryhard. I was practicing using her dash attack most of the time, ignored some of the chances where i could 'melee' attack, yet still got 10 downs. However, there's always someone flashsaving. They flashsaved 7 times so I only hooked 3 times.

I know, it's my own fault for not dodging a lobby with this many flashlights. I was feeling a little annoyed, but alright in general because, Kudos to them for having good flashlight timings. And I might be lacking in the experience in dealing with flashlight saves. (all I knew was looking up after picking them up, but this did not help at all cuz they they timed well. and I also tried to face the wall for the pickup whenever I could, which was the only 3 times that i actually hooked them. Yes I was lucky that I downed them near the walls 3 times.

I know there's people gonna tell me It was all my own fault for not checking the surroundings carefully enough everytime before picking someone up. I know. I'm just bad.

In the end I just opened the 99'ed gate for them, downed someone again but chose to let her crawl out, because, 0 kill and 1 kill means no difference to me, and letting one more person to escape can have one less person feeling bad about themselves, right?

Like I said, I was just slightly annoyed for this many flashlight saves. I was outplayed and I'm totally ok with that. But after the game, the swf, including the person that I let go, started insulting me. Not just me, even insulted my parents. (the old 'i slept with your mom' kind of jokes). And yeah, if getting the killer angry is what they want to achieve. I gotta say they did a pretty good job!

I don't play killers that much, but I consider myself a nice killer cuz I never ever camped or tunnelled anyone, because I know those feels whenever I got facecamped/tunnelled as a survivor, I try not to do the same to others. However, I've still received insults after quite a few games. They insult you everytime when you didnt do well, and if you got 4k or 3ks, some of them would still frame you for tunneling (when you didn't at all!).

I really admire people who soldier on through insults....May I ask how you guys usually deal with this? I didn't know how to defend, all I could do was blocking them.....and stop playing for that day.

I think I'm already a lot stronger than before. I still remember the first time I got insulted in a game back in high school. I uninstalled that game and cried for a whole afternoon! facepalm Now I can somewhat calmly type up a post without a single tear shed ahahaha



  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 265
    edited October 24

    You don't have to approach random players in an online game as actual people and treat them as such. They will never appear in your real life or have any impact on it; they are irrelevant up to a point where they could as well be greatly coded bots and it wouldn't make any difference for you. The players you are matched with are simply dynamic obstacles in your game, and every time you encounter them they are slightly different to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

    On a side note, large amount of flashlights in a match lobby is actually great for you as a killer as long as you just do not forget about them. You can control your positioning when picking someone up (with pig more than others - you relocate a dying survivor twice, when setting a trap on them and when actually picking them up; it allows you to literally move them from under the pallet to a spot outside its range). If you face a wall when picking a survivor up, you just get a few of your opponents to completely waste their time that they could spend doing gens.

  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    Woah, I've never thought of it this way. I will try to treat them as bots from now on. XD And thx for the pig tips too!

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 1,742

    I laugh and move on... playing killer more made me numb to how toxic survivors can be

    Also... fake picking them up look around for a survivor out of position chase them off... they will most likely use their SB or DH

    P.S. did they really use those jokes... wow some people

  • PanicSquidPanicSquid Member Posts: 139

    Step 1: Turn off end game chat with the little arrow button.

    (Optional) Step 1.5: Franklin's demise or lightborn for the flashlights

    Step 2: recognize that these people are just being jerks, which says more about them, than it does you.

    Step 3: More practice. Play some more killer games, you'll get better and you'll experience more toxicity. You'll build up a resistance to it.

    (I'm not saying that killers aren't toxic too, its just easier to find toxic survivors when survivors outnumber the killer, you have more chances and the possibility of group-think)

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,117

    You see that many flashlights, you bring Lightborn and laugh all the way to the bank.

  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    Yeah they did.....I was actually pretty surprised for a second and thought maybe I read it wrong lol

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 1,742

    They couldn't even come up with something new... LOL

    Like I've been told to get COVID-19 twice... get cancer... other things I can't repeat on the forums

    Anyway... dont worry to much about it... they spent more time sending you those kind of messages then you should care about what they said

  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    I totally agree that toxic survivors are much easier to find. Some killers play a bit scummy and I've built immunity towards those after this many hours as a survivor. Hopefully I'll gain resistence and eventually immunity towards toxic survivors as well after more killer practice. 'Step 2' helps me feel a lot better! <3

  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    "they spent more time sending you those kind of messages then you should care about what they said" really good point!

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,199

    I run doctor cause he annoying to faced. Nonetheless I keep all messaging to friends only and keep my status showing offline for everyone else.

  • ChechiaChechia Member Posts: 166
    edited October 24

    I would recommend to close the endgame chat and not look at it until you don't care anymore about any insults that may come across you.

    There will always be times when we get tilted. Especially if we don't perform like we want to. The only advice I can give you is to write a "gg" and move on. I know it is hard but I have learned that dicsussing with these people will never make you feel good because even if you give them the best logical arguments they will still behave like babies. It's just a waste of energy in the end and it's only feeding their satisfaction and needs to get some attention.

    Be smart. Don't fall in into the hole of never ending stupidity.

    Oh and if they insult you just report them. If they do it too often they will get a nice ban.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,199

    If it more than one flashlights chances are you will get more blinded and more hits. Keep an eyes out in your surroundings just like you said. You play at red ranks you should know the way survivor play.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,199

    Seriously they said for you to get covid. Everyday I lose faith in humanity.

  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    yeah replying only gg and leave immediately sounds like a very good tactic

  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    yeah...i expected them to be around but didn't have proper plans to counter it. Now I've learned a few tricks from the replies in this post, I'll practice more.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,199

    With pig I usually trap one just in case I get blinded. The trap will keep them running around for boxes.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 1,285

    If players are harrassing you in aftergame chat report them with the ingame ticket (the thumbs down icon next to their name). If they’re harrassing you then they’re doing it to other people too and the only way for customer service to act is if it gets reported.

  • DaKnightDaKnight Member Posts: 613

    I facecamp them, assuming I have the time to do so. If a game starts with someone teabagging me with object of obsession, they better not go down with 4-5 gens left.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 1,742

    Yea sure did... still have the messages

    I chuckle every time I think of it

  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    I've always reported hackers, but always got too upset to remember to report the insulters hahaha. Btw rumour has it the devs rarely pay attention or act up to the people who got reported..... I'm not sure if that's true.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 1,285

    People do get banned, they just don’t tell the person who reported them that it happened.

  • DaKnightDaKnight Member Posts: 613

    They do. If there is one thing the devs are good at, it is banning hackers. Every hacker I have tracked and reported after providing video evidence has been banned; and fast. That's why shadowplay is a great thing.

  • BestGameBestGame Member Posts: 69

    deal with Toxic players ?

    We Do Toxic also with nemesis + pwyf + red mori+ No ED also

    Red Mori in every match in Saturday and Sunday...

    And mock toxic player later in post game " Noob or Very Nub SWF . I Have 1k red mori offering what u gonna do ? You Nub SWF " or something like that !!

  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    This is relieving to know. I shall start using shadowplay too.

  • FogBringerFogBringer Member Posts: 344


    • I ignore toxic behavior in-game as it serves nothing more than as a distraction when playing killer.
    • I close the end game chat window.
    • I set my steam profile to friends only.
  • NilisNilis Member Posts: 25

    Hahahaha then they will cry in the forum for 'nerf moris!!!' XDDD

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    I just ignore them, if it's them trying their hardest to bully killer. I can only do my best and it's not anybody's fault when matchmaking is so bad. If they are toxic in endgame chat I'll just report them for toxicity but it doesn't really bite me anyway as I have thick skin but the sake for other players. Just trying to make the game overall nicer environment to play in. You don't have to be an [BAD WORD] to the killer just because you are significantly better than them.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,065
    edited October 24

    I ignore them and enjoy my life

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 3,600

    The only real answer is you just need to get immune to it. Develop a thick skin and shrug it off. Toxicity is very much a core part of this game, and the only way to enjoy it is to get immune to it.

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