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Maps are super dark on the switch

AnimashAnimash Member Posts: 2

The maps I have been having problems on are

Dead dawg saloon - whenever under something or the moonlight being blocked The game gets pitch black where I can barely see my character

Midwich - The map is dark everywhere Even in the outside part

The new Macmillan - it's just really dark so dark I can barely see my car sometimes

( I hope I do this right this is my first time doing it and it's kind of confusing and I hope this was the optimization thing and not a bug)

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  • BenjiBenji Member Posts: 1

    Switch player here. Yeah the maps and overall graphics for this game on the switch have been and most likely will be trash. Even before these reworks, maps were already too dark which make them especially more difficult for killer. That's why I was a little upset with the new Macmillan rework because these new maps are D A R K.

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