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Object of Obsession. How would you rework it?

I've seen a lot of posts regarding OoO lately, I assume because of the recent dev stream that briefly discussed it. Just curious what some of you would do to either tweak or fully rework the perk. I personally don't run into too many OoO users in game, but when I do, gosh do I ever kill them fast.

Anyways, share your thoughts :) Be friendly! This is just for fun.


  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,293

    Probably the simplest way, to my mind, to rework it without changing its effects completely is it only kicks in when both Survivor and Killer are looking at one another.

  • LeaderoftheSaintsLeaderoftheSaints Member Posts: 162

    Im so numb yo the pain of playing killer on this game. So nothing bothers me much anymore.

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752

    Make it so it only works when both are looking at each other

    killer can play around it similar to spine chill while keeping its main use

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,293

    It also nerfs the thing that made it such a huge problem in the first place: the amount of information it can give to a survivor/SWF team with potentially no risk to the Survivor using OoO.

  • senholosenholo Member Posts: 25

    The weirdest thing about OoO for me is that more than one person can use it at a time... I didn't even know that was a thing until a 4 stack ran it against me

    I think if more than one player is running it then only the one who is the obsession should get to use it.

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000

    Just like many, OoO only should work when both are staring at each other.

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,099

    Merge it with no mither, so there's more risk to using it.

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,118

    I don't think "when they're looking at each other" is even good enough, because the game has a huge cone that qualifies as "looking at" someone, so you'd be inadvertently revealing your position many times per chase regardless. You could still try to play around it, but a survivor could make it super annoying to do so and cause even more frustration.

    Give it a 40 second cooldown and have it reveal auras to each other for 3 seconds. Make it sort of like a survivor version of I'm All Ears, which functions the same way. Except in this case it'd still be better since the survivor could choose when to turn it on and initiate the cooldown.

  • not_Queefnot_Queef Member Posts: 595

    Survivor suffers from a permanent 20% Hindered status effect. Also Exhaustion. And Exposed. Also, can be mori'd without hooking. Also, the survivor must wear a special dunce cap cosmetic for the duration of the game and is given a 1 hour matchmaking ban every time they use the perk. Using it three times in a row automatically uninstalls the game.

    I don't like OoO.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,517
    edited October 2020

    I'd make it so that instead of being able to see each other you get some kind of benefit while being chased.


    • While being chased by the killer, other survivors repair generators at a 3/4/5% bonus speed and you move at a 1/2/3% bonus movement speed. Every time you are hooked the killer gains a 1/2/3% movement speed buff and you gain a 1/2/3% movement speed buff, Increases your chances of being the obsession. Gives some kind of notification to the killer to let them know you are the "object of obsession"

    Basically makes it so when you get chased everyone else gets buffed and the killer has the same movement speed bonus as you. But has a risk because if you get downed and hooked easily the killer gets buffed.

    Tweak the numbers a bit.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 8,074

    Object of Obsession is fine solo, whatever issue it has is in the context of when it's in a swf on comms. So my suggestion is change the benefit of the perk to something that works equally well for solo and swf players (versus the current version which works ok for solo but is exponentially more powerful in a coordinated swf.)

    Personally I like the idea of the killer can see the Object's aura, same as they can now, but instead of the survivor seeing the killer's aura they get an action speed boost. So it would look something like (the numbers are just placeholders, they could be changed for balance obviously):

    Object of Obsession - You have an increased chance of being the killer's Obsession. You gain a 10%/15%/20% speed bonus on gen repair, healing, hook rescue and vaults. If you are outside the killer's terror radius looking in the killer's direction they can see your aura.

    So the idea is similar to the current one, the survivor is taking a risk of being chased more often by letting the killer see their aura, but the reward is a strong action speed boost (which is further incentive for the killer to prioritize killing the Object of Obsession). And unlike the current version this benefit works equally well for solo and swf survivors.

  • Dead_by_GadflyDead_by_Gadfly Member Posts: 3,774

    Person using object runs at 75% speed. You got to really want it.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    What? No, OoO is perfectly fine and doesn't need a change according to the Devs, so I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever knowing exactly where the killer is and what they are doing at all times with no real disadvantage to myself. Perhaps I'll get myself some SWF buddies and share the info with them as well, because clearly the stats show it's totally fine and actually underpowered.

    In case I wasn't sarcastic enough, I'll also be t-bagging my apologies in the exit gate, with a side helping of "GG ez" for "good game you lovely individual."

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    I think it could be this:

    •Object of Obsession: When you are in a chase, the aura of the killer is revealed to all survivors for 3 (maybe 5 instead) seconds. In which, your aura is revealed to the killer for 6/5/4 seconds. This perk has a 60 second cool down that counts after leaving and staying out of a chase.

    Idk very useful for solo but less powerful and keeps the danger. In swf, it is basically useless.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,435

    The biggest change I would make is that only the obsession can use it. If you're not the obsession in the trial your SOL

  • TheButcherTheButcher Member Posts: 871

    Give it a cooldown, it doesn't work while on a hook or working on a gen

  • JoeyBobJoeyBob Member Posts: 477

    Remove sole survivor and add it's effect to OoO.

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