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I've seen many clips of survivors hacking, but never any of killers hacking. Are killers just less toxic than survivors or can someone share a clip of someone going against a killer with obvious hacks?


  • TheButcherTheButcher Member Posts: 871

    Yes. Killers tend to be less toxic then survivors. Killers don't come into the game wanting to be terrible. Most come into the game being friendly while they learn. It's the toxicity from the survivors that makes a bad killer. Then that killer goes and spreads the toxicity to 4 survivors.

    If harassment reports were taken more seriously and real punishment was getting dealt to players bullying Killer's, we would see a much less toxic community when we dig out all the bad weeds.

  • KingOfBadRNGKingOfBadRNG Member Posts: 425

    I don't call a hacker taking any side except a true scum cause there should never be any reason to hack.

  • TheCoolDBDGamerTheCoolDBDGamer Member Posts: 92

    Killers never hack or cheat, it's only survivors.

    But to the speedhacking survivors/obviously insta repairing gens as survivor the devs need to implement BattleEye+EAC, Not just run EAC alone as EAC does a pretty ######### job at preventing cheats from being ran in the first place.

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)Gay Myers (Luzi) Member Posts: 4,526

    I don't think it's really necessary to try to see if hackers... really care about differences of the sites. There are cheaters and hackers on both sides, plus asking for a clip here is not something we condone. I've met both survivors and killers that have cheated in the game.

    If anyone meets a cheater on either side, report them in the game and send additional evidence to Support: https://support.deadbydaylight.com

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