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Why when my game freezes do I get penalized?

I’m on Xbox and occasionally the game will freeze as soon as the trial starts , I don’t press anything the app closes. Upon relaunching I’m hit with a DC penalty. Can you please fix this? I am not a quitter so if you could maybe just unlock mine or something idk but it’s pretty frustrating. TIA have a great day!!!


  • demontademonta Member Posts: 4

    Yes. You get penalized for any disconnect. At least I do. Most of them disconnect on DbD server. Whit no proses of Appeal

  • cindlemaincindlemain Member Posts: 54

    Yes you get banned for game crashes, pc or console issues which can differ from game crashes, internet issues and actually disconnecting.

    There is no way to appeal this and the time frame of the penalty goes up every time it happens, supposedly they also degrade over time but I can find no actual info on that.

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