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Everybody who bought the skins for 21k should be refunded.



  • PlantCollectorPlantCollector Member Posts: 343

    Thats definitely true, but as i said before, some of us could have spent these shards on chapters but we were buying them with real cash, so we can spent the shards on upcomming outfits (theres more ways but thats just an example).

    I personally say sometimes, that i'll buy this, even tho i don't really need it, because it also supports the game/company/etc. (Not refering to dbd alone but other games or board games).

    Totally agree with you, that we buy cosmetics cause we like them, but the way people handle their ingame currency/money is different and they also handle it with different thoughts.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,523

    I feel bad for you lot who got them straight away. Dunno what else to say apart from wait a bit longer in the future bc it'll probably happen again at some point.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 2,186

    These people didn't spend Cash. They spent shards.

    Maybe, I dunno, read the thread before you post?

  • elpohelpoh Member Posts: 222

    Well, when the event started was a bit sad there was no vials to unlock halloween skins

    instead they added the new halloween collection to unlock via payment, even with that i buy the skins i like from the event without complaint

    but cmon, if they change the price to appease those who did complain that there were no vials, and then add dailys so they can unlock one, they should give us the price difference back

    and let's be honest, they can just double the daily rewards and let the price as it was, but we all know they was worried about let people who already buy them can buy non-halloween skins for free

  • LowSpecGamersMatterLowSpecGamersMatter Member Posts: 485

    Imo BHVR F ed up hard. However, its the guys own fault for spending that much shards/money into these skins. We all told you NOT to buy anything to show that we dislike this event.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    I suspect they are contractually obligated to pay some costs for every sale, so a refund would put them upside down. That is an unreasonable request. However, I do feel, given the odd situation and timing (as well as reason) for the sale that those who made this purchased should be compensated with some other cosmetics (of their choice) of equal value to make up the difference. That would seem to be a win/win for both those who purchased before the sale, and the company.

  • elpohelpoh Member Posts: 222

    but give us the price difference back don't should make them lost anything

    shards can't be bought with money.... is just a imaginary currency earned by playtime...

    it's just be nice with with the players who buy them more expensive for no reason...

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Personally (and NO I do not have any insider knowledge... I don't work for the company) I feel that the people who did buy them will get it addressed one way or another. Patience is a virtue.

  • MasterManMikeMasterManMike Member Posts: 19

    So basically, always expect a company to be ######### because other ######### things exist? Why does it have to be that way in the first place? We can't change it just because it's the norm?

  • MendaxMendax Member Posts: 129

    Dude, they announced the sale Hallowed Curse 2 minutes after the news about shards :D

  • MendaxMendax Member Posts: 129

    Yes, no one expected this. I totally understand when I was buying DLC and outfits on the day of release that they may be on sale after 2-3-4 months. But not in two days :D

  • MendaxMendax Member Posts: 129

    Most recently, I was also a white knight :D And I paid for it. Trust me, man, they don't need protection :D

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