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Putting me in the game (cause I'm bored)

RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,233

First I won't get into much on my lore (cause that's a lot of thinking and typing to do) but I do want to see what happens.... it will be long cause I don't want to type a wall of text

Also this is my attempt at something new... so please bare with me

Name: Gill (Survivor), The Savage (Killer)

Story/ Lore:

Gill was a normal guy... lived a average life

But it all changed after he graduated high school... he experienced the loss of his father to drunk driving and his mother in the war... Soon he lost touch with his family and no one else saw the pain he held on to

He had a steady retail job doing the best he could to cope with all that has happened... but soon his job performance begun to slip and after trying to keep from going under he was let go

Without a job and no one else around to keep him grounded he began to wander... He moved to a lakeside town to start over

It worked out and he was able to find a new job... retail again... his new coworkers appreciated his work ethic... gaining new friends he thought he finally made it...

He would often take a stroll by the lakeshore on his days off... One day he thought he heard a voice "Come with me" he looked around but no one else was there

For the next 2 weeks he heard the voice getting louder "Come with me... I can show you what you want to see"... he ignored it for a month... but on one day, A fog set over the lake as he was out walking... He couldn't see where he was walking... but he can hear the water so he knew he was close to it

But after a few more steps the cold water gripped his feet... he froze not knowing where to go. The voice called out "Come with me... and see the truth". The fog suddenly cleared around him Gill looked around the fog grew thick around him... He fell to his knees... lost and all alone he looked at his reflection but it wasn't him he saw

His mother and father looked back at him... but behind them he did see himself... scars covered his face his eyes clouded over... "This is the truth... Now Come with me and be freed"... his own refection spoke then then vanished along with his mother and father... Gill threw his hands into the water trying to save them but to no avail

When the water settled his reflected had changed and a dark figure stood behind him... "Fine take me if you want but you'll never break me"

After the fog cleared Gill wasn't anywhere to be found...

Killer: The Savage

Speed: 4.4 m/s

Height: Average

TR: 28m

Power: The lost and alone- Start the trial with 4 charges... Pressing the Power button removes 1 charge and affects survivors FOV ( like fatigue on nurse or legion but not as severe by default) lasts 10 seconds (default) cooldown 20 seconds (default)... also removes the red stain for 6 seconds (default) "take 2 seconds to remove and 2 seconds to bring back)... also gain a speed boost for the duration 4.6 m/s

Everything labeled default can be changed by addons... but not going to list them all


1) No one Cares- Damaging a gen causes it to regress at 100%/150%/200%... cooldown 80/40/30 seconds

2) Inner Pain: Missing a healing skillcheak causes deep wounds to appear when survivor attempts to heal themselves

3) In Your Head- While in chase for 30/15/10 seconds killer TR increases and decreases at random and red stain flickers until survivor is lost or is hit

Survivor: Gill


1) All I can- increase repair speed by 2/4//6% while no one is within 36m/24m/20m of you

2) Hard Work- Hitting 4/3/2 great skillcheaks activate this perk... for the next 10 seconds you see all gen auras that have progress on them (under 25%)

3) You Can't Break me- while in chase for 30/20/10 seconds while injured increases recovery rate of exhaustion for 3 seconds... activates after chase is lost


  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,233

    Or this one...

    Lore: uhhhhhh........... Yea about that:

    Growing up in a small town in an area that is not well known, R. Savage had a "normal" childhood till he lost his father to a car accident when he was five. He then lost his mother to the war (a fictitious one) when he was 10. His brothers and sisters were older then him so they moved on with their lives leaving R. Savage behind.

    When R. Savage graduated high school he found a job at a local market... he preformed his duties the best he could but that didn't last that long. Struggling to find his way he would walk the town by day and dream of all that might have been at night. He tried so hard to find where he belonged in this world, and then a whisper on the wind spoke of a place where he would be needed. The whisper only grew until he found himself in a forest next to a lake. The path was well traveled so he fallowed it to the lake, once he got to the shore the whisper became a voice.

    For the next week he'd go to the lake but never near the water. he'd go there to vent his frustrations on his past and present but never say much about his future. On the 10th anniversary of his mothers passing he went to the lake. Once he got there a thick fog had taken hold, R. Savage couldn't see how close he was to the water until he heard the splashing of his feet. He froze, his breath stopped as he prepared to go in farther. Just then the fog drifted to show his reflection. He stared at his reflection, from the blacked out eyes to the scars that looked as if they came from a car wreck. "Those things were supposed to happen to you"


    Left alone: (being alone has honed your skill when no ones around) Preform repairs 2/3/4% faster when no one is within 30/25/20m of the gen. When working on a gen with another, greater chance of skillchecks and are 10/15/20% smaller

    Under Pressure: (have done good work in the past has lessen the pressure you feel) When inside the TR of the killer for 15/20/30 seconds the next survivor to be put into the dying state shows you the killer's aura and hooks within 15m for 5 seconds

    Live or Let Die: (being shown the truth of life has angered you) If you are the first to die then the remaining survivors are given a 10% repair speed bonus for the next 10/15/20 seconds [the perk icon will show up on the other survivors screens like the syringe] OR If you are the last alive the sound cue of the hatch can be heard from 10m away

    I would've liked to a killer as well but this thread was for survivor so there you go.... hope you enjoyed it

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