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Five Nights at Freddys Chapter - Springtrap

JoshDBDJoshDBD Member Posts: 58

My most wanted chapter in Dead by Daylight is a FNAF Chapter with Springtrap as the killer and a Freddy Fazbear's Restaurant as the map. Michael Afton as the Survivor. I want this chapter the most and then my second most wanted is a Bioshock Chapter.

But anyways I was curious to know people's opinions on a FNAF chapter now that the uprise of people wanting the chapter has calm down quite a bit.

I personally feel like the Chapter would fit perfectly into DbD with William Afton's lore and everything. Springtrap's aesthetic fits pretty well.

I genuinely think this chapter is in the works due to the sheer popularity of the idea and the fact that Scott seems a lot more open to collabs. In the second last live stream Cote said that license holders contact them and try to set up chapters. I feel like Scott was one of those people because he tends to give the fans what they want and they were both originally indie games.

Your thoughts?

Five Nights at Freddys Chapter - Springtrap 50 votes

I would love a FNAF Chapter!
MijuNekoGamerXCornpopers_EvanScary_Punk_GhostHannonRocketPenguinRothlonTotemsCleanserTwistedJoke65FobboКrasш_999BrequeJoshDBDtheneamainWishIcouldmainSpaghettiandMeatbaRank1MindsetNursesIsNotOPRockotheawesomepugAdamantium44 22 votes
I'm inbetween about it.
VolantConch1719Jacoby2041Awkward_FiendSUMegathelegion_fan 5 votes
I would hate a FNAF Chapter.
GibberishSeiko300kodiakyTapeKnotF60_31Padafubjorksnasbm33Pior_MorteMalevolentSadistRockatanskyOakanavichPeachmuffinCCClarkKevinnnny 15 votes
I wouldn't care for it but I understand why people want it.
FogBringerWalker_of_the_fog_96Pet_The_LizardsElcopolloSCP_FOR_DBDcindlemainkuba44Tb2k 8 votes
Other. (Explain in Comments)


  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,619
    I would love a FNAF Chapter!

    really I want it but we don't need one of these thread like sidney I want her but wont make thread about it if either happens great.

  • JoshDBDJoshDBD Member Posts: 58
    I would love a FNAF Chapter!

    Apologies friend, I don't come to the forums too often so I don't know how much it's been crammed down people's throats but it's definitely something I'm passionate about in wanting.

  • RockatanskyRockatansky Member Posts: 32
    I would hate a FNAF Chapter.

    If it exists in the toy isle at Walmart, it shouldn't be in DBD. Period.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,436
    edited October 2020
    I would hate a FNAF Chapter.


    I'm not even kidding, the more that you guys keep throwing this idea in the faces of literally everyone / the rest of the community, the more I hate the idea.

    These threads aren't for suggesting a "cool, new, and unique idea" these are literally threads for other fnaf fans to point each other out and go "Hey, you like Fnaf? I like fnaf too!!" and then calling out to the rest of the community: "See? Other people like fnaf!!!".

    It's the same principle as political rallies. You aren't appealing to anyone except for the people and fanbase that you already know agrees with you in the first place.

  • NursesIsNotOPNursesIsNotOP Member Posts: 9
    I would love a FNAF Chapter!

    I mean, i see how people wouldnt want it, but the only thing wrong with this is how there are a bunch of 7 year olds who would play any game with fnaf in it. I see springtrap as a killer, but i dont like the fact that it will attract kids into the game. Imagine having a rank 16 7 year old on your game getting mad because they didnt get the pizzaria map, I just cant. Other than that, this idea is fine.

  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416
    I wouldn't care for it but I understand why people want it.

    Finally, one of these polls has an option like this.

    But, we have enough FNAF polls. You can talk about FNAF, but please try to keep it to something we haven't already heard 100 times before.

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