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Why Behaviour only cares about money..

Disclaimer: i gonna talk about opinions that we have many players .. but sadly, not the majority. I want to hear opinions but if you dont respect mines dont waste time and go away.

Is there a problem with the game ? Is it balanced ? Unfair ? Which is first the community or the money ?

This game already has 4 years. Awesome rigth, its a game that hasnt real competitors. No other has so much community. So, this is the prinicipal reason that they are in comfort. They can focus only in release skins and killers with the goal of (obvius). Bugs, unbalance, poor optimization, frames drops, toast servers, hackers, poor game mechanics, painful events that they have to arrange with x2 points and discounts.

Okei, 4 years is not a while. But i dont see a clear purpose of fix the game. Only little band-aids.

As players we receive nothing by playing. For example: this event.. no in-game skins, no new mechanis(Only hook and repair, hook and repair, rushers, tunnelers, campers, tbags... as always). I could talk a lot about this event but it is not necesary. It talks about himself.

oh wait , we get x2 bloodpoints and login rewards, rigth! But all this is due to people are angry with the event.

BHVR only hears important people or when a wave of thousends come at they door. If most of the people dont complain about something, they dont give a [BAD WORD]. Discounts few days that the event releases ? oh nice... yeah, i was saving iridescents fragments. I bought yui halloween skin for 21k :) . Next day discounts, and they told " we cant refund you fragments, its illegal". Nice, it cost to me to save like 400h. Im getting bored of the game due to all talk about it( that they are only focus on skins)

If BHVR hears more the comunity. Calm down releases and get better the game for example: fix for frame rates, servers, optimization for pcs... Better tomes, rewards for playing the game... If the community is happy, they will buy more cosmetics and dlcs. BHVR has untapped market niche... they are comfort with the average game that they have. Yes, they are winning a lot of money but they could win more with few changes.

This is a small part of what i think. Sorry if the post is a bit confused but english is not my first language. I would like to talk more about that so maybe i will continue this post or answer comments.

Let me know what you think. And if you are in the same situations.


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