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Would you like to instantly kill people whilst having no terror radius?

SirCrackenSirCracken Member Posts: 1,016
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Well now you can! Introducing:

The Real Michael Myers build



Play With Your Food

No One Escapes Death

Trail of Torment


Judith's Tombstone + Fragrant Tuft of Hair


Find as survivor as soon as the match starts. You'll need to stalk the equivalent of 2 full survivors and half of another to get your Evil to tier 3. Getting stunned will allow you to quickly earn PWYF tokens thanks to Nemesis so don't be afraid of pallets. All this is the usual strat when using insta-kill Myers.

Now the fun part. Once in Evil tier 3 find a gen with a decent amount of progress, which shouldn't be hard since survivors will try to gen rush you anyway, and kick it.

Did you know?

That killing people with Michael doesn't deactivate Trail of Torment? Now you do!

This allows you sneak up on a survivor, kill them, and start searching for the next since you remain Undetectable.

And you scarcely have to worry about a survivor touching the generator you kicked since, although it's highlighted yellow, who the hell would willingly go near the area that an instant-kill, zero-terror radius, Michael Myers is near?

That has quickly become my new favorite build on Michael. Although it still suffers from the usual problems of running both of Michaels iridescent add-ons. Mainly the super slow movement speed you have when the match starts. It's an unbelievable amount of fun once it gets going.

Give it a try!

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