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Does anyone multitask when playing DbD?

I like to listen to audiobooks!

Right now Im listening to:

Burn Our Bodies Down

by Rory Power

It's so creepy!

Anybody else listen to books..or music..or....????


  • keith_shinjikeith_shinji Member Posts: 14

    I tend to play mobile game or watch some videos while waiting for queue. But once in a while I will forget about the game since it's on a diff PC.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,175

    I do my taxes while slugged or on the hook

  • iZombieiZombie Member Posts: 231

    I’ll do stuff in between matches, like watching videos or listening to music. But as soon as the match starts I concentrate as me and Rhinestone Cowboy need to be able to hear these pesky survivors sneaking in the grass...

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,666

    in between matches i usually play something on my switch (recently its been hatsune miku)

    in match i usually just scroll through my phone when hooked/slugged

  • FFabeqFFabeq Member Posts: 530

    I go on reddit or tt while repairing a gen, waiting for the game to load and being in a queue

  • A_Skinny_LegendA_Skinny_Legend Member Posts: 875

    Absolutely, I love listening to music while playing or just watching some random videos or read some random stuff.

    When I am a survivor and the killer is either Michael, ghost face or Pyramid head I listen to lady gaga's song "Bad Romance", or to Britney spears song either "3" or "Toxic ".

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    I once played DbD mobile while waiting for a match on PS4.

  • KjetrrKjetrr Member Posts: 43

    I usually start drawing as soon as I end up on the hook.

    I get my work done and I never have to get angry when someone is camping me.

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