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in response to Gcarrara

Since you closed the post and i couldn't respond there.......

It has nothing to do with the toxicity of the players. And my connection is just fine I have 500mps down and 10 up so I know it isn't my internet as I am hardwired. The issue is the game itself. Whatever they did with this patch literally messed hitboxes completely as before the patch it was fine hits were registering just fine. And believe me the toxicity of the players doesn't bother like the frame issues do. Bringing a mori and one hooking survivors isn't really bad manners as I don't taunt the survivors while doing so. Sure survivors don't like the one hook moris but don't put them in the game if you are to consider it "bad manners". I know you aren't a dev and obviously have nothing to do with what is in the game and what is not, but its just ridiculous how trash the frames and aim dressing is as of late and its frustrating and i use the forums as a place to vent. Nothing anyone says bothers me as i have over 9k hours played with over 19k sacrifices and 4k escapes so I wouldn't worry about what anyone thinks. But again this is simply my response to your closing post comment.


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