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So devs when are you guys gonna care about survivors?

azameazame Member Posts: 2,870
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Every hit doesnt touch me. Every killer has bad internet or vpns. Always getting hit through windows, pallets. Deadzones, LT walls. No filler pallets, no jungle gyms. Pretty much forced to run DS because tunneling us so common. Camping he hooks from the start of the game.

PH still boring as hell to verse, he can still cancel, has a spammable range. Bad event where I have to hold rb for 80 seconds to get bonus bloodpoints. The event offerings are hard to find and bad bp economy for survivors makes getting through these blood webs incredibly hard.

Only reason I even have offerings is because I have the og 2018 pustula petals. I tried playing a few games im already falling asleep. Dbd is simply a bad game. With devs driven by greed. They gave us this joke of an event.

I should also mention all these problems I mentioned are met with the usually survivors op you have swf on coms.

This was only yesterday.

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