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Worried about the double bloodpoint event on ps4

I posted this on on technical issues as well but I figured I would get more engagement here. If a mod sees this you can close the one on technical issues. So I am aware this is under investigation. However I want to bring something to the attention of the developers so basically the double bloodpoints event will start Thursday. While this is all good and welcomed by many of us for us ps4 players this will be a very bad experience if no patch gets released by then. I've been playing this game on ps4 today and I can honestly tell you it's very bad at this moment. I assume because of these issues less players are playing the game. Therefore I want to bring this to the attention the double bloodpoints event will be a problem for us on ps4 and I hope you consider a patch before it starts or an extension of the event on console that's a suggestion. I can also say that I've played around 2 hours today and found maybe 3 games at best in those 2 hours. I will say I turned off crossplay because I refuse to play with pc players while ps4 has these issues. Hope you guys sort it out before the event or compensate console in a way of either patching, extending, or postpone the double bloodpoints until this is fixed.


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