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Frame drop/lag PS4

lavademonlavademon Member Posts: 3

My original ticket below. The frame drop/lag continues on both killer and survivor side - everyday since the latest update. PS4 fellow players agree and stop plying after a couple of games.

I received a response this would be addressed at the next update. When is the patch/update expected?

Oct 20, 2020, 20:19 EDT

Played many matches pre update today morning (EST Wash D.C.) 10/20, no issues. Finished a match and received the update application message, installed update immediately, restarted from update and played a killer match. Almost unplayable major lag/frame issues, and serious sound bugs in game, played 2 killer matches/2 survivor same result- ping on survivor match I saw peak once around 100ms but generally is 25-50ms. Checked everything on client end was not causing problem (console, net hardware, ISP speed, etc). Restarted app multiple times. Ensured networking on client end was proper, multiple speed test and network restart client side. Tested other multiplayer games on PS4, no issues.

Played duo 2 hours later still a problem.

All Worked pre-update. server side. I am network/IT tech, all issues explored on client end, all hardware rebooted. Advice appreciated

Big sad. I really wanted to play tonight as I will be too busy later this month.

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  • lavademonlavademon Member Posts: 3

    The frame drop has been intermittently better since the update but it's still bad.

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