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Need Community Help | Survivors making no sounds



  • domriverdomriver Member Posts: 74


    Sound is a bit bugged out.

    I noticed on my end at least the Generators' sound are very low.

    Terror Radius as well.

    I played on Gideon's map and the footsteps of all survivors including Myers ( Killer) was very loud.

    not sure if each map has a distinct sound bug or what. But yeah please adjust the sounds. Thank you very! Game looks lovely with the new upgrades! :)

  • DsnoozDsnooz Member Posts: 27

    Platform: PC

    In my killer games, none of the survivors are making grunts of pain after being hit.

    In tandem with killer terror radius being super quiet the game is really weird right now.

  • realDaverealDave Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2020

    Hey for me its only when i play Ash!

    i got no footsteps, only regular breathing. No vaulting sounds - i can fast vault without sound. Enter locker quick with no sounds. No sounds when i am downed. Also no sounds when i am injured. All other survivors work except Ash.

    Date 13.09.2020


    Happens on all maps

  • coley_219coley_219 Member Posts: 225
    edited September 2020

    same here but on PS4. His sounds involving running, vaulting, injury and lockers are all missing. I have here 3 clips with endscreens as proof. I just don't know if the sounds are heard by the killer and other survivors. I only know that i am not hearing them. NJ, USA, around 2pm-3pm

  • binhomk9binhomk9 Member Posts: 1

    No killers have any Terror Radius for any of my survivors my plataform are pc and ps4.


    nao escuto nenhum killer chegar perto, jogo no pc e no ps4.

  • judge_fistjudge_fist Member Posts: 114
    edited September 2020

    Xbox One

    Randomly since the initial update that included The Blight. I cannot hear grunts of pain or footsteps of injured survivors (I check to make sure it wasn't just Iron Will) . It could be against anybody but I've noticed it on Meg, Nea, Feng, Jeff, Jake, Quentin, and Claudette. This happens to me every other game or so possibly 1/3.

    Any Map

    Happens 11:00pm-1:00am Pacific

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  • SurpriseSurpriseSurpriseSurprise Member Posts: 1,912


    Felix - Fast Vault (Using Lithe, Detective's Hunch, Open Handed, Kindred) - Uninjured.

    Sporadically is silent

  • ItsfineItsfine Member Posts: 3


    I'm getting used to see no Iron wills and the survivors making no sound, I hit a survivor, they scream and all of the sudden they're muted. No injured sound, no footsteps, no breathing, I literally have to guess where they are all the time.

    All maps, specially on Ormond.

    Last time it happened to me was right now, 9/28/2020, 19:30.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 17,937

    - PC

    - Grunts of Pain from dying Survivor (had no audio-reducing Perks)

    - Disturbed Ward, Killer Shack tile

    - at around 16:45 CEST on 6 October 2020

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 41
    edited October 2020

    I can't get my logs to you right now, but I'm a PC Steam player.

    I was playing Meg, since I just got a new cosmetic top for her. Threw on some perks (like Self-Care, Adrenaline, Spine Chill, and Resilience) and started playing... I noticed she wasn't making noises when she was hurt, almost like I was using Iron Will. Cool, but also an odd bug.

    (The bandage noises when I was self-healing still played, but while healing and while walking around injured, she never whimpered / cried.)

    (Time and date are as of posting; it's happened through all of the day, I think.)

    (EDIT: The loss of noises actually seems intermittent. Sometimes she makes noise (I just went against a Doctor), but before she was silent (one example was, I think, Clown).

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  • coley_219coley_219 Member Posts: 225
    edited October 2020

    PS4, I was clown on Azarov's, crossplay enabled. The Nea had injury sounds but no dying state sounds. Iron will was not equipped.

  • JoemoeJoemoe Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2020

    Survivor audio is too loud when a survivor is downed

    Survivor audio is too loud when a survivor is hooked

    Survivors don’t give audio queues when vaulting a window

    Survivors will sometimes not give audio when injured

    Feng Min Gives no audio when she is in dying state

    Head On will have moments where the perk doesn’t activate

    Giant particles of fog are intense making it hard to see

    Doctor has a normal terror radius

    Spirit has moments where there is no audio when she phases

    Some parts of Macmillan Estate are invisible. Found around Coal Tower and Ironworks.

    I checked and this is a problem through all other platforms. I know the information isn’t very specific, but I hope it helps.

  • Mama_PoisonMama_Poison Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2020

    Platform PC

    Could not hear survivors struggling, also bugged audio for breaking pallets and kicking gens. I've only played 2 games as killer so far but both games have had the same issues. Playing Blight and Legion

    Map was Family Residence (I think) Yamaoka Estate and Coal Tower.

    between 8AM and 9AM CST on 10/22

    No clip but will try to attack logs

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  • sakhasakha Member Posts: 158


    Oni no sound after starting M2 run. Sound of Oni run is bugged and dont play

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