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We have deployed a fix for an issue that was causing players to lose pips when a match was cancelled.
No update is required, but this may take a few hours to be applied across our servers to all players. Thank you for your patience!

48 Hour Ban is Excessive



  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 4,576

    Not how that works. It's... So very, very not how that works.

  • BloodyHatchetBloodyHatchet Member Posts: 48

    This reminds me of one time couple months ago, my Xbox was being stupid and made me dc pretty much every game and it got bad enough that I couldn't play for 6 hours.

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 993

    How many times one have to dc to reach 48 hour?

    Does it ramp up to week and permaban after that too?

  • DerrickTheGoblinDerrickTheGoblin Member Posts: 5

    I understand where you're coming from, but let's say I have a power surge that turns off my console mid game, I don't want to come back and be banned for it. Things like this have happened go me, fortunately not often enough to get a long ban.

  • twin187211twin187211 Member Posts: 3

    Killers should get a penalty for face camping that's the only time I can understand a Survivor disconnect if a killer face camps the game is basically over

  • StaticToastStaticToast Member Posts: 6

    I despise the DC penalty, I never DC on purpose, even if I have to do something else I leave the game open or sacrifice myself, the only times I do actually DC is because I have aweful internet, meaning I get kicked out of the game to my lobby, where I then have to wait for a while to even play again.

  • alaenyiaalaenyia Member Posts: 431

    DC Penalty is ridiculous, 48 hours is beyond imaginable. No other game tells people they can't play for days on end for any reason. Killers are the reason people DC, rewarding them for being toxic is unacceptable. Suicide on hook is an option for getting out of an unpalatable match for sure, but that does nothing for people who just get kicked out from the server. I was kicked out of my last match, and I am now sitting out a 15 minute penalty for doing absolutely nothing, I have top of the line internet so this BS is not me. Which is why I am on here looking for DC posts. Because I am beyond frustrated being punished for just trying to actually play this game. This is exactly why I have stopped buying DLCs and auricular cells altogether, I am not going to sink any money into a game that I may or may not be able to even play by their whims.

  • TheMikeOTRTheMikeOTR Member Posts: 58

    So assuming they only DC, how many games would it take to get to a 48 hour ban to begin with?

  • killakobugikillakobugi Member Posts: 10

    Crying about the dc penalty lmao only people who constantly want to dc and the people with dog [BAD WORD] internet complain about this issue. Sure you might get a glitch every now and again in dbd we have all had it happen to us before. That y I almost never dc I save it from when their is actually something to dc about unlike most people that will click that leave button as soon as something happens they don't like. To our don't have to woryy about the dc penatly if you just learn how to take an L with pride.

  • BrequeBreque Member Posts: 274
    edited October 2020

    OK, but, why put an bot untill the players connect again, will destroy the game balance?

  • MeneLawMeneLaw Member Posts: 157

    If the dc is due game crashes or network & pc problems is unfair, but if u do it on purpose should be longer.

  • LastwurdzLastwurdz Member Posts: 7

    I'm a rank 1 killer and rank 6 survivor and these days it seems like if you down a survivor before they have a clear advantage (4 or 5 gens still remain) theres a 50/50 chance of disconnect. as survivor if one of my teamates gets downed early the odds are about the same. i've been playing the game since march and it is only getting worse. and with the penalty people just kill themselves on hook.

    one of the last games i played i had a team mate on the hook and i was running to save him and he was trying to suicide. but on the 3rd attempt he actually jumped off the hook. and then disconnected shortly after. im like WTF...we were winning, but i guess we werent winning enough for him.

    i never knew the ban was 48 hours but its clearly not enough if half my games end up being 3v1 because survivors dont like playing the game.

    i usually dont have killers DC on me, but if they do thats fine because at least the game ends.

  • antgnsteaantgnstea Member Posts: 726

    I still don't understand are you complaining about your system/ network, or game issues. You sound like you want game to redefine its systems to your wishes. Did you lose connection and wanna rejoin? Or you got cornered and wanted to reset your router and now things must have calmed down let me come back for end game? Can you see how that would effect game balance? Because system can not determine if you did it on purpose or not. So rejoining is absolutely off the table for DBD.

    Personally I would've preferred if we had bots replacing D/Ced players, instead of bans. At least they wouldn't crouch in a corner for hatch.

  • rglarson13rglarson13 Member Posts: 151

    He's just trying to get a round of DbD in between calls during his shift as a 911 operator.

    It's not his fault he DCs every five minutes.

  • cloudfacecloudface Member Posts: 93

    😅 all the survivor mains only seeing DCing as something survivors do and it lets down other survivors when it's done.

    I went through a depressed "DC baby" patch the other month when no DC penalties were on and 80% of my DCs were as killer when it was obvious I was against red rank SWFs running an obnoxious loopmaster and 3 gen jockeys or other obvious SWF techniques. Once they got to 2 gens left and I had no faith I was going to catch em and it was no fun at all to continue I'd DC; why continue being humiliated, just DC and give them the bp earlier without having to get teabagged. 9/10 times when I'd DC the survivors would be 3-4 red ranks against my green rank killer-no way to check if they were SWF. Only time I'd feel bad about DCing was if they weren't at least 3 red ranks. It actually helped prove to me that ranking doesn't count as I depipped down to bottom of green ranks and was still getting red ranks survivors.

    The only times I'd DC as survivor was when the killer was tunneling while using a mori and had killed two other survivors (or they'd DC'd) or they'd tunneled me first while using a mori. I'd actually diligently try and waste as much of the killer's time as possible before DCing and figured if I wasted enough time for 2 gens to be done and then gave other survivors "abandoned" bp when I DC'd to waste the killer's mori I'd actually done a decent thing for my co-survivors.

    😅 the mods here like to warn people for being disrespectful but DC penalties increase exponentially and OP could've easily had a series of tunneling and mori killers ruining his games but people in this thread seem to be jumping to the conclusion "48 hour ban? Obviously you continually let your team down so you deserve that" 😕.

    Also, as someone in Australia where there's terrible internet and I've literally been trying to work out today if I change my home internet service to the subpar Australian NBN or 4G or 5G-all of which can have problems-the reductive attitude of "can't be your internet crashing and if it is get better internet" is kinda arrogant.

    I've tried multiple times and it's almost impossible to explain to North Americans that most of Australia has "McDonald's wifi" quality internet-my current landline ADSL runs at below 20mps but the government's actually getting rid of landline in favour of this stupid NBN that's notorious for dropping out on the regular, 5g isn't widespread here yet and I'm reading conflicting reviews on 4g for home use.

    Someone made the assertion that BHVR can somehow differentiate between crashed internet and quitting mid game but I've seen multiple threads here in the past (before they gave DC penalties a break) saying otherwise.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk and just remember ranks don't matter and if you do feel like DCing just remember my little dittie 🎵 "Don't DC just AFK, you'll still get xp anyway" 🎵

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 1,862

    MandyTalk; Explaining it when most of us can't be bothered.

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 2,556
    edited October 2020

    "I do believe when you're playing an online game and you ready up in that lobby, then you've committed yourself to play that match, regardless of whether you end up on a map you don't like or any of the reasons given above, that's the whole nature of the game - for both sides." *laughs in hook suicides* wheres the ability to just leave as killer?

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