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Favourite Loadout Save Option

TricksTricks Member Posts: 957

So I was flicking through the loadout tree looking for the last perk to complete my loadout (which I had to cycle through 3 times to find) We all have a couple of loadouts we like to dig out from our favourite loadout list we keep stored away in the back of our mind.

- How handy would it be if there was an option to save your favourite loadouts and pick them from a list -


  • xMrGrimxxMrGrimx Member Posts: 9

    That would be awesome if they did that just have specific loadouts you could choose from on certain survivors/killers. Just go to the loadout you want click on it and bam your done, all you would have to do would be add an offering if you choose and an add on for your power if your playing killer or choose what you would want to bring and addon's if your playing survivor.

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