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Any [updated] way to optimize the game??

xX_DeoxRc_XxxX_DeoxRc_Xx Member Posts: 53
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Looks like the game isn't going to get optimized in some time, so that's why I'm here to ask if theres any way to make the game more playable, at least enough for a low-end pc. I've been having around 45 fps for months now but with 4.3.0 patch i can barely mantain 30 fps.

I've done a lot already on the GameUserSettings file, everything on 0, my resolution is 45%, playing on 720p, disabled Vsync, i've somehow disabled antialiasing on the Engine file but the game kinda still looks a little blurry, idk what else i need to do. What else can i do? is there anything like the "potato mode" (but i'm not using nvidia so i can't use it) that will work?

I've been through a lot of sites looking for some answers but a lot are outdated and are patched so i dont know what to do anymore

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  • KevinnnnyKevinnnny Member Posts: 29

    Sounds like the best decision now is to update your pc parts.

  • JustZed32JustZed32 Member Posts: 220

    Dude, my pc costs litterally about 150$: 8gb ddr2, x5460(775 socket, bro!), gt 1030 and its comfortable enough to play. Like i dont suffer, rank 8, this build is 100% lower then requested

  • TripleStealTripleSteal Member Posts: 1,298

    Besides basic drivers' updates, you can try the following:

    1) increase paging file size (=virtual memory)

    2) for more stupid that it sounds, restart the game every few matches - dbd for whatever reason has a memory leak, and you have to reboot it to neglect this effect.

    Latter one mostly helps with stuttering rather than fps, though.

  • xX_DeoxRc_XxxX_DeoxRc_Xx Member Posts: 53

    Yeahhhh of courseeeeeeee why didn't i think about that solution beforeeeeeeee????????????????

    Seriously i'm asking how to optimize the game, if only i could get even a dedicated gpu right now but pandemic

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