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Wraith's animations after 4.3.0 update are bugged

FenFen Member Posts: 92

With the recent update some of the Wraith's animations were changed, but atm they're bugged:

1) The cloaking animation. The bell seems to simply disappear after cloaking, it's sorta static, etc. Here's the video:


2) Wraith's idle animation at the start of the game. Im aware that rn all of killer's weapons look goofy at the beginning of the match, but the thing with Wraith is that he is using Trapper's idle animation. Video:


And this how Wraith's idle animation used to look:

I've reported the similar issue on the PTB bug reports, and im including this thread as an additional feedback about the issue itself: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/195383/the-wraiths-walking-animation-is-bugged-from-killers-perspective#latest

3) Wraith's walking animation. As was said before, the Wraith is using Trapper's animations atm. From killer's perspective his weapon used to be lower, it was more bouncy and the Wraith himself used to "hunch". Video:


4) Wraith's carrying animation. Just like the other animations, this one is bugged, too.


Steps to reproduce: Simply install and launch the 4.3.0 build, start the game as Wraith and chase someone, while paying attention to the uncloaking, cloaking and walking animations of Wraith.

Note: These issues appear only from killer's perspective, on both PC and console.

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The in-game animation while walking from Killer's perspective has been an intentional change. We noted weapon disappearing bug in the tally screen.


  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,715

    Both Wraith, Michael and Deathslinger are having Trapper's walking animation (i assume trapper is the base model/rig in general?), Deathslinger and michael since the 4.0.0 patch, Wraith since this ptb

    I dunno what the devs are doing there. Normally such a thing means they changed something to the unique animations and they are not applied yet/a bit of code fell off

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Wraith's animations from killer's perspective are bugged for a long time already. I believe the issue was there even before the patch with Blight, so yeah. Im aware about Michael btw, and i believe he walks like that in post-game menu, right? Which looks pretty okay i would say :D

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Also, i've forgot to mention that since i use Shadowborn this is NOT the reason why Wraith's weapon looks the way it is right now from killer's perspective. Even without Shadowborn his walking (and weapon) animation is the same as Trapper's. I hope that's enough information. Cheers.

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    The recent hotfix fixed most killer's weapon animations at the start of the game. The Wraith's idle animation is sorta fixed, but when it 'zooms' into 1st person perspective, Wraith instantly changes his stance into Trapper's one. He is still using Trapper's animations from killer's perspective.

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Here's the video of what i've mentioned: Wraith just switches his stance into Trapper's, still


    The weapon and walking animations are still bugged.

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Bump since this topic vanished into the shadows and still didn't got acknowledged :V

  • AnimatorAnimator Member Posts: 350
    edited November 2020

    I didn't understand the point of the fourth point. Where is the bug?

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Oh it's just the weapon animation itself when the Wraith is carrying someone. As was said already, the weapon used to be lower and more bouncy. I've added it just to provide as much details as possible.

  • AnimatorAnimator Member Posts: 350

    Ah, I get it. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that developers will pay attention to your post. Believe me, I made so many posts with bugs in killer animations, more than anyone else, and the developers fixed only 10% of the total number.

    As far as I know, the developers did not fix the animation when the Wraith gets stunned by a pallet. At this point, from the survivor's side, his hand in which he holds the weapon is very noticeably bent. There was also a bug when the Wraith got stunned by a DS and from the 1st person his hand was somewhere at the top, while the animation itself was terrible and twitchy, when it should be the opposite-beautiful and smooth (the same problem is observed in the Pig, Nightmare, Michael, Huntress and some other killers)

    Wraith also has a broken idle animation in the main lobby when you are waiting for the game to start. It plays animation like a Trapper. Billy has the same problem. The most interesting thing is that these bugs are several years old. This started after entering the Clown into the game.

    Before the Clown, Billy and the Wraith had their own unique idle animations (the Wraith had the same animation when you start the game and the camera scrolls in the air around the killer, as in this screenshot):

  • AnimatorAnimator Member Posts: 350

    Here's more

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Maybe it's just a placeholder. Because i believe that there was a mid-chapter on the ptb some months ago when they've updated Wraith's, Billy's and Trapper's being stunned by DS animations, etc. It was before the Blight and Deathslinger for sure. Maybe the code fell off and since Trapper's animations are the basic ones, Wraith, Michael and etc. are using his animations atm, sadly. I guess we just have to wait until the next update. I doubt that this topic will get acknowledged by the developers, but oh well

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Still not fixed :V

  • StaleStale Member Posts: 27

    Good luck trying to get this fixed

    They haven't fixed Hillbillys animations yet and he's been bugged since 3.7.0

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    There is still hope it get's atleast somewhat acknowledged

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    This is still not fixed on the ptb nor acknowledged.

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    This issue is still in the game after the recent update :v

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92


    After the recent hotfix Wraith's stance in the lobby seems to be fixed (He used to have Trapper's idle animation in-lobby)

    But despite this he still uses Trapper's weapon animations in-game while walking, from killer's perspective.

    Also Wraith doesn't have his weapon in the post-game menu (it's the same with pretty much every weapon cosmetic).

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Still not fixed..

  • FenFen Member Posts: 92

    Thank you for acknowledging this! Although i find it pretty strange that Wraith changes his stance into Trapper's once it zooms into 1st person view of the killer, making him, you know, using Trapper's animations. Even the shadow of the Wraith in-game looks like the Trapper's one.

    But oh well. Thank you guys once again.

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