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Prestige perks instead of perk tiers to reduce the grind but also keep it

Maybe they should make it so that you can get a prestige value on every perk (up to prestige 3) So you can decide whether to get every perk 3 times or not. That would reduce the grind for people who just wanna play the game and keep the grind for those that want it to be there.



  • DaddyFatSacks420DaddyFatSacks420 Member Posts: 105

    It would be nice if they increased how many perks show up on the bloodweb past lvl 10. having at least 2 perks to choose between lvls 10-30 seems reasonable. With every lvl of prestige you could get an extra perk showing up in the bloodweb so by prestige 3 lvl 50 you would have 6 perks to chose from the bloodweb. maybe you could spend iridescent shards to upgrade perk tiers right away.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 3,414

    Imo they should increase the numbers of free perks to 15 on both sides (currently 14 survivor and 12 killer). They then should remove perk tier entirely.

    I don't mind perk prestiges though I'd say it should only be a 1 prestige thing. Maybe you unlock the tier one version of the perk but when you prestige the perk it goes straight to the tier 3 version. A nice challenge designed specifically to that perk would be cool. A few examples.

    • WGLF - gain 4 stacks in 5 different games.
    • BBQ - gain 4 stacks in 5 different games.
    • Dead Hard - Survive an extra 30 seconds in chase after using dead hard within a chase 10 times.
    • Enduring - Down a survivor within 20 seconds of being stunned 15 times.
    • Pop - Kick a generator with Pop 20 times while it is over 75% done.

    These shouldn't take forever but would be a nice challenge. It would also give you a reason to use multiple perks.

  • FellowKillerMainFellowKillerMain Member Posts: 395
    edited October 2020

    Perk prestiges could work out nicely. But, to make things easier, they could just make it so when you prestige, you keep your perks you have, they just all go to tier 1, and the cost of leveling up remains the same as it is at level 50. To level from level 1 to P3-50, it would cost roughly the same amount of BPs, and it wouldn't be so damn arduous. That way, they only have to change a few numbers around.

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