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The game update problem on steam

aloneealonee Member Posts: 13

I'm literally forced to download the entire game every single time trough my bad internet whenever an update is released due to the problem where the game's download size starts getting bigger

So yeah i restarted my game because i heard that 4.3.2 bug fix patch is out, Since its only 48mb i wont bother, finished that and the download size jumped to 11gb for no reason after installing for 20mn...

so i just uninstalled the game so i can make sure i wont face any problems

Now i'm gonna have not to play for 2 days due to my slow internet..

And this wasn't the first time so i beg you guys to look onto it


  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 765

    That is a Steam issue and it was being looked into by the developers about 1 or 2 years ago but don't remember seeing an statement regarding the out come of that anywhere.

    Anyway, the issue is that the cache file on Steam gets corrupt somehow and mixes up the required files to download from Steam content servers. To fix that you have to use the built-in Steam tool to clear cache file. ( https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3134-TIAL-4638&l= )

    But even that tool can fail to serve its purpose and fully delete the cache, leaving it in even worse state. In those cases you have to manually delete the cache file. ( https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/1714140/#Comment_1714140 )

  • aloneealonee Member Posts: 13

    excuse me this has been happening on dead by daylight only

    on top of that i moved it to my dbd from the hdd to the ssd so i can try and get ride of that, So i doubt its from steam...

    But sure, i'll try and clean my cache again and we'll see on the next update..

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 765

    Its Steam, trust me.

    The cache clearing either by Steam or manually has helped many along the years. And I have myself suffered from issues related to cache which have helped me too, more than once.

    But by far this game has the most issues with cache that I have seen.

    While some Source engine games can work just fine with broken files somehow. Sometimes I just randomly try Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2, and the result for game integrity check returns 2 to 9 missing files which are required to download.

  • carnage4ucarnage4u Member Posts: 338

    This happens to me now only with this game on steam. every update, involves me having to uninstall and reinstall the game. I'm not on fast internet so it wastes a lot of my time.

  • KodyackKodyack Member Posts: 1

    I can agree that it's only this game on steam that does this. Like I get games that have gigs of updates and I can get it downloaded and installed in a relative snap. I get a single update that's less than 50 megs and I got to set aside the next hour for the installer to figure out it's crap, much more if there's a significant update.

    I don't know what is going on here, I'm not a dev in any capacity. I'm just working with what I got which is that Dead by Daylight updates are always slow. Just incredibly slow, especially for their relatively small sizes. And I want to understand it.

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 765

    This waiting issue is the way the files are arranged and compressed for Dead by Daylight.

    There are only a handful of compressed .pak files, some well over 1 GB in size. If you have a normal spinning drive instead of an SSD it might take a while to uncompress that, apply update and compress back.

    Then when you compare it to other games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for example, you notice that there are hundreds of packed files (.vpk for CSGO) and they are averaging at around 100 MB in size. Now that is very quick process to unpack, apply update and compress back.

    That is why it can take hours to apply small updates, usually less than 500 MB in size for Dead by Daylight.

  • NullclinesNullclines Member Posts: 206

    @Slay___ I will forever remember you as the Steam Cache guy, you've helped so many threads with this issue.

  • aloneealonee Member Posts: 13

    Well i did everything right, I'll comeback to this thread if a new update is released and check if it was actually from steam's cache

    And my game never compresses anyways even though its on my ssd

    I'll wait for the download and Thanks for reminding me to clear my steam cache anyways

  • forthelulzforthelulz Member Posts: 237

    I just explained this in another thread.

    I know it's confusing that on steam in the window it appears nothing is going on but while this is happening, open task manager and go to performance tab.

    You'll see a drive or two being used, depending on where your system is located as well as steam and the game itself but it'll be easy to spot. Click on that disk, and look at the ave read speed, you should notice that it's reading a lot, in fact it will read the entire contents of the game which current is ~41.5GB so if can only read at a low speed say 75-100mb/sec that's going to take awhile. Mine averages 225mb/sec so for todays update it took 4:30 give or take a couple seconds. ~90 seconds to allocate space then download file. This is when installs, which is basically reading the entire contents of the game with a couple tiny writes here and there. That part took 3 minutes and 4 seconds for me today.

    So from "oh there's an update" to launching the game was 4:30.

    If you only have 1 7200 HDD with windows and steam and dbd on it, that's gonna take a loooong time because I'd imagine average read speeds for installing might be 50-75mb/s. I couldn't update and watch youtube while waiitng and I mean even 360p youtube lol

    Even with a good SSD if you have you windows system on there, plus steam, plus DBD it's going to slow things down, mine were around 100-120mb/sec with that setup.

    Ideally you want two SSD, one with windows on it, the other with steam and DBD on it. Now I average 225mb/sec and can play another game or do whatever I want at same time and will still hold that speed.

    Really not that expensive and so worth the little money and time it takes to move or reinstall things.

  • aloneealonee Member Posts: 13

    i have only have a 120gb

    i put steam and dbd only on the **E** and left the OS on **C**

    But i've seen some people load into the game in literally no time when the update drops....

    So i just assume its the cache as slay said and i'll comeback to this whenever a new update is dropped, Thanks for your note.

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 765

    Cache is for download issues, such as getting stuck at 100% for hours or the download size changing in middle of the download. The cache itself contains data such as file version to download, file size to download for example. You see it yourself if you open the file in notepad or any text editor C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\appmanifest_381210.acf and that data is being used by Steam to download correct files from the Steam content servers.

    The install part goes just as @forthelulz explained where you need to process huge amount of data and that is dependant on your hard drive speeds. And the reason why this is required I explained above, click here to see that post.

    For comparison my personal experience is that for:

    • 7200 RPM HDD (up to 180 MB/s write and read speeds) it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to apply updates (last tested when game was 10 to 20 GB in size)
    • SATA SSD (up to 600 MB/s write and read speeds) it took around 7 to 12 minutes (when the game was around 20 to 32 GB in size)
    • M.2 NVMe SSD PCIe 4.0 (up to 4250 write and 4950 read MB/s speeds for the drive model that I use) right now with game being around 40 GB in size it takes around 3 to 7 minutes

    I have set the game not to update unless I launch it and took a backup of the files so I can test the current speeds on the next update and report back. However I have changed from 7200 RPM HDD to 5400 RPM one so the speed there will be much slower.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    Semi-related... I have 2 machines I play on. Desktop PC with an NVME drive for OS/Apps, 4TB SSD (SATA) for steam and games.

    Then my laptop with has a SATA SSD for OS/Apps/Files (I found the boot time difference vs NVME wasn't worth it), two NVME PCI-E 3.0 drives in RAID0 (steam, approx 5000MB/s read/write) and another NVME drive on it's own (used for origin/epic games).

    The read/write speed of the NVME drives make a HUGE difference to how quickly DbD is installed. Both PC's are also running 8-core CPU's and have 32GB RAM. I think the laptops CPU might be slightly faster than my desktop, but I dont think that'd make much difference regarding the decompression.

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 765

    Here is the update promised above, sorry for the delay I tried using Steam backup feature for the 4.4.0 update and that automatically starts the update after restore on Steam so I had to wait for 4.4.1 hotfix to properly time the time it takes to process the update on different drives.

    Update size was 77 MB. Internet speed is irrelevant for this small size but for those that care it's 250 Mbps download speed.

    • Seagate 4TB BarraCuda 3.5" SATA III, 5400 RPM, update 4.4.0 to 4.4.1 took approximately 14 minutes 47 seconds.
    • Samsung 1TB 860 QVO, 2.5" SATA III, MLC, 550/520, update 4.4.0 to 4.4.1 took approximately 9 minutes 38 seconds.
    • Corsair 1TB Force MP600, PCIe 4.0 x4, NVMe, 4950/4250 MB/s, update 4.4.0 to 4.4.1 took approximately 1 minute 11 seconds.

  • aloneealonee Member Posts: 13

    I'm still facing the problem, after reinstalling steam, using a new ssd, removing cache etc..

    And i only face this with dbd so yeah =))

  • aloneealonee Member Posts: 13

    I'll upload another screenshot later proving that my game's download size will shrink..

  • aloneealonee Member Posts: 13

    Nevermind, it didn't shrink but the install took me so long, i think it shrinks when you pause it while installing.

  • OmegaNemesis28OmegaNemesis28 Member Posts: 4

    This still happens to me. Only DBD does this on Steam, on a M2 SSD. Task manager reported steam using up 250 MB/s for about 30 minutes before the patch finished. The patch in Feb 2021 was only about 2.8GB or something and it finished downloading in 2 minutes. The rest was all just waiting for some kind of unpacking. My friends have this issue too, last I saw it was in the Twins update.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,398

    That's because steam basically compresses stuff, you download that, and then it uncompresses EVERYTHING and patches it.

    No idea why it does that, but it does.

  • yahikoyahiko Member Posts: 1

    @Slay___ doesnt work with my steam somehow

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 765

    What doesn't work? Steam download cache deletion process, deleting the file manually?

    If neither of those two work then try the best fix for Steam issue.

    • First fully exit and close Steam client.
    • Then browse to the Steam install folder.
    • Once in the Steam folder delete all files except for the following, those files you need to keep.
    • steamapps (folder)
    • userdata (folder)
    • ssfn<random-numbers-here>
    • Steam.exe
    • Then just run Steam.exe and it should download all required files back.

    This process will essentially reinstall Steam but without having to remove and add it to Windows, and also keeps all your saved game progress for all games. This also keeps your configurations files, screenshots and other data from Steam games. Same for installed games, you wont have to download any games again.

    But this fix is only for Steam client itself, it doesn't touch download cache or fix any issues updating or installing games. So only do this if the previous steps into fixing downloading issues doesn't work.

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