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What are your personal rules?



  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,978
    1. Myers is Daddy
    2. Dweet is god. Dweet is life.
    3. Try and have fun
  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 4,259

    My rule is to limit the amount of meta perks I have in my build to 1 this allows the game to be more fair and I can experiment with different things to see what is useful or not.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,889

    Just play in whatever way I find the most enjoyable. I personally have the most fun while playing in ways many would consider "nice", but it has little to nothing to do with the opinion of anyone else. It's simply what I find the most enjoyable, and if that makes me an enjoyable opponent I guess that's a bonus? Don't see why it wouldn't be as I have no interest in "playing for salt" or any of that stuff.

  • zoozoom6zoozoom6 Member Posts: 819

    as a killer main:

    don't facecamp

    don't proxity camp (unless they are then i will)

    dont slug on first down

    dont mori on second down

    dont tunnel

    but if they play toxic gloves come off

  • bubbabrothabubbabrotha Member Posts: 1,134

    I try not to be toxic intentionally, I just play how I need to. I think more people should try playing for fun and to win.

    Also, you talked about fight club. You know what happens now.

  • zoozoom6zoozoom6 Member Posts: 819

    not really but some killers benefit massively from it: hag and spirit. otherwise its just an ok beginner perk

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,524

    I'll tell you 2 principles I adhere to...


    • Slugging for the 4k despite KNOWING where the hatch is and wasting everyone's time? Is it really worth slugging the downed survivor for 4 mins? Don't be surprised if I feel spiteful and go looting all the chests, cleansing all the totems and admire the hooks in the basement whilst you frantically sweat for the final kill by checking one door to the next. I'd rather die by EGC. I won't give you the satisfaction of sacrificing me after wasting everyone's time.


    • Have terrible team mates but you're actually decent and gave me a good run? I'm likely to give you hatch... as long as you're not too cocky of course.

    Now that I think about it... I give hatch to many people anyway (mostly because I secretly hope I don't double pip).

  • HypsterMosesHypsterMoses Member Posts: 15

    My big one is don't go after survivors right after they get unhooked. Yeah sometimes it's their teammates trading with Borrowed, but most of the time I've seen it they were just farming and I feel bad for making games unfun for other people.

  • Yoinkus_DoinkupYoinkus_Doinkup Member Posts: 24

    I'll try not to be toxic

  • Hex_StalkHex_Stalk Member Posts: 488

    Survivor puts in an Ormond offering, I shut off the game and do something else.

  • MrSmashemMrSmashem Member Posts: 161

    Rule #1: There are no rules.

    Rule #2: Refer to Rule #1.

  • MidniteWolfyMidniteWolfy Member Posts: 28

    I dunno about the whole "give hatch to people who earned it" mentality and I'll explain why. I watch a couple youtubers who play nothing but dbd (won't mention their names here) and I've seen a handful of games where a survivor is VERY GOOD. Not toxic.. just good. Looping killer for a nice long time, dodging shots, dodging attacks, timing perfect pallets, getting the best pallet or flashlight saves etc and then the whole team dies and its just them left standing

    And you know what happens? The killer will be so annoyed or feel like they worked so hard against this 'sweaty' survivor that they will hook them even if they admit defeat. Its a cyclical mindset where you're going to hook them if they're too good because you feel YOU earned it (even tho technically, they earned the hatch) and if they don't give you a struggle at all, you're just gonna say "meh they didn't EARN the hatch"

    Or at least, I've seen that happen from about 4 different dbd players who claim to give the hatch to people who earned it, which gives me some doubt.

    Me, personally, I empathize with survivors. If I think that they didn't have a chance to win, either because their teammates dcd or were just goofing off and this one person was trying - or if 3 of them are toxic and one person wasn't toxic and was abandoned by the other guys, i'll give em the hatch. If the game was exceptionally easy, i'll often give the hatch to the last person. If a person goes down painfully close to the hatch, I'd rather give it to them instead of picking them up while they probe the hatch with their outstretched fingers.

    Oh and if I'm playing piggy and someone boops my snoot, they automatically get the hatch (unless they were toxic beforehand)

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,384

    I do my best not to tunnel. It is the one thing I most hate running into as Survivor so I make an effort to avoid doing it as Killer. That said, I won't tunnel off hook, but I will slug off hook if the opportunity presents itself. I will not, however, interfere with pickup. The slug is just for keeping pressure and to punish whoever thinks it's a good idea to unhook right next to the killer.

    A rule I've developed as Survivor lately, since I've been in lower ranked games due to not playing as often: If the Killer is getting roflstomped but otherwise not being a jerk player (and I'm not doing a 'must survive' ritual or challenge), I'll let them have the Kill on me. I'm usually fine point-wise at that point so dying doesn't mean much to me.

    When I'm killer and I or someone else uses BPS or Cake, I'll happily farm, but not blatant farming. I'll play seriously until I have Barbecue stacks, maybe 2 hooks on a person, then I'll mess around, hit them and down them when I'm able, but otherwise won't stop them escaping. If they kill themselves on hook, far as I'm concerned that's on them.

    I'll do the same if I find myself in a position to win the game fast. Since I'm in it for points long games favor me.

    I'll sweat and tryhard more when I'm playing a killer I'm not as good with, such as Nurse or Hillbilly.

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