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How good are you in a scale of 1 to 10 as both roles?



  • WitasWitas Member Posts: 428

    Survivor 8/10

    Killer 9/10

    I'd say Im a really good killer by base, but I sometimes make dumbass mistakes.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 3,719

    Killer: about an 8 or 9.

    Survivor: about a 5 or 6. IDK. Maybe that’s me being harsh on myself. I just perceive myself as TERRIBLE at chases, so where possible like to play stealthy but still assist the team wherever possible.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 503
    edited November 2020

    8/10 survivor. 99% of the time I WANT to be chased because I know I will buy a lot of time for my team, much more than what they would. Although, I don't like seeming ballsy so don't just run at the killer for his attention... usually.

    I used to main killer, hence have got a lot of experience playing both roles and watch a lot of dbd twitchers. I know all the mind games and how to... loop.

    5/10 killer. Like I said I USED to main killer. I just don't enjoy it very much anymore and purposefully don't try very hard. I basically play on autopilot mode. Despite of this, it's rare that I don't get 3/4ks... I think the caliber of skilled survivors has really taken a slump for some reason.

    If I 'try hard' as killer, it'll only frustrate me because against good survivors it's an uphill battle. So I don't bother anymore. It only takes a few clicks and someone 'abusing' a strong window and I get PTSD.

  • SadTEMPLARSadTEMPLAR Member Posts: 26

    Surv -99999999999999

    Killer 7/10

  • YehBoiGokuYehBoiGoku Member Posts: 247

    Survivor at my best is a 10

    Killer at best is a 6 or 8

  • YehBoiGokuYehBoiGoku Member Posts: 247

    Ok maybe not a ten out of ten survivor. Most of the times its an 8 or 9

  • WalmartWalmart Member Posts: 19

    0 both ways because I'm a dumbass.

  • aregularplayeraregularplayer Member Posts: 906

    surv maybe 6.5

    killer somthing between 3.2 and 4.8

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 4,680

    I dunno. I really don't. I can 4k almost every game as Spirit with no meta perks, but does that make me a 9? I can quickly catch good survivors at every tile just using m1, but I still lose to hold-W and slammed gens, so clearly I'm not that great.

    As survivor? What's the metric? If you put me in a full team with decent players and Comms I'll probably win almsot every trial, but that's due to not having a potato rather than being good. I can lead a killer on a decent chase, but I still make plenty of mistakes that I don't second chance away or learn to not repeat.

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 3,692

    survivor meh as killer im pretty bad and I can barely mind game loops

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 3,342

    If anyone ever watched me play either side...

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 1,642

    As Killer, probably a 9. I usually hit Rank 1 within a day of rank reset and rarely lose it. Even against the sweatiest SWFs I can usually at least get Brutal Killer. The only reason I'm not a 10 is because I can't play everyone I do have some weak Killers that I suck with.

    As Survivor, probably a high 7. It takes me a while to hit Rank 1 after rank reset and I feel like I play inconsistent at the role. I can have my god-tier moments, but also temporarily become a potato.

  • Depends who I'm maining as- I'll have a ton of fun as the pig but I'll have plenty of rounds where I tank, but as doctor I'm consistently getting 3&4k

    As a survivor though I'm a 6/10

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,367

    Mmm. . . survivor? Maybe a 5 out of 10? I know loops, and how to chain certain tiles together, but I'm often too greedy when I have no need to be, I still make incorrect reads more than I know I should, and I'm terrible against Trapper on most outdoor maps.

    As killer, I'll put myself as a seven. Some days, it comes together and I'll give myself an eight. Though, there are teams out there that get a few over me in a row, and I know I get tilted far too easily. On those matches, I'll put myself at a 6.

  • ImpalaImpala Member Posts: 145
    edited November 2020

    Survivor 8/10 (I strongly believe I was higher, but lately my motivation playing this game dipped and so did my performance in survivor matches, but I still think I have a solid survivor playstyle)

    Killer 7/10 (I could be higher if I'd play less friendly, I usually try to go with 3 hooks for everyone, without tunneling nor camping and that's a big no no in red ranks, I still average 2k a match with those that escaped on death hooks even though I play like this so that's why I give it a 7/10, in addition to that, I'm proud to say I don't play killers like Freddy or Spirit, which I believe they are extremely easy to play as, so I think 7 is pretty accurate in my case, I play Trapper, Doctor and Clown, used to play a lot of old Bubba, I was pretty decent with him at red ranks, and Hag, again, she is way too easy even in red ranks so I'm not counting my performance as her in my final ranking, btw I wasn't placing traps at hooks and I was still 4king every match)

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  • noed_usernoed_user Member Posts: 2

    1/10 on survivor

    8/10 on killer

    I just get hooked three times in the first five minutes 😂

  • LARILARI Member Posts: 66

    6/10 surv 0 looping skills

    8/10 killer. I can get rank 1 and stay on it untill reset kicks in and be constant but sometimes I just can't win. Hence 8 not 9 I'll probably loose interest in the game before I'll call myself 10/10 killer

  • DecisiveDwightDecisiveDwight Member Posts: 143

    Survivor 7/10

    Killer 5/10

    Struggle to blind killers and no great at looping but I'm semi competent and can run around a killer for 2 gens at least

    With killer I can kill all survivors in a match as long as I have my noed and he's ruin without that I drop to a 3 lol

  • zoozoom6zoozoom6 Member Posts: 814

    maybe an 8/10 with wraith with prefered addons(bone clapper and ghost) 7/10 with trapper (still widely inconsistent but i guess hes just like that) 9/10 with shape( i feel he doesnt have a high skill cap and that i am pretty close to it)

    7/10 as solo survivor with kindered

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 481

    idk 5/5

    I dont always win, but when I do, Survivors be mad.

  • Wooliest_MammothWooliest_Mammoth Member Posts: 20

    Survivor 6/10

    Killer 8/10

    As a Survivor I play with my friends which helps to prop up my play. Not terrible at looping or doing gens but I always find the killer and lead him to my friends. My friend's call me the second killer.

    I really enjoy Killer because I can play it solo and judge my own gameplay better. I try to make unique builds and play fair, but I know there's still a lot to learn and every killer is different. Always say gg even when they can't see it...

  • ZerLukasZerLukas Member Posts: 290

    6/10 in both cases

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 892

    Survivor 7-8/10

    Killer 8-9/10 but only if I'm using killers I know. If not 4/10

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 1,918

    1/10 as both. Regardless of role played, I will always find a way to mess something up.

  • EorpwaldEorpwald Member Posts: 41

    Probably 8/10 for both.

    The main reason I die as survivor is because I'm too altruistic and die saving some during the end game and I don't really care if I escape or not.

    And killer I usually get 3/4 kills cause I give the last survivor hatch.

  • DaFireSquirtleDaFireSquirtle Member Posts: 182

    Honestly unsure. I have my good moments and my wtf was I thinking moments but I'd say 7/10 for killers. I think there's always room to improve and sometimes I can get side tracked.

    7.3/10 I find survivor a bit more fun. I love the idea of working together with people being able to rely on your teammates and getting those epic play moments. But I play solo que so it's dependant on the skill of my fellow teammates as well , the fun I mean anyway.

  • wraithbaby3wraithbaby3 Member Posts: 21
    edited November 2020

    as baba 10/10

    as a survivor with a key 10/10, but I just wait until everybody die, I'm done with camping.

  • IMhereRUNIMhereRUN Member Posts: 470

    This poll really only focuses on survivors, since they’re all just skins. Killer players will have different skill levels with each killer, so perhaps asking a scale for each one will be more appropriate. You can be a 2/10 Trapper and be a 10/10 Myers for example. Just sayin’.

  • Asssblasster625Asssblasster625 Member Posts: 455

    8/10 on killer

    6/10 on survivor

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    6/10 survivor

    0/10 killer❤ (I main freddy and spirit)

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