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Gens seriously need to be slower

JudgeArtyomJudgeArtyom Member Posts: 6
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Also make it so multiple survivors on a gen is also slower as well, 33 seconds shaved off for 2 survivors is way too much, especially if the penalty is negated by Prove Thyself.

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  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,547

    it's easy to understand how badly you're informed thinking gens are done faster if people group up, 33 seconds with 2 survivors? where did you even get that lmao?


  • PubStar87PubStar87 Member Posts: 179

    Why wasn't this moved to Feedback like my post was?

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 7,236

    No, survivors are supposed to split up on gens because it's more efficient and creates more pressure for the killer.

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 3,104

    gen times are fine it's the beginning of the game that's a problem

    by the time you get one survivor 1 to 2 and if your just really unlucky maybe even 3 gens can get done. I actually really like the trial start up idea that was presented a while back because it massively slowed gens for a short duration until a survivor got downed or 2 minutes were up.

  • ImBrakingBikeImBrakingBike Member Posts: 454

    This is a really good idea, and it makes perfect sense.

  • thisisntmaxthisisntmax Member Posts: 231

    thank you for making this post, i know my prove thyself bond genrush is working as intended against tinkerer ruin undying killers

  • MankyManky Member Posts: 152

    I dont think it should be as fast as having 4 people on it but maybe a little faster would be fair. If the killer kills 3 survivors then they are winning, why are they punished so heavily for it? And what about SWF? They chose their team, so if they die why are they getting rewarded? I get that solo queue can be rough when your whole team dies but that shouldnt give another thing for the killer to think about for the last person. Hatch is already stress enough.

  • Katie_metKatie_met Member Posts: 422

    I agree that speed really needs changing. It makes it so hard for me to enjoy killer, the only killer I don't get gen rushed as is pig, which is a shame because I can't play killers that I find fun like hag or plague because while I can be strong with them, I still always lose to gen speed.

  • ChinanumawaaanChinanumawaaan Member Posts: 131

    THATS WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING. The community needs to pressure the devs for these changes.

  • Creepa99Creepa99 Member Posts: 79

    Like i said I'm a killer main, at the end of the game with one person left I prefer the match to just be over faster instead of trying to find the person that hides as soon as they hear my terror radius

  • MankyManky Member Posts: 152

    random idea that came to me as I read this was that maybe when theres 1 survivor left, crows spawn on them as if they were standing still when they arent interacting with anything. This way, they cant just hide in a corner or anything, they need to be actively doing a gen or find hatch quickly in order to avoid the game lasting ages.

  • Creepa99Creepa99 Member Posts: 79

    Yeah that's why I said make the gen go faster then they have a reason to do gens and once they pop it you will know their general direction

  • TransverseCasterTransverseCaster Member Posts: 522

    Just a simple universal five second boost would be huge, but they really like their rounded even numbers.

  • MrsBunny0824MrsBunny0824 Member Posts: 1

    Stop it i only play as a survivor and I've played games where I felt they need to speed up gens because at times people are more worried about getting others off hook or hiding rather than repair a gen...its matches where one gen aren't even done because so people are too afraid to repair them...stop complaining 😒 and just get better as a killer you won't be saying that then

  • Alex_SplicerAlex_Splicer Member Posts: 122

    You're a genius..

    I mean this seriously by the way, this idea would really be helpful.

  • WalmartWalmart Member Posts: 19

    Gens aren't really an issue, it's more so the fact that survivors have nothing else to do. Chests and totems aren't worth much and without being chase, the only option left is to do gens and get out.

  • Artemis_LHArtemis_LH Member Posts: 113
  • shane32shane32 Member Posts: 383

    Its like im playing two different games. If im vs a bunch of solos the gens usually do not get finished. If i vs a team the gens just pop, pop, pop non stop so fast. Its seriously like playing two different games.

  • LegitTeddyBearLegitTeddyBear Member Posts: 3

    Lol as a "survivor main" who can get a merciless 99% of the time before 2 gens pop (which means there are 4 left when I kill everyone.) To see you whining about gens is hilarious.

    It's not their fault you run garbage perks with a low amp killer and still can't manage a 4k. It's your own problem bud. I've faced rank 20 killers who play like a rank 1 and Rank 1 killers who play like a rank 20. Camping, facecamping, proxi camping, slugging, tunneling, etc.

    At the end of the game slugging is just necessary if there are two people left. By all means slug then hook. But complaining about gen completions when you cant kill them as a KILLER isn't their fault thats a YOU problem then, bud.

  • I main as killer but play as survivor at least 1/3 of the time and dude- no lol. Gens popping off fast in the beginning are always from burning off add-one and toolboxes and after the first 2, unless you're garbage as a killer, there's plenty of time for the last 3 to apply pressure

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951

    That would be an incredible step in the right direction!

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 1,359

    Really thought each gen took two minutes with 1 survivor.

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 1,359

    I can agree to this. I think 2 people should reduce it to around 60 seconds

  • mike1288mccarthymike1288mccarthy Member Posts: 78

    I agree with you the problem isn't gen speed, it's not toolboxes, it's not prove thyself, it's not swf or multiple people on gen there's perks to counter all of this and slow down the game significantly it's just that people love to complain when something doesn't go their way. I've been in games where theres only been 2-3 gens done ice been in games where the killer dominates and 0 gens are done. The real problem is the games core mechanic of where you start vs where the survivor starts. If you start close to a survivor you can down them before one gen is done but it's also map reliant

  • DredgennDredgenn Member Posts: 3

    I mean I agree but it's a different feeling for both parties. As a survivor you don't have anything else to do but gens, I mean you can try looping the killer as long as possible to have a bit more fun but with the latency situation and the wonky hits even that gets old. And the entire time that you're on the gen and you hear a terror radius fading in and out you'll probably be thinking like man why is this generator progressing so slow but as of now gen rushing is the only thing that seems to be worth it from the survivors side.

    Now in terms of killers perspective gens seem to get done a lot faster because there is a bit more to that. I mean survivors will likely all be scattered across the map doing different generators and you have to patrol the entire map looking for survivors ,slowing the game down, and maybe protecting your ruin or whatever the case may be but no matter what you're doing 2 or 3 survivors will almost always still be doing gens or trying to smack your hexes. so gens will always get done a lot faster than you have time for in your pov unless you slug for 4k but then you have a 4v1 argument coming to you in post game chat

    Anywho the current state of the game is just meh as of now its just a cat and mouse game

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