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Good Legion Perks?

Hey, I really have run out of ideas for a well performing Legion build and as a coping mechanism I've resorted to a big heartbeat build as an excuse, I just want at least to 2k again as the lads. The 2 perks I'm not dropping are Brutal Strength and Pop/Ruin. Any suggestions on some nice perks would be tremendously appreciated, thanks.


  • Timeman63Timeman63 Member Posts: 180

    Blood Echo is great on Legion, since injuring survivors is very easy and it's great to not have to worry about exhaustion perks on injured Survivors. I almost never take it off since it makes capitalizing on injuries that much easier.

    Deathbound takes a little more work to use properly, but I've found that it makes Survivors either stay grouped up, making them easier Feral Frenzy targets, or they make more mistakes due to the Oblivious Status. I don't recommend running it all the time, but it's great for messing with Survivors.

    If you don't have a problem with running another Hex perk either in combination with Ruin or replacing it, I think Devour Hope can be a scary perk on Legion. If you earn enough tokens, the Survivors now have to worry about getting moried along with the pressure of Deep Wounds and being injured in general.

    Finally, I think the upcoming Thanatophobia will also be quite useful on Legion. Contrary to what people tend to say on the forums, Thanatophobia was and is still going to be good at its intended purpose: tricking Survivors into healing more often. Since the generator repair slowdown will be difficult to ignore, Survivors will be inclined to heal at any given opportunity, which also happens to be Legion's main source of pressure.

  • NeaMainNON_TOXIC3NeaMainNON_TOXIC3 Member Posts: 257

    Ruin and Surveillance was one of my favorite combos. Though you have said you won't drop those specific perks, I have a few builds to recommend.

    Ruin, Surveillance, Brutal Strength (or Enduring), and a random 4th perk.

    The basic Legion build (Ruin, Dying Light, Thanataphobia, Sloppy)

    Also, I believe Enduring to be better than Brutal on Legion. This is pure opinion but I like the fact that I can swing at a survivor sitting at a pallet without worrying about being punished so much.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 1,061

    Thanatophobia, enduring + spirit fury combo, blood echo (Oni perk), discordance, corrupt, ruin + undying

  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

    Dying Light and Thanatophobia is going to be really good after the mid-chapter update. Bamboozle is also really good, as it activates when using power as well.

    Don't use Enduring + Spirit Fury. It's pathetic. Legion can vault through pallets. You're better than that.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,270

    I guess my recommendation would be:

    • Ruin
    • Undying (if available) / Alternate choices could include Thanataphobia, BBQ & Chili, or Blood Echo
    • Discordance (or Whispers)
    • Enduring (or you could keep Brutal Strength or use one of the above Alt choices)

    Ditch Pop for Ruin. Legion is quick to injure and traverse the map, but slow to down survivors. You can apply decent map pressure to keep survivors off gens, but you probably won't be downing good survivors fast enough to get big value from Pop (avoid Surge for a similar reason). Undying and/or Surveillance are both very strong combo pieces for Ruin.

    Legion comes with Discordance, which I think is a no-brainer for them (more survivors in one place is a no-no against Legion). Whispers is an optional replacement if Discordance isn't your cup o' tea. BBQ is also great for tracking, but I think it's only about as good with Legion as it is on any other killer (though I bring it when I have it because I'm greedy for BP).

    Thanataphobia is a mediocre perk, but Legion is one of the two killers who it works best on (the other being Plague). I can't say I'd highly recommend it (because it does kind of suck), but Legion might make it worth considering for extra slowdown. Especially since the upcoming change to it may incentivize survivors to spend time healing against you. This is my personal opinion, but Dying Light is terrible (so don't use it) and Sloppy Butcher is not great on Legion (Frenzy attacks don't apply it).

    And you might want to consider dropping Brutal Strength for something else, because Legion has a power that temporarily lets them ignore dropped pallets. It's an okay perk on just about any killer, but this isn't really a benefit that Legion needs. Enduring in particular can allow you to have a survivor "help" you out of Frenzy and skip the long fatigue stun.

  • BitingSeaBitingSea Member Posts: 332

    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll give these a shot

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 2,896

    Keeping in mind the perks you want to keep, choose a slowdown pair (ruin+undying or pop+corrupt or even ruin+thana) and a 4th perk of your choice to brutal strength (which is a solid choice btw).

    Despite having a built-im slowdown, paradoxically I find that legion works better with double slowdown perks rather than reserving slots for chasing perks. Legion excels at the war of attrition.

    Some examples:

    - you can go ruin+undying and then either surveillance or monitor for synergy;

    - pop+corrupt and bbq/thrilling tremors/discordance

    - ruin+(new) thana with nurse's calling

    Add-ons might also change your perk choice. In general, duration are the best, followed by increased mending time and by some of the pins.

  • RXAB2023RXAB2023 Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2020

    As a legion main a legion a build i run that i can usually get a 3k and maybe a 4k if i find the hatch first is

    sloppy butcher



    A nurse's calling or BBQ

    more blood points. Sloppy butcher slows down actually slows down mending and it works well with thanataphobia, Bamboozle is great for stopping loops cause of how fast legion vaults and then nurse's calling even though they nerfed it so you cant see mending survovors aura's it works well with thanatiphobie but i normally just use BBQ instead

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